Pain when urinating in men: causes, treatment, symptoms

In case of deviations in the functioning of the urinary organs manifested sharp, cutting or dull pain during urination in men. Painful feelings are marked at the beginning, during, and after urination, with a sharp pain often radiates to the legs and other lower parts of the body. Frequent pain associated with diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Independently can be eliminated for a while the pain using painkillers, but to completely get rid of the disease, should consult a doctor and act is on the source of pain.

Causes and symptoms of pain during urination in men

Unpleasant sensations in the urethra in men is associated with various pathological processes in the urinary organs. To provoke the pain when urinating is capable of urethritis, cystitis and other more serious pathology. Each disease in addition to pain, there are other unpleasant symptoms that require immediate treatment.

Inflammation of the urethra

Urethritis can occur if the urinary channel are bacteria and infection, which provokes an inflammatory process. The man’s disease is often a cause of Trichomonas, chlamydia, transmitted mainly through sexual contact. Also urethritis is manifested in the presence of Escherichia coli. The incubation period lasts 7 to 21 days, and then manifest these symptoms:

  • man it hurts to urinate;
  • cramps after urination;
  • discharge from the urethra, having an unpleasant smell, often with the admixtures of pus and blood;
  • sticking to the exterior of the urethra.

In inflammatory diseases of the urethra in men fever, felt weak and Zebedee feeling. Without timely therapy urethritis becomes chronic, worsening the clinical picture. In chronic urethritis further develops prostatitis and cystitis. In advanced cases of possible orchitis, stricture of the urethra and colliculi.


Sometimes the pain and blood during urination in men and is caused by the trichomoniasis. With this deviation in the prostate and/or seminal bubbles infest protozoan parasites that cause inflammation. While men appear painful sensations in the lower abdomen, groin, pubic. The deviation is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • burning sensation and stinging during urination in men;
  • pain in the testicle and the head of the penis;
  • frequent mochevyvodjashie, especially in the morning;
  • the purulent or frothy consistency when urinating;
  • urine turns red due to blood impurities;
  • pain in the anus.


In diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, men often manifest pain and discomfort when urinating. The cause of these manifestations — the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis, which actively multiply in the mucosa of the urethra. Infection negatively affects the General condition of the men and on the process of urination. At first, the disease may not be evident and actively progress. This disease is characterized by a slight glassy discharge from the urethra. Because of chlamydia in men causes such pathological signs:

  • impaired excretion in urine;
  • burning and itching during urination;
  • pain in the abdomen.
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Disease in men also manifests itself by fever, intense weakness in the body, fatigue. Given the localization of the pathological process, dull pain can occur in the scrotum, the testes, the lumbar. In urine recorded admixture of pus. If as soon as possible to begin to treat the disease, soon complicated chlamydia bloody discharge from the urethra and the anus.

Gonorrheal lesions

Sometimes there is pain during urination in men cause gonorrhea, which is caused by bacteria belonging to the genus Neisseria. Disturbed in the pathology of urinary and sexual functions as well as disease affects the rectum, which is not correctly functioning. Gonorrhea is manifested by such signs:

  • redness, swelling and pain in the glans penis;
  • the appearance of glitter on the penis;
  • burning when you urinate;
  • purulent discharge, tinged with a yellowish or greenish color.

Kidney stone disease

The formation of stones in the urinary organs is often the source of pain during urination. The disease in medicine known as urolithiasis. Often a man after emptying the bladder feeling the pain on the left or the right that tells about the movement of stones. Kidney stones, the disease develops these additional symptoms:

  • pain in the member in the allocation of urine;
  • rapid mochevyvodjashie;
  • reduction of daily volume of urine.

Urolithiasis often there is a «syndrome of depositing» in which the man was in the process of urination stops the excretion of urine, but after the change of position of a body, it resumes.


When prostatitis in men manifested an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. A characteristic feature of the disease is pain in the prostate. Such deviation is characteristic for men with a sedentary job and sedentary life. According to statistics, every year from inflammation of the prostate suffers more and more young people under the age of 20 years. When inflammation of the prostate gland damaged external genitalia and urogenital organs located inside. If a man is diagnosed disease, then it can hurt the penis, scrotum, lumbar, lower part of the abdomen. There is often pain in the leg, especially when walking, which speaks of severe disease. There are also such pathological signs:

  • pain during urination and after the process of emptying the bladder;
  • frequent excretion of urine;
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen;
  • poor health;
  • Zebedee feeling;
  • the increase in body temperature.


