Sage as a diuretic: composition, action, contraindications

Medicine «sage» is a universal soothing and slightly diuretic. This drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription in bottles of 25 ml (drops) and pill form. Used for hypertension, has diuretic action. The drug is not recommended by yourself. Before treatment you should consult with your doctor.

The composition and form of issue

«Corvalol» release in the form of drops and tablets. Drops are sold in bottles of 25 and 50 ml, tablets in one pack from 1 to 3 blisters, in which 10 tablets. The composition of the tablets includes:

  • phenobarbital is 11.3 mg;
  • peppermint oil 0.9 mg;
  • live algebraizability acid -12,4 mg.

The composition of the drops is almost the same as in pills: the air algebraizability acid — about 2%, phenobarbital — 1,8%, mint oil 0,14%, water, sodium hydroxide. Drops have a more rapid effect on the body, since liquids are absorbed faster. The soothing effect provided by ethylbromoacetate, which in its effects on the body similar to Valerian.

Pharmacological action

Antispasmodic effect occurs through irritation of the nasal and oral receptors, increasing braking reactions at the cellular level. Decreases the reflex excitability of the Central nervous system divisions. «Corvalol» decreases the tension of blood vessels and tissues of the internal organs, especially effective when taken with other diuretics.

Peppermint oil irritates the thermoreceptors, which are placed in the mouth and dilates the heart blood vessels.

Due to its sedative and ugnetajushe action on the Central nervous system, «sage» helps to reduce the pressure. But for the treatment of hypertension it must be taken in combination with other meds that thin the blood and have diuretic action. «Corvalol» produces effects on the body in just a few minutes.

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Indications «Corvalol»

The «Sage» provides a calming effect, lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, has inflammatory effect. Used for insomnia, excited States, high anxiety. Recommended for use during menopause, high stress, hormonal imbalance. Relieves headache, toothache, in combination with other diuretics used to treat dystonia.

Contraindications and side effects of heart medicine as a diuretic

Is well tolerated, has practically no contraindications. Is strictly prohibited for people suffering from renal diseases and liver diseases. Has a slight diuretic effect. Can cause side effects depending on individual characteristics of the organism:

  • unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • constipation, disorders of the chair;
  • drowsiness and dizziness;
  • fainting;
  • hallucinations.

When receiving the «Corvalol» decreases the activity of muscle may increase motor activity, nightmares. When uncontrolled admission of possible severe decrease in blood pressure. If you long to take the medication, there is a risk of megaloblastic anemia or malfunction of the liver.

How to apply?

The drug should discuss with your doctor, who will select the treatment and dosage of the drug. Usually «Corvalol» hypertensive disease with diuretics take in doses from 10 to 32 drops are diluted in a little water, several times a day. Medication should be an hour before a meal. In the case where it is necessary that the drug had antispasmodic effects, the dose is increased to 45 drops for 1 admission. If you struggle with insomnia take 25 drops half an hour before bedtime.


For a single overdose are possible fainting, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations. If the drug is taken for a long period of time, it gradually accumulates in the body and leads to abnormalities of the internal organs. The maximum negative effect on the liver and kidneys. With a long reception of deteriorating memory, people experiencing constant depression, disturbed coordination of movements.

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Interact well with diuretics, which is aimed at reducing blood pressure. It is recommended to take with such a diuretic, which belong to a loop or thiazide diuretic diuretical kaliysberegayuschimi means. Diuretics, which are used «Corvalol»:

  • «Indapamide»;
  • «Furosemide»;
  • «Hydrochlorothiazide».

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages when taking «Corvalol». Assign «Corvalol» when taking other medications should a doctor. You need to remember that not always diuretics compatible with other drugs and illegally receiving additional drugs with a designated course of treatment may lead to aggravation of the situation.

Terms of sale, storage and special instructions

«Corvalol» dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. Impulse buy without consulting a doctor can lead to serious consequences. The drug should be stored in a dark dry place in a tightly closed form. Shelf life — 18 months from the date of issue. The presence of drugs (phenobarbital) creates a dependency in some cases. Therefore, if the patient is susceptible to drug dependence, this medication is contraindicated to take.

Analogues «Corvalol»

Drugs that have similar effects on the body: «Barboval», «Korvaldin», «Bromocamphor», «Valuecard» and others. The effect of all these means practically the same: spasmolytic effect, functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, insomnia, increased anxiety. All of the above drops and tablets are used with diuretics as substances that enhance the effect in the treatment of hypertension.