Physiotherapy cystitis in women: treatment

An effective means of relieving pain for inflammation of the bladder — physiotherapy. Physiotherapy cystitis actively act on the inflammation, reducing it. A variety of types, where each technique has its purpose and guarantee improved condition of the patient is striking. Duration of antibiotic therapy depends on the condition of the patient. Contraindications to this type of treatment is almost there.

Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of cystitis in women

Inflammatory process of the urinary system apply physiotherapy. To facilitate the patient’s condition is necessary for a complete cure. Electrodes fixed over the pubic part, passes through them weak electric current. It relaxes bladder muscles, reducing the pain. As a result, women eliminated the inflammation, tenderness, swelling, improves blood circulation.

The use of magnetic radiation, ultrasound or electricity is prescribed by a doctor specifically for each patient.

Anti-inflammatory methods

Among the positive qualities of treatment it should be noted ease of application and no side effects. Treatment physical therapy recommended in the acute stage or in remission. Cystitis used to restore the outflow of urine from the bladder and eliminate painful spasms. The anti-inflammatory types effective treatments for cystitis:

  • Magnetophones — introducing a therapeutic agent into the mucosa of the bladder using a magnetic field. The result from the first application of the technique is determined by difficult, which contributes to distrust among patients. Carried out exclusively on the recommendations of the doctor.

  • Electrophoresis. The basis of the electric current. Therapy delivers medication to a specific area. Electrophoresis stimulates the ions to move in the desired direction. Current directs drugs to the patient body. Once in the body, the drug contributes to the disintegration of the ions. It has a therapeutic effect that soothes and relaxes. Electrophoresis relieves swelling, fights inflammation, ensures stimulation of metabolism, the ability to generate the skin in the deeper layers and micro-fabrics.
  • Inductothermy — the use of electric current. Tissue bladder recovers heat generated mechanical energy. The procedure improves blood circulation and function of the urinary tract, dilates the blood vessels.
  • Magnetic therapy is based on creating a magnetic field and to regulate its intensity. The effect on the magnetic field, it helps to purify themselves from infections and viruses. This treatment requires the equipment. A special attachment is placed on the seat of the disease. As a result, the cell renewal and a healthy urinary system.
  • Ultrasound of different frequencies. Massage inflammatory internal organs, improves blood circulation and increases immunity. Ultrasound detrimental effect on pathogens of cystitis and serves as an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • EHF — therapy promotes accurate penetration of the electromagnetic field in the inflamed environment, without compromising nearby organs. The wave penetrates deeply in the tissue, easing pain and relieving inflammation. Subsequently, the nidus is eliminated, pathogens and infections die.
  • The pulse current. The smaller the interval between the pulses, the more intense the penetration current.
  • Hyperthermia. Intense effect of chemotherapy devices on inflamed tissue cells. It improves the circulation of blood. Due to this, some areas of the body have a high fever, then the destruction of viruses and bacteria. Is the temperature control of the authorities.
  • Pulse electroanalgesia. Thanks to a series of jolts of current, a decrease in abdominal pain and urinary bladder. The high frequency current reduce spasms and guarantee anti-inflammatory effect. Pulses remove the pain, normalizes the structure of tissues, resolves swelling. The ultimate effect is observed.
  • Phonophoresis. To start therapy on the skin causing substance. Using ultrasonic electrode are made of the movement of the body. The power wave can be controlled.

To apply physiotherapy cystitis there are contraindications:

  • intolerance to current;
  • fever;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • tumor formation;
  • purulent inflammatory processes.

Physical therapy in cystitis is a set of techniques physiological and therapeutic effects of natural and artificial factors on the human body. The application of heat, vibrations or ultraviolet light helps to relieve inflammation of the bladder. The physiotherapeutic procedures treat all patients. Physiotherapy is considered painless and safe method of rehabilitation, with minimal stress on the human body.

Physiotherapy covers a wide scope of action, due to this the patient receives adequate treatment of acute or chronic cystitis.

Muscle relaxant methods

The physical therapy is selected on the basis of individual observations of the doctor and the patient. Each method enhances the effect of medicines and monitors their receipt of the affected areas. Physiotherapeutic measures are necessary to eliminate infections of the deeper layers. Thus, physiotherapy accelerate the process of destruction of infections and lead to the recovery of the patient. Effective muscle relaxant physiotherapy:

  • Heat. The use of heat applications to the area of the patient’s body. Application of molten paraffin wax and ozokerite are located on the body, reduce muscle spasms of the. Carry out the therapeutic course of 10 procedures. The session takes 25 minutes.
  • Infrared irradiation. Decreases muscle spasm by improving blood flow and temperature. Daily 20 minutes is exposed to a lower part of the abdomen. Session — up to 10 procedures.
  • Ultrasonic therapy.
  • Sismotherapy. The method consists in influence of low-frequency current on the body part. Therapy has analgesic effects and improves blood circulation.
  • Vibrating massage reduces the heart rate and causes relaxation of smooth cells in the walls of blood vessels. It gives the tone of the nervous system and guarantee a complete cessation of pain.
  • Pelotherapy. Applied according to the method of healing mud tampons for women or the imposition of a mud layer to «trusilova» zone. Duration — 45 minutes, alternating days. Course — 15 procedures.

Analgesic methods

Analgesic physiotherapy to eliminate cystitis used to reduce pain and inflammation:

  • Diadynamic therapy. Electrodes placed in the lumbar area, or above the pubis. Current is used to achieve the vibration effect. The therapeutic course is 10 procedures. This technique will relieve the pain.
  • SF-irradiation. The procedure is performed to reduce pain. Blockade of nociceptive conductors ensures pain relief.

Diuretic methods

Diuretic physiotherapy is used for removing pathogens:

  • Amplipulse. Increases the tone of the bladder and relaxes the sphincter. The electrodes are arranged transversely. Carry out physiotherapeutic procedures every day for 10 minutes. Course duration — 7 sessions.
  • The drinking of mineral waters. Used melamineware, chloride, sulfate water containing nutrients. Water temperature 24-30 °C. it is Recommended to drink 300 ml 4 times a day. Rate — up to 25 days.
  • Mineral sitz baths. For the treatment of inflammatory processes in women using sodium chloride and iodide-bromine baths, as well as the complex drinking radon water with the adoption of radon baths.

In the complex treatment of cystitis with the use of physical therapy might relief and stop the process of destruction. The use of physical treatments on the first stage of the disease leads to complete cure. It is not necessary to use several methods simultaneously. One method enhances the effect of another, but also causes harm and exacerbates cystitis. It is important not to self-medicate and stick to the doctor’s appointments.

The use of heaters or heat treatments for inflammation of the urogenital system is prohibited. Physiotherapy is carried out with the guidance of a doctor. Use in home heating — a good growth environment for infections.

Physiotherapy help eliminate:

  • feeling the pain;
  • inflammation;
  • relaxes muscle spasms;
  • normalize metabolic processes of the body;
  • free strangulated nerve processes.

Physical therapy — effective method of treating chronic or acute stage of cystitis in women. Physiotherapy soften the adhesive structure, making them thin. This helps to reduce pain and generate tissues. Treat cystitis need in a comprehensive manner after the examination. Physiotherapy will help to relieve pain and eliminate the cause of the disease.

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