Polyps in the bladder in men, women treatment, symptoms

Polyps on the surface of the bladder are formed due to overgrowth of the tissues of the body. Visually, this disease is reminiscent of the build-up formed on the mucosa. A polyp is attached to the surface by means of a rod or growing on the bladder. Polyps are a species of benign tumors, but with a certain probability can be transformed into cancer. Despite the fact that these neoplasms have a benign nature, they still threaten the health and life of man. In addition, the growth turns into cancer, it can obscure the entrance to the urinary duct, and it is fraught with disruption of the bladder.

The reasons for the development of pathology

Polyps in the bladder in women, occur under the influence of the running of urinary tract infections and hereditary predisposition. Hereditary factor plays a role only if the disease is present in close relatives. Regarding chronic inflammation, in periods of weakening the possibility of partial recovery of the affected tissues.

Inflammation in the the urinary system — the main cause of diseases of both sexes. As the women, polyps in the urinary bladder in men can be caused by a number of additional factors. They include:

  • hormonal disruptions in the body;

  • damage caused to the urethra by mechanical means (during sexual intercourse in the fall);
  • disease of an inflammatory nature, affecting the stomach and intestines;
  • in women — vaginal dysbiosis;
  • stagnation of urine in the urinary tract;
  • daily stressful situation;
  • nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction.

Symptoms that occur in men and women

At an early stage of development, patients typically do not notice any symptoms because the disease develops latently. In that case, if the polyp grows and the bladder bursts, urine comes blood. If the number of the blood slightly, it will reveal only after conducting laboratory tests. But in the case of the severing of the polyp has allocated a large amount of fluid, the urine will take the pink or reddish color. When the polyp grows around the urinary channel or urinary tract, it is able to fully or partially block the lumen. The patient will feel a cutting pain and problems with urination: jet to squirt, to change its direction, the process will cause severe discomfort. Typically, such symptoms characterize the formation of a polyp with a stalk attached to the mucosa.

Possible complications

Education in the urogenital system, tend to develop into cancer. If cancer cells have spread along the upper layer under the mucous membrane of the bladder, is developing a non-invasive type of cancer. When polyps are left untreated or failure is fraught with the proliferation of the cells and by their seizure of the whole thickness of the organ. Such changes are called invasive. This type of cancer is typical for males.

To indicate that the polyps started to transform into a malignant tumors can such manifestations:

  • incontinence;
  • pain concentrated in the lower abdomen and into the groin;
  • frequent desire to defecate;
  • spotting in urine composition.

In addition to oncological diseases, polyps cause a number of serious complications: necrosis of the intact tissues of the bladder, bleeding from the urinary tract and channels, re-development and aggravation of inflammatory processes in the bladder, spread of pathology to other organs of the urinary system. To prevent complications, the patient requires a timely examination and therapy.

Diagnostic measures

If you suspect the presence in the bladder polyps in women assigned to the ultrasound diagnosis (ultrasound). In that case, if the detected tumor and necessary to clarify its nature, is carried out cystoscopy examination of the bladder with an endoscope. So the doctor will determine the size of tumors, making it the form and condition of surrounding tissues. In order to learn the nature of education in the cavity of the body takes the samples of the pathological tissue. If necessary to clarify the diagnosis the patient is prescribed x-ray with contrast. In this way the cavity is painted on the introduced substance and the tumor clearly distinguishable in the picture.

Methods of treatment of polyps in the bladder

If during diagnosis discovered small polyps, serious treatment is not carried out. The patient is under constant supervision of a physician and for its intended purpose the pill from polyps. Therapy is required when the polyp blocks the outflow of urine, and causes bleeding or has too large dimensions. These problems can be corrected only by surgery, that is, treatment requires removal of the growth. Modern technologies allow to conduct such an operation endoscopically.

After the patient spent the removal of tumors, he remains in the hospital at the hospital, so doctors could monitor his condition. After discharge from the hospital responsible for the restoration of the bladder rests on the patient. He prescribed a course of medicines, whose action is directed on restoration of the mucosa of the organ and the resumption of normal operation. The most dangerous are the first few months after surgery because the damaged tissue is very sensitive and susceptible to pathogens. In this period most often develop recurrences. You need to carefully monitor their health and follow the instructions of the doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

Therapy folk remedies can be carried out when the polyps of the bladder non-invasive and only if doctor has prescribed this procedure. For treatment of polyps are preparing folk remedies on the basis of celandine. You must use the plant along with vodka, in the ratio 1:5. This remedy is taken twice a day, 10 drops. Of celandine are also preparing decoctions. Tablespoon filled with 500 ml of boiling water. Then insist 1 hour and drink during the day. The medicine should be divided into 3 portions.

The following folk remedy contains egg yolks and pumpkin seeds. 3 boiled egg yolks mixed with 3 tablespoons of sunflower seeds. The resulting mixture is poured vegetable oil in the amount of 250 ml and 20 minutes is cooked in a water bath. Next, you should give broth to cool and move to refrigerator. Therapy this tool implies acceptance of the 1st tablespoon half an hour before a meal. The decoction is drunk every morning for a 10 day course.

Future prediction and prevention

After the patient underwent surgery, for 3 years he needs to visit a dentist regularly. The survey should be no less than 4 times a year. If no new problems are discovered, a visit to the doctor is reduced to 1 admission per year. The prognosis is favorable, if the time to pay attention to the problem and not to delay treatment.

In addition, the person should take some preventive measures to protect themselves from relapse. The patient must maintain the balance of water in the body, drink plenty of fluids. If there is the urge to urinate, do not long endure. It is necessary to empty the bladder. Also an important factor in the health of not only the urinary system, and also the entire body, is a failure from alcohol abuse and Smoking.

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