Pumpkin diuretic: properties and contraindications

With the appearance of edema caused by fluid retention in the body helps a pumpkin — like diuretic vegetable origin, which brings water from the tissues. It is a natural diuretic, which eliminates edema of different origin, without disturbing the mineral balance, what happens when taking medication diuretics. Pumpkin the fruit have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, restoring the normal functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract. Pumpkin can be consumed during pregnancy, accompanied by edema, as it is harmless for the child.

What part of the pumpkin has diuretic properties?

Diuretic properties of pumpkin is concentrated in its pulp, which contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other useful organic substances, which are washed out from the body when receiving pharmacological diuretics. It relieves from swelling, at the same time the deficit of the above macro — and micronutrients. The diuretic effect inherent in pumpkin seeds and stems and the cuttings used to prepare a decoction. Use pumpkin pulp is recommended for people with edema caused by renal, heart or liver disease, chronic urinary retention and violations of salt metabolism.

Recipes diuretics pumpkin juice

Peel skin from pumpkin and remove the seeds and cut the flesh into slices and pass it through a meat grinder or a juicer. Press the juice through cheesecloth and drink it 1 glass a day 30 minutes before Breakfast. In the presence of stones in the kidneys diuretic pumpkin juice drink 3 times a day for ¼ Cup 30 minutes before a meal. For a child it is possible to prepare pumpkin juice with carrots. Squeeze the juice of carrot and pumpkin, then mix them in a ratio of 3:1. Carrots can be replaced by Apple.

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To enhance diuretic pumpkin juice, add fresh juice of lemon or orange.

Contraindications to the use

Pumpkin and its juice can not be taken as a diuretic in the presence of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, hypersensitive and diabetes (severe). Pumpkin is a laxative, so it is not recommended to use due to diarrhea. If you have large stones in the kidneys need to consult your doctor because increased discharge of urine can move rocks and block the ureter.