Terginan cystitis duration of treatment, contraindications

For the treatment of cystitis, doctors prescribe treatment with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. An effective tool, which has these properties — «Terzian». However, this drug will help only when the cystitis was provoked susceptible to the elements microorganisms. Make «Terzian» is after the consultation with an expert, strictly following the assigned dosages.

General information

Pharmaceutical preparation «Terzian» contains a part of tinidazol, metasulphobenzoate prednisone, nystatin, and neomycin sulfate as the active components. Additional substances:

  • food emulsifier Е572;
  • starch from wheat;
  • the odorant;
  • chromalveolata sodium;
  • milk sugar;
  • talc;
  • silicon dioxide colloidal.

Assigned to the described vehicle under the following conditions and situations:

  • bacterial, fungal and mixed vaginitis;
  • trichomoniasis of the vagina;
  • vaginal dysbiosis;
  • before childbirth or abortion;
  • before surgery in gynecology.

Described the drug «Terzian» is considered the combined tool, which combines the antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal agents. Use of the drug there is a marked antiviral, trihomonatidne, antifungal and antibacterial effects.

As Terginan struggling with cystitis?

If the inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) is the result of the impact on pathogenic microorganisms, for example, when the disease is accompanied by candidiasis, treatment should be combined. Patients are appointed candles «Terzian» as their main components a detrimental effect on bacteria, fungi and protozoa parasites.

The duration of treatment and dose

Medicine «Terzian» is available in the form of vaginal suppositories. Suppositories introduced into the vagina as deeply as possible, 1 time a day before bedtime. It is important to have procedure lying on your back and after the introduction of the candle does not stand up. Before you use the candle on purpose to be moistened under running warm water for 30 seconds. If you cannot use candles at night, can be immersed in the vagina during the day but then need to lie down for about an hour. Duration of therapy course determined by the relevant specialist urologist individually for each patient, but typically is 10-20 days. Drug «Terginan can be used for the prevention of cystitis, then the duration of treatment will be a week.

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Contraindications and side effects

The described remedy in most cases is well tolerated and has virtually no contraindications. However, you should not use it for the treatment of cystitis if the patient has idiosyncrasy drug components, as well as allergic reactions to one of the active ingredients of the candles «Terzian». In addition, it is not necessary to use candles at the beginning of pregnancy and children up to 16 years. Despite the absence of significant contraindications to self-medicate is dangerous, so before using the suppository you need to refer to relevant specialist. It is not necessary to stop treatment with medications during menstruation.

Pharmaceutical preparation «Terzian» has virtually no side effects due to local use of suppositories. Included in the substances are absorbed into the bloodstream in the systemic circulation in minimal concentrations. Therefore, there is no pronounced symptoms. The only side effects are allergic reactions (burning, itching, pain and tingling).


In the process of using «Teriana» cystitis cases of overdose were recorded. When using the drug in excessive doses may increase the severity of negative symptoms. In this case, patients need to stop using «Teriana» and conduct symptomatic treatment recommended by your doctor. Replacement this medication selected drug analog. It may be «the Doctor Kombi» or «Neotribal».

Application features

Drug «Terzian» is permitted women in the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding. Drug interaction describe the drug with other pharmaceuticals was found. The drug does not affect psychomotor reactions when driving and lessons for increased activity.

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Conditions of sale and storage

The pharmaceutical drug is released from pharmacies exclusively by prescription of the doctor. «Terzian» to be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees centigrade for 3 years. It is important that the drug was in a place inaccessible to small children and the expiration date was not used.