Pantokaltsin enuresis: method of application

For the treatment of enuresis developed many pharmaceutical products, but one of the most effective is considered a nootropic medicine «Pantokaltsin». Make it recommended the appointment of specialized professionals, strictly adhering to assigned doses, otherwise the patient in danger of developing side effects. When there is a reason that prevents to use the «Pantokaltsin» enuresis, it is possible to take advantage of his drugs-synonyms.

Indications and contraindications

Assigned this nootropic medication for enuresis, or other problems with urination, but also it is used for the treatment of pathologies and conditions in such cases:

  • in the combined treatment of dyscirculatory encephalopathy, the development of which occurred in atherosclerosis the main body of the CNS;
  • by reducing mental activity, memory impairment on the background of neuropsychiatric disorders, developing as a result of influence of various pathological factors on the brain;
  • to improve concentration, relieve mental and emotional overload;
  • when RCON or RTSN;
  • to correct motor apparatus on the background of extrapyramidal disorders in individuals with hereditary diseases of the nervous system;
  • for the prevention and elimination of negative effects from taken neuroleptics;
  • after injuries of the skull and brain (taken with parallel medications).

In children it is recommended to take «Pantokaltsin» mental underdevelopment, manifested by delayed speech, motor and mental development, stuttering, cerebral palsy, and along with anticonvulsant medications for epilepsy. Contraindicated to use the drug «Pantokaltsin» for the treatment of enuresis persons with acute renal failure, hypersensitivity to components of medicine and in the first half of pregnancy.

Some analogues

Pharmaceutical agent «Pantokaltsin» has the following structural analogues:

  • «Pantogram»;
  • «Olatropil»;
  • «Gobuntu»;
  • «Aminalon»;
  • «Calcium hopantenate»;
  • «Vicepa»;
  • «Fezam»;
  • gopantenova acid.
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Method of application and dosage Pantocalcin enuresis

Produced medicine «Pantokaltsin» in the form of tablets to take which should be to treat enuresis inside half an hour after a meal. For the treatment of amerusa adult dosage per serving — 0.5—1 g, and to eliminate urinary incontinence in children single dose «Pantocalcin» — 0.25—0.5 g directions: Adults take 0.5—1 g of the drug twice or three times a day. For the treatment of enuresis and other disorders of urination in young patients shows a day, 25-50 mg on each kg of mass of crumbs, divided doses. The duration of the therapeutic course ranges from 14 days to 3 months. Depends on the course of the drug from the desired effect and degree of disorders.

Side effects, overdose is possible

In the treatment of enuresis medication «Pantokaltsin» may arise such undesirable phenomena:

  • Allergy symptoms;
  • drowsiness;
  • noise in the ears;
  • itching of the skin of the skin;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • headaches;
  • urticaria.

Failure to comply with specified doses, the patient may experience an overdose, which manifests itself in the form of enhanced side effects. In case of overdose:

  • to wash out the stomach;
  • make enterosorbiruyuschee madridsta (white activated charcoal);
  • to carry out symptomatic therapy.


Before you start to take «Pantokaltsin», you should examine its combination with different medicines. It is necessary to take into consideration that this nootropic drug prolongs the action of barbiturates makes you stronger efficacy of drugs, which are aimed at stimulation of the Central nervous system. In addition, «Pantokaltsin» enhances the effect of «Procaine», an anticonvulsant. Described the medication prevents the development of side effects antiseptic, «Phenobarbital» and «Mazepin». And in combination with the «Glycine» and «Ksidifonom» — nootropic effect is greatly multiplied.

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