Pads for urinary incontinence in women and men

This kind of physical defect as urinary incontinence in adults, is more common in medical practice. More of it is the elderly and women. Men young and middle age this disease can sometimes be less. Salvation from this problem people find in moisture absorbing pads that attach to underwear. What are their species? How to choose the subject of hygiene? Let’s deal.

What am I?

Are several types of urinary incontinence. Spontaneous urination is manifested in the constant podkapyvanii, and maybe specific frequency. This person either feels the process of urinary incontinence or no feeling. Many people suffer from uncontrollable incontinence during a sudden and strong urge for a little need. Known cases of that bed-wetting, called enuresis.

The type of incontinence, volume of urine spontaneously excreted directly affects the type of the used pads, which differ in purpose (daily, for menstruation, special urological), quality flagovedeniya material, size, amount absorbed, type of use (disposable and reusable). With regards to special urological pads, there are both female and strip when the spontaneous outflow of urine in men.

Men’s accessories

In men, incontinence happen owing to the pathological changes after surgical interventions on the urogenital organs, plus a number of other reasons. For such cases, there urological pads for men. This subject of male hygiene endowed with a special anatomical form, specially created for the convenience of the male half of humanity that incontinence makes it easy to wear the item without worrying about breaking the dry underwear.

Due to its unique shape male urological accessories invisible neither in walking nor in any other position of the human body.

A well-known firm, which produces men’s strip — Seni. This brand produces 4 sizes of this product:

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  • Active — for those who can not sit still, prefers constant movement.
  • Normal — small, is able to absorb some of the liquid used in small amounts of secretions.
  • Extra — designed for a medium amount of discharge, special bumpers on the side protect against unwanted leakage.
  • Super — have the largest area of absorption, good to use for people who are bedridden.

Protection pads incontinence in women

Causes of urinary incontinence in women can be: age, weakness of the vaginal and urethral muscles, atrophic vaginitis (typical for older women) and other diseases of the genitourinary system. Women with this subject of hygiene is much more fortunate. Here, in addition to urological, you can do a simple sanitary pads. It all depends on the number of uncontrolled eye-catching fluid. If the discharge is rare and meager, in this case, it is sufficient to be thin gaskets. If the urine flows permanently in moderation, that there may be enough ordinary pads. Choose the size at the discretion, depending on the volume of the outgoing fluid. When there is a plentiful incontinence of urine, here come to the aid of urological pads for women, created by women’s anatomical shape.

How to choose the right product?

To correctly choose the subject of hygiene, you should first consider the features of the problem: the type of incontinence, how abundant and how often are allocations, what are the physical abilities of the patient (if he is to stand on their own, moving), the condition of the skin in the area of the perineum. Manufacturers of these products a lot. Accordingly, the range of such protection from incontinence wide. When you select should pay attention to the shape, as the moisture absorbing surface, dimensional grid, pricing, and choose the best option. It is useful to ask the opinion of other people who already have experience in the use of pads for this purpose.

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Today the market of hygiene products are filled with many types of strips created by various brands and manufacturers. A variety of goods suggests that everyone can pick up on your taste exactly what he needs. Today, leaders in the industry urological pads are considered such brands as Seni, Tena, Depend, Abena, MoliMed, AMD.