Saluretics: carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, thiazide, loop

There are various groups of diuretics. Diuretics saluretics — drugs that are able to strengthen the conclusion from the human body sodium and potassium ions, as a consequence, the maximum volume of fluids removed from the body, which indicates the efficient mochegonno property of the drugs, but during this process severely depleted the salt supply of the body.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of saluretikov along the entire length of the ascending sections of the loop of Henle, thus they inhibit active movement of chloride ions and increase the elimination of sodium, potassium ions and other beneficial to human body trace elements. It is considered the main drawback of the use of saluretikov. Therefore, you should not take these medications without supervision of a physician, only a specialist can effectively prescribe a diuretic without significant risk to the organism as a whole.

Group of saluretikov

Thiazide diuretics

Thiazide diuretics — synthetic diuretics, mechanism of action which is able to lower blood pressure over prolonged time periods. Tiazidopodobnye drugs are used extensively due to its favorable impact on patients with heart failure and hypertension. The main advantage of this group of diuretics in mild restriction of the use of salt with food, compared to other diuretics. Also tiazidopodobnye and thiazide group of diuretics are potassium-sparing medication that promotes a more gentle effect on the human body as a whole.

Loop diuretics

Fast and strong diuretic effect of loop diuretics have a group. Applications used in the provision of emergency assistance in an injectable form. In certain cases, a doctor prescribes a course of treatment with the use of loop diuretics in pill form. Observing all the rules of admission in this group of diuretic medications, negative effects on the body is not observed.

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Inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase

The most lightweight group of saluretikov are inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase. Their diuretic effect is soft and gradual. However, regular use may develop addictive, and because of this will decrease having a diuretic effect on the body of the patient. The carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are less toxic, have the least side effects of all the other groups of saluretikov and can be assigned as additional drugs during the complex treatment of small epileptic seizures.


Reception of saluretikov shown in pathologies such as:

  • complex therapy of hypertensive disease (medicine lowers blood pressure because of its ability to reduce the volume of moving plasma, and diminished Pressor reactivity in blood vessels to vasoconstrictor components);
  • chronic heart failure with the expression of swelling (with the help of medicines is formed a greater volume of urine, this reduces the amount of blood and cardiac load);
  • spasms of the vessel walls;
  • glaucoma;
  • chronic insufficiency of blood circulation;
  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

List of drugs

The most common loop diuretics are «Furosemide,» «Buttocks» and ethacrynic acid. The effect of these medicines is the most powerful, but the duration of exposure to the patient is small. Side-effects include:

  • metabolic alkanes;
  • hypokalemia;
  • disorders in the excretion of uric acid;
  • hyperglycemia;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • neuropenia;
  • a variety of rashes.

Key representatives and tiazidopodobnye thiazide diuretics — «gidrokhlorisiazit», «Chloritized», «Indapamid and Chlorthalidon». Full assimilation and the highest concentration of data saluretikov happens in 4 hour period after eating them. Along with this, the maximum concentration in blood is maintained for 12 hours. Contraindications to the appointment and tiazidopodobnye thiazide group diuretics are gout, hyperuricemia, and hypokalemia. Among side effects there are such as when the reception of the hinge group of saluretikov.

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Saluretik «Diacarb» — the main representative of diuretics group of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Today this medication is mainly prescribed in complex therapy because of its short and weak diuretic effect compared with other diuretics.