Spasms and cramps in the bladder in women, men: causes, treatment

Involuntary contraction of the muscles of the bladder cavity, which causes acute pain called spasm of the bladder. During this reduction the patient experiences cramping and sudden urge to urinate that don’t always indicate really filled bladder. Colic occurs for many reasons, but the most common are inflammatory processes in the urinary cavity.

Causes of spasms

Spasms in men

Spasms of the bladder in men often appear due to the development of cystitis, which is an inflammation in the bladder. However, inflammation is not confined to the bladder and goes to the other internal organs, including the gastrointestinal tract, epididymis and prostate gland. Then men, there is a stabbing pain when emptying bladder cavity that is alien to the female sex.

In addition, spasms in the bladder in men, can occur and because of the frequent overflow of the bladder cavity, when the patient long empties the bladder and a long period of time inhibits urinary urgency. This can lead not only to the occurrence of the condition, when something pricks the bubble, but also a violation of the work of other bodies, as well as deterioration of General condition of human health.

Spasms in women

Most often, the spasm of the bladder in women occurs due to the following conditions:

  • diseases of the urinary channels, which have a chronic and inflammatory form;
  • infectious diseases that are transmitted sexually;
  • violations of personal hygiene;
  • malignant neoplasms in the bladder or adjacent organs;
  • development of kidney stones;
  • injury to the pelvic area;
  • bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which are in the bladder with urine;
  • frequent hypothermia.

In addition to the above reasons for the appearance of pain, development of bladder spasm can contribute to and the following factors:

  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • Smoking;
  • unhealthy diet, which contains a lot of foods that irritate the bladder;
  • pregnancy, in which spasms in the bladder physically conditioned.

Symptoms of spasms

The main features of the disease in the initial stage are frequent urinary urgency, pain in the groin and a sharp pain in the process of emptying. In addition, the attacks of spasms and stabbing pain in the bladder cavity are accompanied by a number the following symptoms:

  • constant feeling of fullness of the bladder cavity, hence the heaviness in her region;
  • incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • cutting pain in the lower abdomen;
  • frequent urinary urge;
  • nausea;
  • fever (often an indication of the presence of additional diseases).
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To identify the spasm of the bladder, patients will need to take the analysis urine and blood. They experts are studying:

  • the presence in urine of salts and protein;
  • the concentration of uric acid;
  • density of urine;
  • the presence of bacteria;
  • cholesterol;
  • the level of creatinine;
  • the concentration of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

For the most accurate analysis of the urine the patient should take the study, morning urine, which is taken at the first voiding after sleep. For starters, it is important to hold the patient personal hygiene, and then emptied into a pre-prepared and clean container (better if it is a pharmacy special container for urine collection). After the tests, the attending physician sends the person to the hardware survey, which includes ultrasound examination of the urogenital tract and cystoscopy — a study carried out with the aid of an endoscope and an opportunity to examine the condition not only bubble, but its mucous membrane. In addition, female patients will need to take gynecological swab of the vagina, by which professionals determine the presence of diseases of the reproductive system.

Treatment of pathology

Drug therapy

Treatment of pain in the bladder, directed on elimination of the disease which it provokes. For example, if the cause of the tingling yeast infection, the doctor prescribed the administration of antibacterial drugs. Regardless of the causes of pain in the bladder, the doctors to start shooting stabbing cramping guided by such drugs: «Baralgin», «chloral Hydrate» and «Morphine.» After that, the patient is the artificial pumping of urine in cases where it could not appear independently. The procedure is performed using medication «Kotervin».

Often the doctor to eliminate the tingling, resort to homeopathic therapy methodology which is set based on the capacity of colic originating in the bladder. Often to relieve the spasm of the bladder allows the drug «Kantaris compositum» which is applied in the form of injections and drops. In situations where specialists prescribe a treatment agent inside, the patient will need to drink it every 15 minutes until, until the tingling and the urethra, the urge will not stop. The validity period is no longer than 2 hours.

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Treatment cramps in the bladder folk remedies

When the pain in the bladder not caused by a disease, remove it, guided by traditional methods. Widely in such situations, a magnesium, which improves a contraction of the muscles, strengthens them and helps prevent accidental cuts causing colic. In situations where patients are observed in urine crystals or stones, folk healers recommend to use crative with the ability to impact on rocks by dissolution. Often resort to the help of horsetail, which has a strengthening action on the muscles, improves the condition of the tissues of the bladder and eliminate colic and cutting pains. To relieve an attack of cramps in the bladder in women, the healers suggest to use the herbal black nightshade, infusions of chamomile and Daisy, of birch bark, a mixture of fennel seeds and prickly Thistle, teas with mint and lime, carrot tops.

Diet cramps

Of particular importance in the treatment of spasms plays the observance of special diet, which is aimed at reducing the use of products that irritate the mucous membrane of the bladder. In addition, the patient may need to reduce body weight, as excessive weight puts pressure on the bladder cavity, increasing the feeling of being colitis. The patient will need to adhere to these nutritional guidelines:

  • Completely excluded from the diet spicy dishes.
  • Reduce your consumption of any liquid before bedtime.
  • Limit consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages, because they increase the cutting pain.

Schedule emptying of the bladder

To take control of spasm of the bladder, doctors recommend to schedule emptying of the bladder cavity. For starters, patients need to go to the toilet not less than 1 time per hour. Increase the time between urination is allowed only after people start to feel more comfortable, and the spasms gradually begin to recede. Adhere to this method of treatment is especially important to those patients who are more worried about night cramps and prevent them from sleeping well. Besides the schedule of trips to the restroom, the man should do Kegel exercises that affect the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen them and reduce acute pain.

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Prevention of spasms

In order to avoid spasms in the cavity, experts recommend to take seriously the state of their health and visit doctor in case of appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. Pregnant women it is especially important to adhere to this rule, regularly visit the doctor and consult even with minimal changes in health. In addition, patients should keep a healthy lifestyle, often in the fresh air and Hiking and to stop Smoking, alcohol and coffee drinks.

You should observe a healthy diet aimed at restricting the use of food, irritating the bladder cavity, and to drink less fluid before bed. Instead, the person should increase the amount of fluids you drink during the day. Except for water, allowed to drink a variety of fruit drinks, natural juices and fruit drinks. It is important to follow the rules of intimate hygiene and the time to heal diseases that can cause spasms in the bladder. It is useful and Kegel exercises which can strengthen muscle tone in the pelvis.