Polyp of the urethra in women and men: treatment, removal, symptoms

The results of the statistical study of disease by gender showed that the polyp of the urethra in women is much more common than in men. From a medical perspective polyps of the urethra are tumors of the benign type, which appear on the mucous surface of the urethra. At the initial stage of the disease, education does not cause any discomfort to the patient, but in the advanced stage can seriously threaten health.

The main reasons

The most common cause of the disease is considered an inflammatory process that occurs in the urinary tract. In women the problems can begin, if not treated, a number of other diseases, the list of which includes:

  • ureaplasmosis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • chlamydia;
  • mycoplasmosis.

The inflammatory process can be actively affected by the human papilloma virus or herpes. In addition, the polyp in the ureter in women can be caused by a number of other secondary factors: hormonal disruptions in the body, mechanical damage (e.g., bruises in the accident), the failure of some of the digestive system, disturbances in the vaginal flora. Significantly affect the overall course of the disease can constant stress and bad habits that aggravate the already suffering from the adverse environment immunity.

The main symptoms in women and men

Initially, patients do not feel pain or even just discomfort in the urethra. But as soon as ill notice some discomfort in the problem area, it becomes clear that inflammation is in progress for a long time, and the polyp had become a significant problem due to the ever increasing sizes.

Often the first alarm bell becomes abnormal direction of the jet during urination. The man says that she is sprayed, and in some cases the urine has a reddish tint. Recent evidence that requires immediate intervention specialist and treatment. Sometimes the symptoms include pain. Ignoring them can lead to uncontrolled growth of tumors that will result in your immediate hospitalization and surgical intervention.

What is cystoscopy and other diagnostic options

Most of the applied in the clinic from citizens concerning the problem of work the urethra is assigned to conduct a smear and urine analysis in the laboratory. At external examination to detect the formation is not a serious problem, because it usually is almost immediately on the output channel.

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However, in very advanced cases, patients are prescribed a number of additional medical interventions, the most popular of which is considered to be cystoscopy. For works of manipulation, the doctor uses a special tool cystoscope. It is made of metal and appears in the form of tubes, inside which has a camera and a small lighting element.

Cystoscopy lasts no more than an hour. If the patient used local anesthesia, immediately after the end of the study he could return home without loss of efficiency.

By external examination a polyp of the urethra is the usual smooth tubercle. The tumor is soft, it has its drawbacks. In the case of injury of the surface (which happens quite often), this leads to bleeding, and unpleasant sensations. From a medical point of view, education refers to the category of fibrosis, as they are created through the work of cells from a segment of connective tissue. It grows extremely fast, that may cause imminent obstruction of the hole in the urethra.

Treatment of urethral polyp

Treatment of folk remedies

To start treatment is as early as possible. After diagnosis many patients do not want to go under the knife and decide to try alternative methods of getting rid of problematic neoplasms. The healers suggest to start with the use of decoctions or infusions, created on the basis of the medicinal plants group. Commonly, such treatment involves the raising of useful plants like calendula or celandine.

Of nails you can create a self-prepared tool. Ready infusion is recommended purchase pharmacy. There or have checked the beekeeper in advance to buy propolis tincture. After collecting all the ingredients you will need to dissolve in 50 milliliters water, 5 milliliters of immediate infusion. Then in a separate container to be mixed in the same proportion the water and propolis tincture, and then all carefully to mix and connect with each other. Make the resulting tool must be exactly 30 days.

Another common method is called an infusion celandine homemade. To create it you will need a tablespoon of celandine, which is poured half a liter of boiling water. The resulting tincture should stand for about an hour, and then filtered. It is recommended to use one hundred milliliters three times a day 20 minutes before meals. The average rate of reception for about three weeks.

Despite the popularity of such methods, they do not eliminate the source of the disease, but only take the edge off symptomatic manifestations that in a month you can come back with renewed vigor.

Urgent removal

The most effective option, leading to full recovery is the removal of polyps of the urethra. The conservative version will not help. But profile, the surgeon may in a short time to save the patient from this trouble. If the tumor has not had time to turn into a big knot, it will be sufficient to use local anesthesia. The recovery period will be really short. But if the moment is lost, then the patient requested resection for parts. Such surgery to remove the polyps of the urethra are stretched for a long time and require full anesthesia.

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To return to normal life you have to wait until the mucosa is completely restored. To do this, your doctor may prescribe taking additional drugs, which are baths. Professionals sometimes resort to ointments. After surgery, the patient remains under the supervision of medical staff in a day hospital or regular check-UPS.

In compliance with all covenants doctor the risk of relapse is reduced to almost zero, but it also recommended careful monitoring of the affected body at least for the next few months. Such vigilance does not reduce the treatment produced no will save you from other possible inflammations.

Danger and consequences

When properly carried out operating activities, removal of polyps, no significant impacts to surface should not. The patient a few days will feel a significant relief and with proper rehabilitation period, more on this in the clinic to use is unlikely. But the complications of a person who has not agreed to remove the growths can cause a real outcry from the body, manifested in such States:

  • bleeding;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • the inability to urinate.

Acute urinary retention may lead to the development of kidney disease, for example, pyelonephritis, acute renal failure. In the advanced form it even leads to cystitis.

Preventive methods

Even benign tumors do not arise by themselves. And although the reasons for a painful education in the urethra is really a lot of qualified experts have developed a small summary of the rules that help in the prevention:

  • the use of only qualitative methods of contraception barrier of format during intercourse (condoms);
  • only one tested sexual partner;
  • the rejection of excessive salt consumption (not more than 3 grams a day, including in the composition of ready-made dishes);
  • a proper diet providing the minimal amount of fatty foods that have a beneficial effect on overall health.
  • reducing protein in the diet and the consumption of vegetables, fruits, cereals.
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If the patient appealed for help to the urologist on urethritis and got the recommended treatment, the appointment of antibiotics, to ignore it is impossible, even if the symptoms will become less noticeable. Refusal of treatment with antibacterial drugs may be the impetus for a new of inflammation, formation of problematic growths and, as a consequence, the removal of a polyp.

Universal Council performs regular inspection at the urologist. This measure will prevent the most terrible and do not hold on to the moment when it will grow a tumor, which will need to rapidly remove under General anesthesia. Remember that the treatment of folk remedies can exacerbate the situation and increase the problem areas, so it’s best not to delay the phase of self-medication of symptoms and consult the doctor.