Physical therapy in cystitis: exercises, unwanted sports

To improve circulation in the area of the pelvic organs and to improve the quality of the work of the urinary tract gymnastics is useful in cystitis. But not all exercises are equally useful. Some sports can be even unsafe and will only aggravate the course of the disease. And acute cystitis should stay in bed and refuse any physical activity.

Unwanted sports cystitis

Below are given sports, which for various reasons, are dangerous cystitis. So if you don’t want to harm your body and health, they are best avoided. Especially as there are sets of exercises which can bring benefit, to accelerate and facilitate the healing process, so it is preferable to make a choice in their direction.

The first is to abandon the voyage because it is associated with a long-term stay in the cool water. In connection with the cooling of the body in a few hours can be symptoms of cystitis, such as abdominal pain, painful urination, change in color and smell of urine. Especially evident risk for pregnant women who have a predisposition to diseases of the bladder. Choose to only swimming thermal pools with a temperature of not less than 30 degrees. Wet after bathing linen should be changed, on winter swimming have to forget.

Should not engage in sports where increased load on the abdominal organs. You should abandon Boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, weightlifting, Cycling, strength exercises and exercises with dumbbells. If you don’t want to continue, choose a simplified set of workouts and avoid increasing intra-abdominal pressure region.

Any winter sports associated with hypothermia is not valid for people with chronic cystitis. Do not exercise outside if the temperature is less than 10 degrees. Doing ice-skating, and in any case do not sit on the ice. And also pay attention to the choice of clothes: can’t wear skinny jeans or tights, which make the blood circulation and the pelvic region and lower back should be kept warm.

Physical therapy with a therapeutic effect in cystitis

Doctors strongly recommend not to exercise during periods of acute illness, but in most cases exercise will be useful to you. An integrated approach to physical exercises, perform them regularly it is necessary to give preference to those that involve all muscle groups. Useful for the prevention and treatment of cystitis include belly dancing, yoga, walking, breathing exercises, exercises for intimate muscles. Depending on fitness, age and the disease developed 3 kinds of training: easy, medium and strong. Before starting to do physical therapy in cystitis it is recommended to consult with your doctor who will be able to choose for you exercise, to achieve a positive effect.

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To do therapeutic exercises at home or in a hospital under the supervision of a physician.

Lightweight version of the exercise

Consider some of the most famous workouts. Lightweight complex:

  1. Monitor the breathing movements of the hands. Lie on your back and raise your hands with the respiratory movements of the chest and abdomen, exhale under pressure from the brushes. Repeat 6-7 times.
  2. Starting position — lying, legs bend at the knees. Make turns your legs to the side (5-6 times left/right).
  3. Starting position — as in exercise 2. Raise the pelvis to perform 4-8 times.
  4. In a standing position, lean on the chair, rise on socks first, then squat should be performed 3-6 approaches.
  5. In a standing position, bent at the elbow and the upper limb, pressed against my torso, fingers compressed in a fist. Committed turns the upper half of the body (slow) left-right (3-5 times in each direction).
  6. In the standing position, to connect the brush back and weave with your fingers. Raise the arms up and rise up on your toes return to the starting position, leaning forward slightly. To do from 4 to 6 times.

The average loading

Let’s move on to the complex with a medium load:

  1. Perform exercise # 1 with a light complex, but sitting. 5-10 approaches.
  2. Sit down, arms spread to the sides and slightly bend. Do 5-8 times.
  3. Starting position — standing, raise one foot on a chair, hands fixed on hips. Maximally Flex the knee and at the same time reach forward. 5-6 approaches with both feet.
  4. Standing, hands on hips, perform tilts to the side. Repeat 5-7 times left/right.
  5. Starting position — lying, upper limbs along the body. Clasps hands knees bent feet. Repeat 7-12 times.
  6. 4-7 times executed 1 exercise.
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The weighted option

Consider exercises cystitis, which refers to the complex enhanced load:

  1. Standing up to weave fingers and pulled, guiding palms up. From 3 to 6 times.
  2. Standing, legs apart. Kick in Boxing (10-20 for both hands).
  3. Feet apart, perform trunk bending to the side, raise the hand opposite to the tilt up (3-5 times).
  4. Prone, upper extremity close to the torso, raise the straight leg up. Repeat 3-6 times.
  5. Perform squats in the squat hands necessary to pull ahead. 4-10 times.
  6. In standing, raise you hands above you and make «strikes», as when cutting with an axe, do the Mahi 4-8 times.

Training on Kegel

Separately the workout for intimate groups of muscles, namely, the well-known set of exercises Kegel, the effect of which manifests itself in the fact that quickens the blood flow in the pelvic organs, and the trained muscles help control urination. The advantage of this complex that don’t need a lot of time and additional devices. Exercises can be performed lying in bed, and the effect is felt for several weeks. The only condition is that classes must be regular. Example Kegel’s exercise:

  • Squeeze the vaginal muscles for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  • Complete contraction of the muscles at a rapid pace, and then reduce power, and keep so much out.
  • Reduce muscle for as long as possible and dramatically slack. Perform 3 sets.
  • Exercise «lift» or «floors». Gradually increase muscle contraction to the maximum possible (up floors). Then begin to «jump» between floors.
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Yoga and its healing properties

Yoga therapy beneficial to health is undeniable. But yoga cystitis? The answer is in the affirmative. Most techniques used in yoga increase the blood flow to the pelvic organs and increase the body absorption of nutrients. In the period of exacerbation, yoga prohibited, and other exercises. Valid only breathing techniques. To start, you can regulation of body temperature and the absence of a strong painful sensations. You can perform the techniques in all fields: respiratory, twisting, bending, deflection, stretching, and alternating all the techniques.

Most useful in cystitis asana Cobra: lie on stomach, hands pull ahead. Exhaling, the maximum drag up, try as hard as possible to bend in the spine. Take a deep breath and imagine the air moving in toward the tailbone. Exhaling, visualize how the air moves back. To strengthen the effect you can, arching his back and rotate his head, trying to see your heels. Not less well-known asana «Grasshopper» — lie on your stomach, hands pull in front of him, spreading them as wide as possible. Based on the upper limb, raise your head and chest up as much as possible, tightening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, are in this position as long as possible. Exhale, return to starting position.

Undoubtedly, exercise cystitis useful and effective if you treat the selection and perform the exercises responsibly. But remember that complete deliverance from disease is only possible with an integrated approach — physical training and medical treatment, because the cystitis is quite a serious disease that without proper treatment, develops into a chronic form.