Perekhodnocletocny bladder cancer: prognosis, treatment

A malignant tumor formed in the wall or mucosa of organ of the urinary system, called perekhodnocletocny bladder cancer. The name is due to the fact that the tumor appears in epithelial tissues. The disease can be diagnosed in a person of any age and gender, but the most he exposed men. Professionals end up not determined what can cause the appearance of these tumors. So what symptoms has the disease, how to cure and prevent?


Histologically, more than 90% of cases of oral cancer bladder — perekhodnocletocny (papillary) carcinoma, in other cases — squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder. Carcinoma is divided into degrees, based on its prevalence:

  1. Surface. Only affects the mucous membrane of the body.
  2. Invasive. The tumor is in the muscle tissue.
  3. Metastatic. Cells are in the lymph and differ throughout the body.
  4. Zero. Novoobrazovaniya doesn’t touch the fabric and moved on.

Perekhodnocletocny tumors are classified according to maturity:

  • moderately differentiated bladder cancer;
  • high-grade differentiated cancer of the bladder.

Symptoms of pathology

In the initial stages of papillary bladder cancer often has no symptoms. Diagnose disease solely through research and analysis. Sometimes patients mark the beginning of hematuria, which is characterized by the presence of blood in urine, that is the only symptom the first stage of tumor. It is important to note that impurities in the blood are not always a sign of cancer.

In situations where there is suspicion of the presence of perekhodnocletocny tumors of the neck of the body, people feel increased urinary urgency and difficulty during urination, accompanied by sharp pains. In addition, there may be pain at the bottom of the peritoneum, in the area of the anus and the reproductive system.

If perekhodnocletocny cancerous tumors are formed inside the bladder, the urinary process is accompanied by sharp pains, also appear false desires and the involuntary excretion of urine. It is almost always due to the fact that cancer does lower the capacity of the cavity of the body. If the tumor develops in the mouth of the ureter, it may lead to serious problems in the process of urination. Cancer interferes with normal urine output, which leads to pain in the lower back. When the ureters have of the tumor immediately with 2-sides, patients reported such symptoms:

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  • fatigue;
  • irritation;
  • disorders of the digestive system.


Transitional cell papilloma of the bladder might lead to the following serious diseases:

  • vesico-vaginal fistula;
  • lymphatic swelling;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • renal deficit;
  • cystitis;
  • disorders in the digestive system.

Diagnostic pathology

After the patient will notice the first symptoms perekhodnocletocny bladder cancer, it is important not to delay treatment to a specialist. After questioning the doctor uses the following methods check for tumors:

  1. Palpation. In cases where a person has developed large tumors, they can be diagnosed with the feelings of the peritoneum. If it is suspected at the initial stage of the tumor, bimanual palpation is performed, during which the parallel supevise the abdominal cavity and the vagina or the abdominal cavity and the anus.
  2. The cystoscopy. Internal inspection of the cavity with an endoscope, which is introduced into the urinary tract.
  3. Ultrasound examination of the pelvis.
  4. Biopsy. Sampling of tissue from the body.
  5. CT.
  6. Excretory urography. The study, which is based on the ability of the kidneys excrete contrast substance, introduced into the body, in which the obtained x-ray images of the kidneys and urinary tract.
  7. X-ray examination.
  8. Biochemical analysis of blood.

Using the above methods, the doctor can find out the following factors:

  • to refute or confirm the presence of cancer;
  • to find out his location;
  • to study the structure of the tumor;
  • to reveal the extent of the tumor.

Perekhodnocletocny treatment of bladder cancer

Therapy perekhodnocletocny tumors in the bladder is carried out using these methods:

  • surgery or cystectomy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radiation therapy.


Is a surgery, which is performed full or partial removal of the bladder, and in particularly difficult situations — and nearby lymph nodes, adjacent organs of the urogenital system. To segmental surgery is rarely, it is used exclusively in the initial stages of cancer, in order not to damage the follow-up of the bladder. After surgery can cause complications such as bleeding and pain, why do doctors sometimes carried out for the prevention of chemotherapy in order to eradicate all the cells of the tumor.

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During chemotherapy, the patient is administered special funds, acting on the tumor, destroying them and permitting their further spread. Medicines are administered in the lower abdomen or in the cavity of the bladder using a tube. After the end of chemotherapy observed phenomena such as retching, nausea, reduced concentration of blood cells and hair loss.

Radiation therapy

Used as a Supplement to surgery or to chemotherapy. It is selected based on the location of the cells of tumors, and are directed from outside or inside. When applying on the inner part of the body radioactive tools have close to the cells of the tumor. During the application on the external part of the apparatus located outside the patient’s body. After holding the man there is nausea, weakness, failures in the activities of the reproductive system and failures in the process of urination.

Diet during therapy

Patient diagnosed with bladder cancer perekhodnocletocny, it is important to carefully follow the diet recommended by your doctor. The diet of the patient should consist of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. The exception from the menu is subject to all food, which are colors, flavors, stabilizers, and other unwholesome components. Sometimes a person is allowed to eat small quantities of meat and mushrooms. Remove from the diet you will need and a spicy, salty, fatty, spicy and smoked food, as it acts as a bladder irritant. An irritating effect on the mucous membranes of the body possess alcoholic, carbonated and caffeinated beverages, therefore, their use will also need to minimize.

To reduce the risk of cancer, doctors advise people to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages (or at least significant reduce the amount), of Smoking. It is important to monitor the amount of fluids you drink and to drink at least 2 liters a day, taking into account not only water but all fluids that enter the body, including a variety of juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas and soups. Well on the body and affect the healthy power and control over the excretion of urine and to prevent long-term containment in the bladder. It is useful and avoiding contact with chemicals and radioactive components. All these tips are important to pay attention to men, whose age exceeded 40 years, as they are the most susceptible to cancer of the bladder.

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The prognosis of cancer

Perekhodnocletocny neoplasms diagnosed at an early stage, give a considerable chance for cure from cancer of the bladder prognosis in this case is positive. If the cancer is detected at a zero stage and performed correct and timely therapy, tumors are cured in 100%. However, when the tumor was fixed on the wall of the cavity of the bladder or has infiltrated into the fabric of the muscles, a quarter of patients are incurable. When the cells of the tumors into the blood, and only a quarter of patients can successfully fight cancer.

A lot of people or don’t trust doctors, or fear of examination, so, in case of detection of symptoms which indicate the appearance of tumors, I prefer to self-medicate. This pattern of behavior is fundamentally wrong, because to cope with cancer tumors only doctors. Based on the fact that the symptoms of perekhodnocletocny tumors in the cavity of the bladder is not pronounced, and in the early stages often never makes itself felt, in most cases, the doctors are the people with existing disease. The systematic appeal to the specialist, an ultrasound study and submission of a urinalysis several times increase the chances of early detection of cancerous tumors, therefore, the more positive the outcome of therapy.