Parsley as a diuretic: recipes, how to properly apply

Representatives of alternative medicine have long recognized the parsley medicinal herb that is why it is often used as a diuretic. Of parsley, make broths, infusions, juices, using its roots, seeds and leaves. The popularity of the application of this garden plants in alternative medicine due to its ability to suppress inflammatory processes in the bladder, remove salts and water from the body with existing kidney ailments, and improve bowel function.

Diuretics parsley

Describe a plant that habitually used as a seasoning for various dishes is not only tasty, but extremely useful. The main advantage of parsley is a diuretic, which allows its use for the normalization of the urinary system. In medicine, remedies which increase the excretion of salts and water in the urine, are called diuretics. They are used when stones in bladder, inflammation of the kidneys and the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the subcutaneous fat. Diuretic properties of parsley are due to the presence of apiol and myristicin, these components take an active part in improving intestinal tone and smooth muscle of the bladder. However, using this garden plant as a diuretic, do not forget about contraindications to it, one of which is jade.

How to apply?

Recipes from the roots of parsley

In folk medicine used the root of this diuretic plants in fresh and in dried form to prepare a medicinal drink. The most popular are the following diuretics:

  • Recipe No. 1 — diuretic tea. The drink used in alternative medicine, involves not only the root of the grass, but its seeds. For its preparation you need to pour 2 large spoons ingredients 200 ml water, put to boil for 60 seconds, then leave for half an hour to infuse. Before the use of diuretic tea filter. Drink it three times a day tablespoon before meals.
  • The second method of cooking the rhizomes parsley is a sauce made with milk. Ground 22 large spoons of dry root part of the plant and pour it in ½ liter of milk. To prepare a therapeutic drink, to simmer until volume of liquid is reduced by half. After a time, the tool strain and drink a spoonful three times a day before meal.
  • Method # 3 — the infusion of the root portion. Ingredient thoroughly crushed and pour 1 liter boiling water. Brewing means hour, then take 100 ml a day for 10 days.
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Diuretic herbal teas

To increase the urine output, the representatives of alternative medicine is recommended to drink a decoction made from the seeds of parsley. Brew a small spoon suppressed seeds in a glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse for 9 hours and after drinking. Diuretic grass is no less effective in the form of juice extracted from parsley and grated before use, dilute with warm water.