If there is a painful urination in men, you should not self-medicate or hope, that the pathological manifestations themselves lost. As soon as possible to address to the urologist and take medication steps of treatment. The doctor examines the affected area and collect the anamnesis of the disease. After clarification of all points assigned to the patient, diagnostic procedure, after which will be assigned to individual treatment. When Troubleshooting use the following procedure:

  • General analysis of urine;
  • General and biochemical blood analysis;
  • ultrasound examination of the kidneys, prostate and other urinary organs;
  • fence smear from the urethra to determine the source of the disease and determine susceptibility to antibacterial agents.
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Differential diagnosis of

Pain in the urethra caused by different pathologies. To distinguish one disease of the urinary organs from other necessary differential diagnosis. To this end, the specialist gathers the details of the history and ascertain the following parameters:

  • Surprise. If a man the pain came sharp and strong, it usually indicates the formation in the urethra stones. In this case, you should immediately go to the doctor as possible complications that will go on the kidneys.
  • The sharpness of the pain. In case of serious irregularities in the functioning of the organs mochepolovoi system pain often mild. In the case of malignant tumours in men are poorly manifested pain during elimination of urine, which indicates that the initial degree of cancer.
  • Location. If a man has a sore head, it is likely that he was suffering from kidney stone disease. When groin pain is diagnosed inflammation of the prostate gland. If a man complains of pain on the side or in the lumbar region, this indicates the spread of infectious lesions in the upper urinary organs.
  • The period of manifestations. It is important to know at what point pain occur before, during or after emptying the bladder. Pain at end of urination indicates prostatitis in cystitis, during — Oncology.
  • The frequency of excretion of urine. With these indicators the specialist also can differentiate one disease from another. In some disorders the frequency of impulses is reduced, but the daily amount of urine remains the same. Other deviations increases the number of trips to the toilet, and the volume of urine is reduced.
  • Selection. For various diseases of the urinary organs are observed in urine, blotches of blood, mucus, pus.

How to treat?

If the men appeared perineal pain during urination, you should consult a doctor. For the treatment are individual therapeutic measures, which depend on the source of the pathological process. In any case, the doctor will prescribe pain medications that will help normal to urinate. In the treatment of categorically prohibit such actions:

  • Self-administration of any medication, as this will aggravate the situation.
  • The injection themselves using questionable means.
  • The introduction into the urethra of different drugs, including herbal teas and other folk remedies.
  • Use of antibiotic therapy without prescription doctor.
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Medical care

If it hurts the urethra, the doctor assigns a personalised medical therapy. But men rarely ask this problem to the urologist, as a rule, the people most inclined to take pain medication which will eliminate the unpleasant symptoms. But this fails to affect the source of the disease and soon symptoms will manifest with greater force.

To get rid of pain when urinating, need to be diagnosed and a comprehensive treatment of the arisen diseases. For different types of diseases require special pills and medicines. If there is infection of the organs of the urinary system, then the doctor prescribes antibiotic medicines, or antifungal agent.

In the formation of stones, causing pain in the urethra, as a rule, appointed by surgery. Surgical treatment is required in malignant tumors.

The medicine or tablet is not able to anesthetize the process of mochevyvodjashie if not maintained on a special diet. At the time of the therapeutic treatments for any ailment of the urinary system male should remove from the diet of salty, spicy, smoked and acidic food. These dishes change the composition of urine, which affects the patient’s condition.

Treatment at home

If you experience painful symptoms when urinating, you can do baths and compresses at home using folk remedies. Before using this therapy should consult a doctor, in order not to aggravate the problem and not provoke a chronic illness. The table lists the main medicinal components and features of their application.

Component Cooking Application
Daisy Baths 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of boiling water for a quarter of an hour, add to the tub Are daily sitz baths for 1-2 weeks
Washing away 2 tbsp per 1 liter of water, boil Wash the genitals several times a day
St. John’s wort 1 tbsp to 250 ml of boiling water, boil for a quarter of an hour Take three times a day, 50-70 ml
Parsley 1 tablespoon per 500 ml of cold water, to insist 10 hours Taken orally throughout the day in small portions