Pills cystitis in women and men treatment at home

Probably, at least once in their life, every woman faced with the unpleasant symptoms of cystitis. It is believed that pills cystitis most effective fighting the symptoms of the disease. It should be noted that one tablet of cystitis will not provide effective treatment of cystitis. Good use of a range of drugs. But about all under the order. What is the most effective remedy for cystitis? Let’s start with the term what is cystitis and why it manifests itself in women.

Description of the disease in women and men

In medicine, cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. Suffer from illness more often women. This fact is easily explained by the physiological characteristics of the female organism. The probability of cystitis in men is much lower, only 20% suffer from this disease. The pathogens may be fungi or microorganisms that enter in the urinary tract from the intestines. Most often Escherichia coli and staphylococci. The female urethra is wide enough that the bacteria can penetrate into the bladder. While bacteria are not transmitted from female to male, but the male can be a carrier of bacteria.

The first symptoms of cystitis characterized by acute pain in the abdomen, frequent and fruitless visits to the toilet, there is a selection, begins intense itching in the perineum. Moreover, children show the same symptoms. Rarely, the disease is accompanied by high temperature. If you find these signs, then you must consult a doctor—urologist. If at the moment this is not possible, need a quick help. Try the following method at home: bed rest, drink plenty of water; in severe pain to take fast-acting painkillers («no-Spa», for example). This will ensure the removal of symptoms and improvement of health. However, rapid cure of the cystitis is possible when the disease has not yet passed into the chronic form.

It is not advisable to self-medicate, the disease may progress to a chronic form! If soon home therapy does not bring desirable results, then it is better to visit a urologist. Only a urologist will be able to advise on what tablets to drink for cystitis!

How to cure cystitis at home?

Cystitis in house conditions are better treated using traditional medicine, where you do not risk to take dubious drugs, thinking that will help these yellow tablets or not. If you drink infusions of the following herbs, such «first aid» in case of cystitis will stop the inflammation and the proliferation of bad microorganisms. The name of the herbs: St. John’s wort, chamomile, plantain, marshmallow.

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If you decide to treat the illness at home tablets, an effective remedy for cystitis — on biologics. Such funds are no less effective than the antibiotics and they can be purchased without a prescription. These drugs work against inflammation of the bladder, plus have antiseptic properties. Well-chosen pills cystitis in women will be the key to a speedy recovery.

  • «Monural» — pills cystitis, it is composed of substances — proanthocyanidine. They inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli, the main and worst of the pathogen. And vitamin C will enhance the body’s immunity.
  • «Kanefron» is an effective drug that has the properties of herbs such as lovage, rosemary, centaury. Has anti-inflammatory effects and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • «Zistan» — a good multi-component medicine, eliminates the inflammation of the bladder and fights against kidney stones. Effective to prevent relapse.
  • «Vitalizing» —a new unique product from birch leaves, root of lovage, horsetail, available in the form of paste. Fights inflammation and has a diuretic action.
  • «Abaktal» — the best tablets for chronic cystitis; belong to the group of fluoroquinolones.

Complementary therapy

Modern methods of treatment of cystitis may include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial drugs. These funds are used for severe pain in the bladder, to eliminate inflammation and fungi. Let’s consider separately each group of drugs.

  1. Anti-inflammatory medication is effective and an emergency means of blocking the process of inflammation, and, consequently, decreases pain in the lower abdomen and during urination. This category of drugs can be identified «Nurofen», «Diclofenac», at least more rapid — «Novocaine».
  2. Antispasmodics (so-called painkillers) — emergency care when removing the spasm of muscle tissue. The fast-acting and strong — a «no-Spa», «Drotaverine» or «Baralgin».
  3. NSAIDs — non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group of drugs that are allowed to be used in severe pain (for example, «Ibuprofen»).
  4. In that case, if the disease is caused by a virus (after exposure or common cold, for example), prescribe antiviral medicines. They can be sold in form of tablets and injections. Effective antiviral drug»Acyclovir», «Virazole», «Laferon».
  5. As previously mentioned, inflammation can provoke bacteria and fungi. If the fungus is the cause of the disease, then against him you need to drink a course of antifungal drugs. The best among the best is fluconazole (pack of 2 orange, small tablets). In addition to «Fluconazole», trying to «Diflucan» and «lamisil».
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Use antibiotics

We should also talk about antibacterial treatment of cystitis in women. In our time the lack of treatment can lead to relapse or complications. Therefore, the modern treatment of cystitis include antibiotics for the full and effective treatment. When choosing the right medication takes into account the characteristics of the organism and bacteria (pathogens) that cause disease.

Although treatment with antibiotics helps with cystitis, but they have a number of side effects, so before you start this treatment, you need to provide a urine sample, not engage in treatment on their own. Plus, these pills can cause «addiction» of the body. In this case, the healing substance has no effect on bacteria and the doctor has to prescribe new drugs. The following is a list, which shows the effective drugs for the treatment of cystitis.

To quickly cure cystitis, it should be comprehensively take medication drugs and biologics. Each category will consistently perform its function and the patient will quickly feel much better.

Top 5 good antibiotics

  1. «Naizin». The best holistic medicine that is prescribed for the treatment of cystitis in women, and treatment of infectious diseases of the genital organs. Considered one of the best drugs due to the fact that many bacteria it is still insensitive. These pills are assigned only when nothing helps with the cystitis.
  2. «Monural» — good generic medication, may be disposable and even without analysis. Prescribed for the bacterial form of the disease. However, the use of chronic cystitis is impossible, since the drug is taken once and at one time impossible to get them firmly «entrenched» bacteria from the urinary tract. The only disadvantage is a rather expensive medicine. Do not confuse «Monural» with «Monorail»: «Monural» — antibiotic «Monural» — the drug (see above).
  3. «Furadonin». Is an antimicrobial agent and is effective against streptococci, Salmonella and other groups of coliform bacteria. Taken one pill 4 times a day. Another major plus «Furadonina» — at a price affordable drug compared to other.
  4. «Furagin». Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria (staphylococci, Klebsiella, Escherichia coli), activates the immune system. The course length is more than 1 week. Unfortunately, the microbes quickly develop resistance to «Furadonina» and «Furagin», so to register them again is not recommended.
  5. Probably the only antibacterial agent broad-spectrum, to which the resistant bacteria have not yet developed, it is «Nitroxoline». Should take 2 tablets 20 minutes after a meal.
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Restoring internal flora

After active treatment medical drugs course is recommended for the restoration of microflora using probiotics. Probiotics — drugs that will help to strengthen the body and help prevent cystitis in the future. «Arawaks» is a universal immunostimulant is used as capsules from cystitis, but also helps the body to return to «normal life». Take 1 capsule daily in the morning for 10 days. If needed, you can repeat the reception. Some drugs contain «good» lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. They are needed for proper bowel function. Just drink a course «hilak Forte», «Linex», or any other probiotics.

Rules of home treatment. What are they?

First, drink plenty of water and follow a diet: eliminate from your menu, spicy, smoked, fat food. Per day should drink at least 2 liters of liquid. Make it a rule several times a day to visit the bathroom. And avoid hypothermia not only during illness, but also in the cold season. Secondly, the treatment take complex several categories of drugs: antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, antibacterial drugs, biological products. So the treatment will last effectively. Don’t forget that cure cystitis taken after the appointment to urologist. And remember — quickly get rid of the cystitis is possible only in case if it’s not a relapse.