Slightly diuretic: drugs, traditional medicine

Swelling occur in representatives of all genders throughout life for different reasons. A light diuretic to help cope with this problem, whether a disease of the cardiovascular system, liver or kidneys. It has a gentle action and causes minimal side effects. But you should know that despite weak effects on body systems, soft diuretics have warnings to use.

General information

Group of drugs that accelerate the outflow of fluid from the body, called diuretics. The action of these agents is to slow reverse suction of fluids and salts in the nephrotic tubules, which promotes the release of large volumes of urine. Sparing diuretic used to relieve swelling in different body parts, organs and systems, including in the treatment of hypertension, problems with the cardiovascular and digestive system.

Types of diuretics

Weak diuretics are divided into types based on how they affect the body and what the problems are assigned:

  • saluretiki («Hydrochlorothiazide», «Indapamide»);
  • inhibiting carbonic anhydrase («Diacarb»);
  • potassium-sparing («Verospiron»);
  • osmotic («Mannitol»).

Despite the fact that diuretics light exposure is capable of indirect influence on the condition of the kidneys, they are not prescribed for acute renal failure in diabetics. Diuretic, check potassium, is contraindicated in people with hyperkalemia (excess potassium in the blood). It is important to be under medical supervision during treatment with a diuretic, as it will ensure that the patient did not use both drugs from the same group and peel them so as not to amplify the toxic effect on the kidneys. Don’t forget, as with any drug, self-treatment light diuretics are eliminated.

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List of drugs, their General characteristics

Each group mild diuretics is characterized by its own distinctive features. They are used for edema, but no specific drug is determined by the severity of the problem and the fact which organ it has affected. As mentioned above, the light diuretics can be taken in combination with each other. It is necessary to achieve a rapid effect of treatment and the negative impacts overlapping each other.

«Acetazolamide (Diakarb»)

The effect of the drug on the body is to block the formation of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase — synthesizing carbonic acid. This acid makes it more intense outflow of sodium along with urine. «Diacarb» — with weak diuretic action, so increase medicines from other groups of diuretics. Due to the fact that the drug is soft, the negative effects from it almost does not occur. Indications for the appointment are moderate swelling and increased pressure inside the skull. Usually taken in pill form. In the group of risk are women up to the 13th week of pregnancy, children younger than 3 years, patients with liver cirrhosis, while acute liver failure, diabetics, patients with hypokalaemia and reduced sodium in the blood.


Diuretic is different from the previous one that affects the ability of the tubules of the kidneys to absorb sodium and chloride. Because of this, most of them out of the body together with the excess fluid. Indicated for use patients with edema due to chronic and acute failure of the heart, as well as for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system and to relieve premenstrual pain. «Hydrochlorothiazide» is used in the form of tablets, which lasts from 6 to 12 hours. Negative actions on the body are practically non-existent, but people with severe kidney and liver failure, diabetics, patients with gout, electrolyte disorders and children under 3 years the drug is contraindicated.

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Other diuretics easy steps

Another diuretic is «Indapamide». The principle effects on the body similar to the previous light diuretic, but it is prescribed for the treatment of edema with other diseases and hypertension. In contrast to the «Gipotiazid» has fewer side effects and therefore allowed to use a larger number of patients. But to refuse treatment these pills have patients with gout, a critical failure of blood circulation in the brain, a serious case of kidney and liver failure, women during pregnancy and children.

The group of funds that hold potassium, also has a slight diuretic effect. Sparing diuretic «Spironolactone» and «Verospiron» affects aldosterone, stopping its synthesis. Because of this, a growing Exodus from the body of sodium along with fluid. Most often used in the oedema provoked by diseases of the heart and liver. To enhance the effects on the body and therapeutic action diuretic, potassium retaining, used in combination with other types of medications. Not recommended for use in patients with renal insufficiency, electrolyte disorders, pregnant women and children under 3 years.

Traditional medicine with easy action

In folk medicine there are many recipes lung diuretics to treat edema. Such funds are often used in therapy because of the lack of an extensive list of side effects. Medicines are prepared on the basis of water, in the form of decoctions and infusions. They can be made at home or buy pills plant based in the pharmacy. Remember that the use of light traditional medicines only after consulting a doctor.

Many herbs have diuretic, therefore, used for the treatment fees. The components of one of them:

  • the fruits of the harrow the field;
  • the leaves of the silver birch;
  • dried oats sowing of seed;
  • juniper fruit;
  • the fruits of mountain ash;
  • the rose hips.
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There is a easy remedy that will help to enhance functional status, for example, to accelerate the elimination of alcohol or enhance the effect of the diet. It is composed of 20 g parsley leaves, Senna, nettle and dandelion flowers, 10 g dill and mint. The components are mixed, and 1 teaspoon of the resulting collection pour 1-Cup boiling water. The product should infuse for 10 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth and drink in small SIPS. The decoction is taken after meals 30 minutes. 1st glass a day will be enough.