Renal pain before menstruation: causes, something must be done

In many women menstruation is accompanied by pain and uncomfortable sensations in the renal organs and the lumbar region. Why do kidneys hurt during menstruation? Doctors there are several factors for this condition. To determine the cause of a specific case, the woman should be referred to a specialist for a thorough examination.

The relationship of the kidneys reproductive organs and the menstrual cycle

Renal bodies carry out a number of very important functions for the human body, namely:

  • clean the body from harmful substances;
  • participate in the production of the hormone renin (responsible for water exchanges in the body), erythropoietin (produces blood cells) and prostaglandins (watching normal indicators of the size of vessels and their tone);
  • transform substances;
  • balance acid and alkaline indicators in the body (to preserve the equality of these characteristics in the blood).

Reproductive system depends on hormonal parameters. In renal activity includes production of certain hormones. Kidneys are involved in the functioning of blood vessels, regulation of acids and alkalis in the manufacture of blood products, some of which is lost during menstruation. These functions affect the hormonal components in the reproductive system — this is the impact of renal organs in menstruation. Problems in the urinary organs not go unnoticed during the critical days. The female body and immune forces are particularly vulnerable during menstruation. This will be the trigger for the manifestation of latent and chronic ailments.

Causes of pain in kidney during menstruation

Many women during pregnancy feel uncomfortable and pain. Can hurt the kidneys when menstruation? In the area of the renal organs usually have aching, pulling, shooting pains. You should know that a normal period before menstruation and during them should not be accompanied by pain in the organs of the urinary system. When you experience this symptom should not combine monthly and pain syndromes in the lumbar region or in the renal organs. Experts recommend in this situation to undergo a full examination to search for other causes of pain. Kidneys hurt when menstruation due to:

  • inflammation and other disorders in the reproductive system (except the basic symptoms, these ailments can reflect pain in adjacent organs);
  • a failure of the musculoskeletal system and muscle;
  • disease of the renal organs;
  • the change in uterine position (excessive deflection on the rear part);
  • female inflammatory processes in the urinary system, including infectious processes, which are transmitted in the sexual way.
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How the urinary system affects the cycle?

For women who suffer from pyelonephritis or urolithiasis, is no secret that these pathologies can provoke a delay of menstruation. This happens for several reasons:

  • directly due to an inflammatory process that often occurs with severe pain and disorders of hormonal development;
  • due to the transfer of excessive stress;
  • from the use of antibacterial therapy and provide side effect;
  • as a result of pregnancy, which may occur at lower effect of drugs with a contraceptive effect in patients with renal disease.

There are cases when kidney disease coincides with the prolonged absence of menstruation. This manifestation is the reason for women’s experiences. The relationship of the kidneys and menstruation big, but in this question it is necessary to seek the cause in another. The menstrual cycle always responds to various disturbances that occur in the female body.

What should you do?

If you encounter strange and regular pain in the renal organs or lumbar area before menstruation or during the critical days should consult a specialist for advice. It is impossible to self-medicate or follow the advice of other people — this can aggravate the situation. When intense pain are advised to visit the doctor, have an ultrasound examination of the reproductive system and kidneys, to pass on the laboratory examination of urine and smear from the vagina to identify possible inflammatory processes.

In the relief of pain at home help methods of antispasmodics, and the warm bath, which can relax the body the pain associated with spasms. Also to prevention of possible violations with a monthly cycle will include the use of barrier methods of protection, the avoidance of promiscuous sexual acts and the carrying out of preventive examinations several times per year.

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If prolonged pain present after a month, you shouldn’t blame it on hormonal imbalance in the female body. Likely cause of this condition become inflammatory or infectious diseases, which began during the menstrual phase. This contributes, in addition to the weakening of immune forces, excessive discharge (especially evident in the neglect of female personal hygiene).

Any pain, regardless of symptoms, should contact a qualified technician to identify the correct cause of the deviation. It is important to remember that the initial stages of the disease much easier to treat than the protracted disease that is able to cause complications not only in the organs of the urinary system, but in the reproductive.