Not harmful diuretics: drugs, people’s drugs

Is there a safe diuretic medication? This question is quite common as diuretics are used in various branches of medicine for the treatment of various diseases, but most often they are used to eliminate edema. According to specialists, it is absolutely harmless diuretic does not exist and even the most secure can lead to undesirable consequences. However, isolated pharmaceutical and traditional remedies which have minimal negative impact on the body.

Whether all diuretics are harmless?

In the presence of disorders of renal functioning and elevated blood pressure, doctors prescribe to patients receiving diuretics. Their effect on the body depends on dosage and the correct observance of the required doses. If you neglect medical recommendations, then even the most harmless tool can turn into a dangerous medication and entail a number of side effects. In this case, patients are threatened by dehydration and washing out along with a urine essential trace elements. In the end, it may develop osteoporosis, hypokalemia, hyponatremia, and heart failure.

Especially important when non-hazardous diuretics?

Not always high effectiveness of drugs to increase the number of urination, is in the first place. There are cases when an effective tool is absolutely contraindicated only because due to its maximum benefit it is very harmful and dangerous for the body. The need for sparing medications is on the first place in women bears a child, and children. Drugs that will not harm, must be sick with swelling in the face, people with excess weight and those who need chronic administration of diuretic drugs.

During pregnancy

What diuretic drugs are permitted pregnant? First and foremost it must be safe medications that pose no threat to the unborn baby. During pregnancy women face such a problem as swelling. This is a fairly common phenomenon gives the expectant mother a lot of inconvenience and so they have to use different means to fight them. Safest diuretic — it «Orthosiphon» which allowed to use for pregnant and lactation period. Besides pharmaceuticals, it is safe to consume the following medications:

  • «Vitalizing»;
  • «Lasix»;
  • «Furosemide»;
  • «Diacarb»;
  • «Tsiklometiazid»;
  • «Oksodolin»;
  • «Hydrochlorothiazide»;
  • «Spironolactone»;
  • «Triamterene»;
  • «Clopamide»;
  • «Theophylline»;
  • «Kanefron».
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When losing weight

Most want to lose weight resort to diuretic drugs, however, this method of losing weight is wrong. Using diuretics, people are subject to significant fluid loss and not fat burning, so the effect of such therapy is short-term. What medicine is safer to take in excess weight to lose weight and not to do much harm to health?

According to most specialists, to reduce body weight fit natural diuretics, which have a weak action.

Are the drugs that often come in tablet form, from a variety of herbal with a mild diuretic effect, they do not affect blood pressure or the functioning of the heart muscle. To prevent the development of side effects which may arise even after the use of safe medicines, it is necessary to combine diuretics with diet food, which will be burned up oil in the water, and directly diuretics will rid the body of excess fluid.

For hypertension

Extremely dangerous harmful pharmaceuticals in chronic hypertensive disease. In this condition the effectiveness of diuretics goes by the wayside, as their safety becomes more important. Not permitted for high blood pressure violation of water-electrolyte balance, and most diuretics along with output from the liquid seized from the body and useful items. Thus, to prevent the development of unwanted effects of therapy, diuretic medications, must undergo diagnostic tests to identify the adverse ailments in the patient. For example, in hypertension and osteoporosis, the most harmless means, which is not conducive to the excretion of calcium, such medications called calcium sberegayuschimi diuretics.

Long-term use

If necessary, continuous infusion diuretic medicines, doctors prescribe water pills to patients that have a slight therapeutic effect, and thus are as safe as possible for the body. Most of the drugs that require long-term use, belong to the group of thiazide. They were appointed mainly for patients with chronic hypertension, dysfunction of the heart or disease of the kidneys, when not needed instant results from the treatment. In this case, it is important that the impact of tablets on the body was more gentle, and they take in small doses. Only under these conditions, the reception head to be safe.

Harmless pills for edema

Not always swelling appears in women in position, are subjected to swelling of the face or limbs, people who were diagnosed with cardiac dysfunction, high blood pressure and poor kidney function. In addition to the above reasons, edema occur as a result of injuries, inflammatory processes on the skin cover, fluxes, burns, and after surgical interventions. In the struggle with reason which caused the swelling, it is recommended to resort to safe medicines with a diuretic effect, it often loop and thiazide diuretics, such as «Furosemide» or «Tripas».

The list is not harmful diuretics

Pharmaceutical preparations

What is the most innocent diuretic medicine? Professionals choose a list of medications that when used correctly are not harmful to the body. These include:

  • «Mannitol»;
  • «Diacarb»;
  • «Kanefron»;
  • «Tripas»;
  • «Spironolactone»;
  • «Vitalizing»;
  • «Uregyt».

Folk medicine

In alternative medicine also contained safe medication with a diuretic effect, which efficiency is not inferior to pharmaceutical. Representatives of alternative medicine offer a variety of decoctions and infusions, which are easily prepared at home. Plants with a pronounced diuretic properties the following:

  • dandelion;
  • birch leaves;
  • wild rose;
  • Rowan;
  • leaves cranberries;
  • the harrow the field;
  • oats.

Natural diuretic and includes some food products, namely:

  • parsley;
  • juniper;
  • cucumbers;
  • melon;
  • celery;
  • watermelon;
  • strawberries;
  • pumpkin.

Causes side effects from diuretics safe

There is absolutely safe diuretic drugs and each of them can cause unwanted effects, the risk of which is increased as a result of certain factors. For example, the damage from diuretics will be, if you take them not on the testimony or if the contraindications. In addition, the drug can be dangerous if you do not follow the prescribed dosage and significantly exceed them, and to take the medication for more than a specified physician time.