Smear from the urethra in men: how to pass, preparation, decoding

To identify germs in the urethra and their quantitative composition, a swab taken from the urethra in men. A swab from the urethra is the process of studying the discharge of biological material microscopic study. The results will tell you about the presence of infections and inflammatory processes. But many do not have the slightest idea of how things are going and what still need it. But the health must be constantly monitored.

Indications for study

As you know, men rarely visit a urologist when symptoms are intolerable. And that’s not right, because the disease can be very serious, and the consequences — unpredictable. The scraping of the urethra is administered in the following cases:

  • for the prevention of disease;
  • infectious diseases;
  • when inflammation in the urinary system;
  • if there is drainage, odor, irritation;
  • if pain during intercourse or urination.

The results of taking a smear from a urethra on flora show:

  • the presence of bacteria and microorganisms;
  • the composition of the flora;
  • the presence of leucocytes and epithelial;
  • the presence of fungi and parasites.

Preparation of smear from the urethra in men

Preparation for the procedure required. Before taking a smear from the urethra to refrain from urination for 2 hours. A man should wash the anus, perineum and male organ, preferably before the reception. Wash in warm water with soap, then rinse and dry with a napkin. Be sure to abstain from sexual relations for 2 days before how to pass a swab from the urethra. To refuse medication for 7 days, if treatment cannot be stopped, the tank sowing from the urethra in men will be postponed for later.

As rent a fence material?

Fence smear in the urethra is a very quick and simple technique. Only after a thorough preparation of the patient a doctor conducts a General inspection. A swab from the urethra is taken and a new sterile instrument. With its help, the doctor makes a few twists and pulls out. Inoculation of flora was placed in a test tube. Smear from the urethra is not more than 2 minutes. Sometimes, in order to obtain reliable results for hidden infections do massage of the urinary organs to increase sensitivity to the analysis. Also conducted PCR diagnostics. It shows the presence and quantitative structure of harmful bacteria. Cultures of the urethra is to be applied on glass, dried in the open air and paint. Further microscopy will prompt the reaction of the particles.

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Does it hurt the patient after the procedure?

Fence smear infection sometimes causes pain symptoms, and discomfort after the procedure and during urination itching and burning. In the end, the pain after a smear from the urethra in men is a normal phenomenon. But you need to listen to your body. Because pain may increase, and this is a cause for concern. If the patient observes, in addition to pain, and even highlight, the visit to the doctor-urologist to delay, no way. Perhaps the body already includes inflammatory processes, which after the procedure has only worsened.

Explanation indicators

To decipher the smear can only be a urologist. The doctor turns his attention to the quantitative composition of certain cells that has a smear on flora, and the presence of harmful microorganisms. After which the patient will receive the results and from this information determines the further treatment. Error in the readings of the analysis will show a further serious consequences.

When it is considered the norm?

The presence in the body of some bacteria in men is considered normal. To show good the tests are as follows:

  • epithelium — the norm of 5 to 10;
  • leucocytes — not more than 5;
  • cocci — unit amount;
  • mucus — a moderate amount;
  • gonococci and Trichomonas — no.

The presence of leukocytes

The first thing we are interested in analyzing is the number of white blood cells. Their number must not exceed the range from 0 to 5. If the quantitative composition is much more, it indicates inflammatory processes. When the increase is due to neutrophils or lymphocytes, in the body develops an acute form of urethritis. But when eosinophils are affected, the patient is exposed to allergic manifestation.

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The epithelium in the analysis

The epithelium is exfoliated cells from the mucosa. If the study found more than 10 cells of epithelial tissue, it means that the patient is ill with chronic urethritis. The presence of blood may indicate injury to the urethra, tumor or ulcerative processes of the urethra. The inflammatory process in an acute form characterized by high composition of leukocytes, and epithelial tissue. If the quantitative composition of the epithelium is much higher than the white blood cells in the body are chronic diseases.

The identification of mucus

Mucus in the smear indicates a urethritis, as well as injury and tumors in the urethra. Mucus can be observed in very small quantity, but large quantitative composition indicates the presence in the body of Trichomonas, chlamydia, Candida, and various cocci. About the presence of infection in the acute form will prompt an increased composition of mucus, together with epithelial tissue and leukocytes. If the body is a chronic form of the disease, epithelial tissue and mucus will be far greater than leukocytes.

Normal microflora

As a result of the study normal — cocci in single numbers, but their abundance indicates non-specific urethritis. Smear healthy men should not contain gonococci, Trichomonas and fungi, if they are observed, respectively, infection occurs. To determine the disease, such as mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and genital herpes, you need only the PCR analysis. If no complaints, it is still recommended to take place once a year inspection as preventive maintenance.

Bad results

If the data analysis is disappointing — not to panic. After all, the diseases that are diagnosed by smear, is treatable. But if this trouble happens, it is important to listen to the doctor and continue examination for diagnosis. Treated yourself to a visit to the doctor is not desirable. The doctor, according to the information received, will prescribe the right treatment. The running state of the microflora causes infertility in men reduces the sperm activity and leads to impotence. Therefore, the question of treatment should be treated seriously, because the disease itself will not go away.

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Therapeutic methods

When all the tests the doctor on hand, he can find the right treatment, taking all into consideration. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and it is important to follow all recommendations of the attending physician. During treatment should abandon sexual life, not to consume meats, pickles and alcoholic beverages. But it is also important to observe personal hygiene. Primarily assigned to anti-microbial drugs («Ampicillin», «Azithromycin», «Hemomitsin», «Sumamed»). Also for the treatment of fungus infections, and antibiotics are used «fluconazole», «Nystatin», «Clotrimazole». Less common are urethral installations («Dioxidine», «Miramistin»), but only in the complex treatment.