Red urine in women, in men: causes, symptoms

That could mean red urine? Why there are deviations in the indicators? Because often patients are faced with a change in color of secretions, not knowing the factors, which appear dark or light red liquid. In a healthy organism is highlighted in yellow urine, odour. Exactly when diagnosing a patient pay attention to urinary analysis that determines the presence of disease. Change the color of urine should cause the patient anxiety, but not panic mode. This is due to the fact that red urine is not always talk about blood impurities in the liquid.

Before going to the reception, you need to remember what food the patient ate in the last days, because in part, some of the products are pigments, and urine is a dark or light shade of red.

Red urine in women

Why patients change urine color? The urine is reddish in women appears in the presence of diseases of the reproductive system. These illnesses include abnormal bleeding in the uterus, erosion, ectopic pregnancy, malignancies in the uterus and its cervix, due to which there is urine with blood. In addition, redness of urine in women can be associated with the presence of advanced forms of cystitis, kidney stone disease, inflammation of the kidneys.

The presence of different color liquid (yellow, red) associated with poisoning by toxic compounds trapped in the body. In some cases, the urine changes color because of contamination of the blood, which indicates the presence of serious complications in the female body. Pink urine sometimes appears in pregnant patients due to the development of inflammatory processes in urinary and reproductive systems. While urinating there are pain, fever, swelling and high blood pressure.

The red selection for men

Why red urine appears in men? Prostatitis or blood stagnation in the prostate, injury to the scrotum — causes of development of disease in patients. Deviation is observed in cancer or injuries of the urethra. In addition, pay attention to the color of the urine. When the patient selection dark red color, the deviation associated with renal diseases in which kidneys begin to bleed.

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Scarlet urine often means that blood clots fall out urinary or sexual ways. When diagnosing a patient supposed to tell the doctor about related symptoms, which include a feeling of weakness, fatigue, edema, infectious diseases and impaired urinary processes. The expert drew attention to the fact, when there are signs and how long they are observed in humans.

The causes of deviations


Factor, which appears reddish urine is the medication. Medications contain dyes, which processes kidney and then the components are displayed. The components include aminopyrine, giving urine a red tint, and acetylsalicylic acid where the color of the liquid changed to pink. This means that the changes observed in the employment of laxatives, and antipyretics antitubercular drugs. This is especially true of small children, because the newborn has a weak body, as the medication affects the performance. Change the color of urine may indicate the ingestion of potassium permanganate.

Consumption of food

One of the hazardous factors in the development of the color changes is the consumption of certain food groups, due to the use of which blushes allocated liquid. These include blackberries, raspberries, carrots, red juice, beets, cherries, black currants, rhubarb. A risk factor is considered and the use of products containing food dyes.

Red urine after beet

Another reason of occurrence of deviations — use of beets, which contains pigments that occur in contact with the kidney. Due to this factor people experienced red urine, and the selection is transparent and does not have a muddy hue. If the color changes associated with the use of beets, the child or adult is painted and the stool.

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Possible symptoms of red urine

In most cases, the appearance of the reddish discharge is not accompanied by the concomitant symptoms. But in cases when the person observed a light red or dark urine in infectious diseases, the patient has frequent urge for urination, the fluid becomes unpleasant odor, significantly increased body temperature observed febrile state. The patient begins to sweat a lot, he always wants to empty the bladder from the fluid and pain in lower abdomen.

Urine red, accompanied by pain in the abdomen

If the color of the urine is bloody hue, and have abdominal pain, in the genital or urinary system to develop diseases. Patients it may be associated with erosion of the uterine cervix, uterine bleeding, endometriosis, in which the allocated fluid appear droplets of blood. If urine becomes red due to cystitis, then there are aching pain.

Preventive measures

  • Patients need to monitor their diet and consumable products. It is important to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.
  • To prevent infection in the body should follow the rules of personal hygiene. It is important that after sex, the patient visited the toilet and washed my genitals.
  • If the patient self-treats illnesses, it can only harm the body. Therefore, the appearance of unpleasant signs should see a doctor.

Diagnostic measures

The major diagnostic task is to identify the factor in the development of abnormalities. This investigates patient complaints, which can be used to determine how long there are changes and whether they are accompanied by the concomitant symptoms. Determined which products were used during the last 3 days, because factors can be the ingestion of food that contains colouring pigments. If the cause is not in the diet, prescribe a urinalysis to reach the end point of diagnosis, establish the diagnosis.

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How to help the patient, which changed the color selections?

What to do, if the urine red? If an adult or child appeared red urine, you should not panic, it is not always a factor in becoming a serious illness. The patient should seek the assistance of a specialist, which based diagnostics will help find the factor that appears, changes and prescribe treatment. For self-treatment measures can only hurt yourself. In the presence of pain of the patient will be sent for analysis of blood and urine.

Concluding remarks

In medical practice there is no specific therapeutic method. Because sometimes factor is maintaining an incorrect lifestyle, increase of physical activities (especially running, strength training). There is use of products that contain pigments (for example, beet or carrot stains the urine red). Excluding these factors, the patient a few days normal hue selections. But if the reason was proceeding in an organism of the disease, the patient should immediately begin to treat the disease.