Strawberries for the kidneys: diuretic or not, contraindications

Strawberries will save from many diseases. Juicy flavorful berry gives a strong diuretic effect, so eat strawberries with kidney disease can and should be. It will help to relieve urinary tract inflammation, relieve edema, kidney stones and lead from the kidneys of stagnant harmful substances. The fruit positively affects the removal of stones from body. It is advised to eat in order to normalize the metabolism, strengthen blood vessels and heart.

The composition of strawberry and beneficial properties for the kidneys

Folic acid, fiber, manganese, iodine, vitamin C — and this is a partial list of nutrients contained in strawberries. Berries are consumed as a cure for constipation, atherosclerosis. Strawberry is a natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and a diuretic, so successfully eliminates diseases of the gallbladder. Berries can resist viral infections. Diuretic effect will help to get rid of kidney stones.

Strawberry and wild strawberry due to the high content of folic acid is an essential product for women who are planning pregnancy or are already carrying the baby. Skin irritation, eczema and dermatitis can also win berry for external use. It is widely used in cosmetics because it is a strong antioxidant and slows the aging process. Nutritionists consider it a miracle fat-burning tool, and its diuretic qualities drain excess fluids. Therefore, it is indispensable for those who want to reduce weight.

Diuretic or not?

To cleanse the kidneys, you need every day to eat 500 grams of strawberries. She has a powerful diuretic so will help rid your body of stones and sand. Strawberries can also be replaced by wild strawberries. Another recipe in diseases of the kidney and urinary tract — drinking strawberry juice or strawberries. To get it, pour 1 kg of berries 100 grams of sugar. Place a bowl of fruit in the fridge and wait for it to drain the juice. The resulting sweet drink is poured and drink 100 grams 30 minutes before a meal. This diuretic fruit infusion will bring some stones and kidney stones will go away. The course of treatment with kidney stones for 30 days. To increase urine output and get rid of edema, prepare an infusion of strawberries, or strawberries. In a saucepan, place a handful of fruit and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for half an hour, strain and drink 100 ml before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Harm and contraindications

The use of a diuretic, the berries must be accompanied by the observance of several rules. The fruit is a strong allergen, so before taking need to make sure you are not allergic to this product. Patients who suffer from gastritis, gastric ulcer, advised to limit themselves to the use of berries. Since they include a huge amount of fruit acids, which are irritating to the stomach lining and worsen health.

You need to carefully monitor the freshness of the fruit, because they are perishable and rot, even minor, can provoke poisoning. Avoid drinking early strawberries because breeders often use nitrates in order to achieve rapid ripening strawberries or strawberries. And then instead of good berries will bring only harm, and especially heavy load will get the digestive tract and kidneys. So buy fruits in season to their natural maturation, and prefer simple varieties of strawberry.