Psychosomatics enuresis in children: causes, types

Urinary incontinence and psychosomatics closely related. Parents ‘ behavior when it detects this delicate problem is diametrically different — one completely ignored considering that it is not a disease and child outgrow bedwetting, others raise panic and spend endless examinations in medical institutions. But not always, the problem lies in the pathology, often it comes to the emotional state of the crumbs, which is explained by psychosomatics.

Psychosomatic causes of enuresis in children

Enuresis is considered to be urinary incontinence in children older than 3 years, i.e. those who are already aware of the urge to urinate and able to control them, but does not, in the absence of the corresponding reflex.

Often parents are looking for the cause of this disease, primarily in physiological abnormalities of the child ignoring the psychological factors and psychosomatics. Psychosomatics is a manifestation of psychological issues through bodily symptoms. Enuresis, primarily manifested in unhealthy family environments. Psychosomatics is the child’s fear of punishment, strict parents, often the father. As a rule, increased anxiety and fear to do something wrong, make a mistake and disappoint mom and dad. The child is overly in control of himself day and night is able to maintain the same level of control. Psychosomatics enuresis — an expression of resentment, anger, grief, pain. Sometimes the child is trying in this way to Express a request for help; wants it drew attention, devoted more time.

Types of enuresis

Enuresis in children is classified as follows: primary and secondary. The first type includes the one that occurs from birth. The child does not have a conditional reflex, and it regularly from the first day, urinating involuntarily. The secondary is often called psychogenic. It can occur in adults. Psychosomatics describes his loss of control over urination after stable and prolonged responses to impulses. That is, previously formed conditioned reflex is faltering. Causes of psychogenic enuresis can be:

  • severe psychological trauma;
  • the fears, the constant nervous tension;
  • shy, modest, timid character;
  • multiple or one serious psychological problem;
  • intoxication;
  • a serious infectious disease.
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The treatment of urinary incontinence

Modern methods of treatment of enuresis is divided into two types: medication and psychotherapy. The spectrum of care is very broad. Practiced: acupuncture, special diets, hypnosis, auditory training, Dolphin. If after inspection, no violations were detected physiological nature, then parents need to think about a psychosomatic illness, that is, about the General situation in the family and their relationships, to be more attentive to the child and to enlist the help of a therapist. It is worth remembering that children are very sensitive creatures and respond to emerging problems and conflicts in the family. In any case you should not blame or scold the kid after another bad night’s events, he should know what parents accept and love him the way he is. The child must be trust in adults. Support and patience will be of great help in the fight against this disease.

Drug treatment of incontinence

Any medication should be taken solely after their appointment physician. Well established this drug as «Mesocarp». This medication affects the overall tone of the bladder. Antidepressants and the mechanism of their influence on the treatment of enuresis is still not fully understood, but in practice, successfully handled «Imipramine» and «Amitriptyline». «Ephedrine» has a psychoactive effect. If in the urogenital tract was detected the infection, then an antibiotic is prescribed. Neurological disorders are treated as «Novopassit», «Persina». It is useful to complement medical therapy with herbal medicine, medicinal herbs will reduce anxiety a little patient. It is also useful to enter in daily practice of exercise and physical exercise, tempering.

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Psychotherapy and enuresis

In the post-Soviet space still wary of psychotherapy, although in the treatment of enuresis non-organic nature of origin, but the method is the most effective and solves deep problems of psychosomatic disease. There are a huge number of psychological techniques. Parents should elect one that will lead to the normalization of the mental state of the child and deliver him from the constant feeling of guilt, stress and shame. Very common methods of hypnotic suggestion, and behavioral psychotherapy. Older children can recommend auditory training. In cases when the family is unhealthy, stressful situation persists for a long period, you should think about the visits to a marriage counselor and parents. Therefore, psychotherapy will help you to «kill two birds with one stone» — to save a child from illness and to establish a harmonious relationship in the family.