Prestarium and hyzaar: indications, dosage

The diagnosis of «hypertension» have more than 40% of Russia’s population. «Precarium» diuretic and helps to gradually normalize blood pressure and prevent complications of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The drug has no strict contraindications proper dosage no side effects. These factors have led to the popularity of this diuretic.

The drug

Main active ingredient diuretic «Pretorium» — perindopril arginine. In one pill it contains 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. as additional substances are used lactose and starch for the best compaction of the tablets. Acesulfame potassium and aspartame act as sweeteners. Thus, in this mochegonno drug uses sugar substitutes. As a food additive based on fatty acids present in magnesium stearate. In the role of enterosorbent advocates of silicon dioxide colloidal.

The description of the drug

«Precarium» diuretic prescribed for unstable pressure, heart failure, circulatory disorders of the myocardium and in the prevention of recurring strokes. The properties of the tool belongs to ACE inhibitors, that is, gradually decreases the pressure. Due to the different amount of active substance in tablets the specialist assigns the most proper dosage. Externally, the tablets have oblong shape and covered in light green shell. She does not allow contents to dissolve before reaching the stomach. On the sides of the tablet are deepening and there is a logo of the manufacturer.

Pharmacological action of Prestarium as a diuretic

The main effect of «Pretorium» aimed at the normalization of systolic and diastolic pressures. Components of diuretic pills help to accelerate blood flow, while not affecting heart rate. The drug also dilates blood vessels and restores the elasticity of the arteries. The result is reduced stress on the heart and normalizes its work.

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«Precarium» attributed to high blood pressure, insufficiency of the heart muscle in chronic phase and ischemia of the heart muscle. Also pills effective in circulatory disorders in the brain. The»Pretorium» with another diuretic possible to prevent recurrent stroke and minimize the complications of diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Reception start with 1 pill «Pretorium» in the morning before eating food. High blood pressure in the initial stages of treatment in day dose 5 mg of active ingredient. If such a number does not give a visible result, then the physician adjusts the regimen. Older patients should start with 2.5 mg of the drug per day. People with a diagnosis of «heart failure» expert ascribes to 2.5 mg per day. In this case, the treatment is combined with means that do not preserve potassium. If necessary, the daily dose adjustments. To prevent stroke is prescribed 2.5 mg of the drug per day. After 2 weeks of taking the dosage of the diuretic «Prestariang» change. As minimizing possible complications after a disease prescribed 5 mg per day.

Side effects

When correctly prescribed dosage the risk of side effects is minimal. Otherwise, possible dry cough, sudden drop in pressure that causes dizziness and blurred sight. If you are allergic to the components of the composition are manifested pruritus, rash, nausea, constipation and diarrhea. In rare cases, distortion of the taste buds. When adverse symptoms from the use of «Pretorium» we need to consult with your doctor about further receiving a diuretic.


«Precarium» has a number of contraindications. These include pregnancy and lactation of breast milk. This is due to the penetration of perindopril into the milk and into the layers of the placenta. The reason for the discontinuation of the drug is allergic to its components. It is also impossible to appoint people with lactose intolerance, kidney failure, strokes and diabetes.

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Interaction with other medications

Simultaneous reception with drugs kalisoderjasimi leads to hyperkalemia. To avoid this, hold regular biochemical examination of the blood. With other ACE inhibitors make a diuretic «precarium» should be used with caution. It is forbidden to use pills together with medications containing lithium.

Analogues and combination therapies

On the main active substance diuretic «Prestariang» there are such analogues as «Hypernik», «Coverers», «Perindopril», «Perinea» and «Stopless». In the absence of these funds are assigned to any similar diseases that treats the drug. These include «Noliprel» and «Festal». In the use of similar drugs possible less pronounced diuretic and hypotensive effects.