Orange urine in women and men: causes, symptoms

The normal color of a biological fluid from a human urinary tract yellow or transparent yellow. What to do if urine has changed color to orange? Orange urine is cause for an immediate visit to the doctor, or to panic? It is necessary to understand the details of this theme: the symptoms, diagnosis in adults, children and pregnant women this disease. Will the answers to the questions: when should immediately make an appointment to see the doctor, and how to recover?

Signs of the disease

Please note, the colour can become bright or dark orange, yellow — or red-orange. Maybe blue urine. Should alert orange color of urine in connection with these signs:

  • the sharp smell of urine;
  • fever;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • vomiting for unknown reasons;
  • burning sensation during urination;
  • urination becomes frequent.

Bright orange urine is a signal that the body is rather sick. Stay tuned for new manifestations of the condition of the body:

  • Swelling of the face appear when disease glomerulonefrit. Analysis of the oils in this disease shows elevated protein.
  • Local aching pain in the abdomen, in the lumbar region — indicators of pyelonephritis. The attacks of pain are evidence of the movement of stone in the kidney, cystitis.
  • Fever indicates infection in the urinary tracks.

The causes of pathology

Normal healthy urine color gives the pigment urochrome, which occurs at the moment of disintegration of hemoglobin. Range of reasons, healthy urine color change and urine has become orange in color, range from dangerous to a person’s life to completely harmless. Selected 4 main reasons why the urine becomes amber-orange:

  • The concentration of intrinsic pigments (urochrome) higher than normal. The higher concentration of the urethra is allocated in the morning. In this case, urine is orange in color appears for hormonal reasons.
  • The diet food consists of foods with dyes — natural and artificial.
  • Dehydration during exercise. Need to take liquid.
  • Medicines containing dye, provoke discoloration of urine.
  • Late toxicosis in pregnant women.
  • Disease of the urethra, disease of the intestines.
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Food with the carotene pigment changes the color of the biological fluid of humans. Pigments color the urine bright amber color. In supermarkets a lot of food with natural or artificial dyes, for example, candy, juice, carrot, pumpkin seed products, oranges. Excessive use of such food provokes changes in the urine. It is therefore important to control the diet and monitor the intake of such food.


Long-term use of medications gives the effect of orange urine. Urine dark-yellow color is due to the impact of such drugs:

  • antibiotics, anti-TB means;
  • laxative, narcotic analgesic substance;
  • antibiotics;
  • anticoagulants;
  • analgesics;
  • antimicrobial substance;
  • vitamins;
  • anticancer drugs.


Orange color in the urine may be the first serious symptom of the disease, namely:

  • Kidney stones. When stones begin to form in the body appear minerals oxalates. These substances are the originators of yellow-orange or reddish urine.
  • Hematuria. When kidney stones move in the urinary tract, the urine changes color to dark orange or receives uneven color. The disease is accompanied by pain in the genital area and lower back.
  • Glomerulonephritis, when the glomeruli of the kidney appear inflammation and impair filtration processes. The disease may be accompanied by facial swelling, and color of urine will be saturated, light red.
  • Pyelonephritis — kidney disease with the development of infections and inflammation.

If the orange urine in the morning, this may be the norm. Overnight, the quantity of hormones increases, hence, the morning urine is always more concentrated than in other hours.

Condition that can cause change in the color of urine in women and men

The body can be in such a temporary state in which the color of urine becomes dark or dark orange. Such States give the same result in men and women. This:

  • The increased degree of temperature. In this state, the body removes toxins and biojidkosti highly concentrated. As a result in urine are pigments that are painted.
  • Fever. Intoxication leads to changes in urine.
  • Pain in the abdomen and lower back.
  • Frequent vomiting.
  • Dehydration of the body.
  • Injury with internal or external bleeding.
  • Prolonged urinary retention.
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Orange urine in pregnancy

Women in pregnancy, the change in the color of urine is due to morning sickness in the early stages. If the girls are tormented by late toxicosis, a disease called preeclampsia. Doctors point out from the bloodstream plasma, which reduces the circulating blood and dehydration. Frequent vomiting and fluid loss of the girl also gives a change in color of urine. In such cases, you should fill the fluid in the body, to drink more often. Definitely need to see a specialist, who after examination will give individual advice.

Pregnant, if dehydration sets in, the woman is infusion therapy, which replenishes water in the body and the color of biofuels should be normalized. Clearly, pregnant women should not lose sight of this, at first glance, is not a serious symptom, because the color of urine can testify about irregularities in health.

The urine of the child

The percentage of the reason for the wrong color of the biological fluid in children doctors call diet. Food with artificial dyes and is the culprit amber-colored urine in children. It can be juices, sweets, fruits, plenty of vegetables. Parents should be alarmed if a bright orange color biofuels remains for several days. Then contact a specialist who will appoint examination. The problem is the injury or inflammation occurring.

When you need to go to the urologist?

If, in addition to abnormal color biofuels do not care, except that the urine bright orange, then recommends to wait a day. Perhaps the urine as influenced by the diet. When changes occurred, and the color has not changed, then you need to go to the urologist for diagnosis. The condition of the body may be supplemented by such symptoms:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • high temperature;
  • high blood pressure;
  • issue with urination;
  • a pungent smell of urine;
  • change color of feces;
  • total weight.

Please note! Change the color of urine along with a change in color of feces, skin for a brighter indicate problems with the liver. You should immediately schedule an appointment with a doctor. Do not self-medicate!


Quick and timely delivery of analyses will allow us to correctly diagnose the disease and begin treatment in the early stages of development. This increases the chances of recovery. After contacting the expert with the problem, when there is amber biojidkosti need examination and submission of several required tests:

  • General analysis of urine;
  • urine analysis according to Nechyporenko;
  • biochemistry of urine;
  • check the oils in the bile enzymes;
  • blood test;
  • Ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys;
  • checking kidney functions.
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Features of treatment

To treat an unhealthy orange color urine, you need to identify the causes of the disease. If the source:

  • excessive intake of carrot juice and eating this vegetable will decrease the amount in the diet;
  • lack of water in the organs record how much water should drink a day and stick to such a regime;
  • medications — consult your healthcare professional may need to refuse drugs when such reaction is caused;
  • confirmed by tests kidney disease — when the doctor prescribes a course of treatment and monitors the flow and further recovery.

Bright orange color urine should be a mandatory signal for tests, if seen for at least one week. In case of additional symptoms, whether it be the smell or feeling unwell, do not wait, immediately contact your doctor. Change the color of biofuels — first, important sign of a serious or not serious transformations in the body. The main task — as quickly as possible to see and understand the reasons for such metamorphosis.