Painful urination after sex for men and women

Everyone is faced with the problems and discomfort associated with sexual intercourse. Pain when urinating after sex is a common problem among people. This problem often prevents a person lead a normal sex life. So do not ignore these signs. Not paying attention to pain after sex, there is a risk to aggravate the problem, leading to serious consequences.

The cause of the symptom

This symptom is caused by a variety of reasons. In the case of unsafe sex painful feeling may appear under the influence of bacteria causing sexually transmitted disease such as ureaplasmosis, candidiasis, genital herpes, mycoplasmosis, hlamidoz, gonorrhea. As for the female body, another reason is developing cystitis. Thus the body is signaled to the presence of inflammatory reactions that accompany the disease.

Painful urination after intercourse may indicate a disturbance in the bladder, urinary ducts, pathology of the uterus, the vagina, urethra. Also the pain may be caused by an allergic reaction: influence of the chemical composition of detergent, which is washed linen. In any case, if you encounter pain after urinating should see a doctor. Self-treatment of such a symptom is impossible, since due to variety of reasons it is difficult to guess what caused the pain after intercourse.

Other symptoms in men and women

In men, painful urination can be accompanied by some other painful symptoms. Appear discharge from the genitals, discomfort during sex, General fatigue and weakness. Women also suffer from abdominal pain, weakened immunity, high temperatures, secretions. Thus, the repetition of pain after urination it is important to consult a doctor and understand how to find the source of the problem.

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How to find the cause of pain when urinating after sex?

Taking into account a huge number of factors painful urination after sexual intercourse, you should make the main conclusion: in this situation only helps the doctor, and sometimes none. The first step will be a trip to the gynecologist or the venereologist. For the diagnosis of diseases of men and women are encouraged to give urine and blood samples. If the diagnosis will be a venereal disease, a disorder of the bladder or inflammation — the doctor is obliged to prescribe appropriate antibiotics and to take the tests for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Usually at this stage the illness that caused pain during urination in men, finds a reason.

As for women, to diagnose the problem the doctor performs an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. If at this stage cause of painful urination after sex is not found, you should consult a psychiatrist. Do not forget that the problem of pain during intercourse or after it is due to psychological mood of women, inner fear. Psychological cause of pain occurs if the woman was raped or if her first intercourse was unsuccessful.

Treating the symptoms

Eliminating this unpleasant symptom and treatment related diseases is depending on the source of the problem. Different types of sexually transmitted diseases all require different treatments. Antibacterial agents aimed at destroying bacteria, but not capable to kill virus; anti-inflammatory medications do not get rid of bacteria and will only weaken inflammation. Correctly to choose the most effective medicine can be a doctor.

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Treatment medicines starts after visiting the doctor and taking the required tests. Familiar to most women problem — cystitis or inflammation of the walls of the bladder — causes frequent painful urination after intercourse. This disease is treated comprehensively, taking antibiotics such as cephalosporin, norfloxacin. The effectiveness of therapy is enhanced in combination with traditional methods.

Fungal diseases doctors often prescribed «Nystatin», «fluconazole». In the treatment of female bodies are very important drugs to support internal microflora, which collapses under the impact of the disease. Burning sensation when urinating after sex in men, often indicates the development of prostatitis. In this case, the main treatment is aimed at elimination of this dangerous disease. Proper and safe treatment prescribed by a doctor-venereologist or the urologist. Self-medication can only aggravate the condition.

Traditional methods

The popular treatment will help to reduce unpleasant symptoms and pain after sex, having diuretic and antiseptic properties, but only as an additional therapy. The main treatment will be specialized medications. From rosemary leaf, aspen bark, goldenrod, cranberry, lingonberry, juniper, chamomile, pumpkin seeds prepare the herbal mixture. The finished decoctions are taken orally or used topically, before or after sex, washing genitals.

Preventive measures

Among the main measures of prevention of sharp pains when urinating after sex secrete rules:

  • a strict daily hygiene;
  • conducting sexual intercourse with a sufficient amount of lubricant;
  • constant maintenance of immunity;
  • systematic visits to the doctor or gynecologist.

To avoid the symptom of pain during or after urination after sex remapable and the subsequent diseases is to regularly take care of your health and not forget about hygiene. Don’t combine vaginal and anal sex. In this case, the probability that the woman’s vagina and the penis men get bacteria from the rectum, is extremely high. Doctors also recommend to empty the bladder and wash genitals before and after sex.