The color of the urine in diseases of the kidney: what he’s talking about, diagnostics

External signs — a signal that gives the body. The color of urine, which is formed as a result of filtering the blood, a symptom of the human condition. The urine to determine the disease is easy, with basic knowledge. In a healthy person urine is transparent yellow, sometimes deep yellow. Indices depend on urine concentration. If transparent yellow, so a lot of fluid. If a deep yellow, then of water in the body not too much. How to identify the disease on a visual basis?

Pathologic causes of urine color kidney disease

Every night when normal people should be identified in the urine from 800 ml to 1.5 liters. The causes of abnormal color natural liquids are those components in the urine should not be (red blood cells, protein, leukocytes, etc.). With these components it is possible to identify what occurs in the body, pathological processes, it is important to pay close attention. The color of the urine is an important guideline for diagnosis. Figure often varies if you have kidney disease.

But not only serious violations in the body — causes of color:

  • Some vitamins, upon receipt of which and urine it becomes green.
  • Carrots always paint in bright orange color.
  • Drugs contain dyes affecting the color of urine.
  • Age is also considered a factor in the change of color characteristics.
  • In case of physical stress in adults after 50 years in the urine can get particles of blood, urine staining in red.

Light urine

Hard to believe that light urine means that the body healthy. But too bright urine is also found in diseases — diabetes, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis. During pregnancy urine is clear, transparent color. Different kind of vitamin leads to the fact that the body cannot digest useful elements. As a result, these elements in urine change color of sand. Yellow sand color biojidkosti — a consequence of the disease, sometimes the formation of stones and sand.

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As evidenced by the bright colour: neon-yellow, yellow

Neon color says about taking vitamins to improve health, or on medication. The danger is that an overabundance of vitamin substances leads to a disease called hypervitaminosis. Drugs such as nitrofurans (used in inflammatory processes of the human body) can make the urine bright yellow. Everyday use different Karshibayev product (carrot juice, asparagus) increase the amount of bright yellow pigment.

Colour is dark gold or dark yellow

Dark urine color says about health risks. But don’t worry. The types of dark color range from dark brown, brown to Golden. To begin, identify what your urine color. To do this, make sure lighting is sufficient for a correct conclusion. It is important to check whether residues of the dye on the toilet. The range of reasons for the color changes range from harmless to life-threatening.

If the dark color of urine appeared recently, remember what food used lately. BlackBerry, products with dyes, rhubarb, liquorice candies can cause temporary color of urine. If you take medical drugs (sleeping pills, laxative, medical dyes for diagnosis), there is the effect of changing the tone of bioliquids. Very dark colour is possible with kidney disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis, bleeding). It is advisable to go to a urologist to determine the identification of the true causes. To do this, you will do a urine test.

Dark or dark yellow urine

Says about diseases of the kidneys and these types of problems:

  • Dehydration. Frequent vomiting or diarrhea, small drinking water biojidkosti concentrated nitric slags, which gives a dark yellow color.
  • Excessive consumption of food or drug additives.
  • The first symptoms of disease and disorders. Infection of the liver, anemia, jaundice, hepatitis changing the breakdown of red blood cells that stains the urine in an unusual color.
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Urine reddish-brown

This color says fall biojidkosti particles of blood. Doctors see reddish urine, if the patient is ill with melanoma or hepatitis. Often the case with this coloration and in cases of poisoning by copper. In addition, the disease porphyria affects the condition of the urine and imparts a crimson color. The disease is accompanied by abdominal pain, sensitivity to sunlight, seizures.

Other colors of urine

Silver or smoky, light brown color of urinary fluid point about natural food dyes that you ate (beets, beans, blackberries). Blue-green color is a sign of jaundice, medication, or bacterial infections of the urinary system. Pink or red-pink urine — the first symptom of stones and sand in kidneys, heart attacks the kidneys, renal colic, acute nephritis. Muddy with an unpleasant smell of urine signal an infection of the urinary tract.


When the color of the urine changed, but the feeling is good and nothing disturbs, we recommend you to wait a day. It may well be that drinking enough of fluid or in the diet was food with natural color. It is important to pay attention to the smell of the liquid, which is also an indicator. A change of color and odor — a reason to immediately go to the doctor. If after 24 hours nothing has changed, it is recommended to hurry to the specialist.

The urologist will first examine, then you will gather medical history and send for tests, which will show what really is the reason for the change of color. The test will show what disease provoked such a condition will continue the assigned treatment regimen. But if the excitement was in vain, it is recommended to avoid such situations in future, to fix the mode of the receiving water. Remember that it is unacceptable dehydration. Water removes from the body through urine toxins, impurities, and neglecting fluid intake means for overall health.