Newborn crying before urinating: you should pay attention

In the first month parents the most carefully pay attention to the condition of the baby. Sometimes mom raises the question of why newborn crying before urinating? In most cases the problem does not pose a risk and needs no treatment. The baby may cry before passing urine quite different reasons, sometimes this way it notifies parents that he was going to urinate. But in some cases, the source of crying is quite serious, and lies in inflammatory processes and various pathologies. If you watch a toddler and redness of the genitals and other abnormalities, you should seek medical help.

Why is the baby crying?


In most cases, a newborn baby cries before urinating because of discomfort. Pediatricians noticed that the weeping is for this reason more common in girls. The discomfort and discomfort occurs in the case of tight swaddling or if the diaper is small in size. Parents should pay special attention when choosing diapers and don’t skimp on the hygiene. In boys penis during urination straining and selected the wrong size nappy has increased pressure on the organs, so that there is a baby crying.

Infectious disease

Weeping for this reason, in most cases seen in girls, since the structure of their bodies makes it easier to penetrate the infection in the genitourinary system. In contact with harmful bacteria in the vagina, it causes inflammation, which causes pain and crying in infants. If after emptying the bladder the crying persists, then you should consult a pediatrician or pediatric gynecologist. Problem solved with the help of medication and special care.


Often newborns cry before urination or defecation. Thus they give to know his parents about the event. Since newborns can communicate one way, so they attract attention tears. In this case, the child will not be present no other signs for concern, and after mochevyvodjashie it will be again cheerful.

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Diseases of the genitourinary system

There are other significant reasons why a baby cries before peeing. They are pathological processes in the urinary and sexual systems. A child is diagnosed with cystitis, in which there is a painful and unpleasant sensation. For this reason, the child worries and cries. In this case you need as soon as possible to conduct a full examination of the baby and find out the presence or absence of pathology.

Phimosis in boys

The pathology is called phimosis in which the foreskin becomes inflamed because of the wrong conduct of the hygiene of the genital organs. In most cases, phimosis affects infants. If you suspect illness, parents should visit the pediatrician. A newborn boy is restless, there is crying during urination.

The main symptom of phimosis is the swelling of the penis of the boy, often observed a whitish discharge that smell bad.

Infants with phimosis worried burning, and the process of urination is accompanied by pain. Extremely important time to show the baby to the doctor and start treatment. Child referred to a surgeon who conducts a cleansing of the foreskin from contamination. Parents need to properly maintain hygiene of the genital organs of an infant, use a special soap. It is recommended that when bathing a baby, use boiled water with the addition of a small amount of potassium permanganate. You should regularly clean the foreskin of a boy from the mud.

Fear in infants

The baby crying in the allocation of urine because of the normal fear. The process of emptying the bladder in infants is at the level of reflexes, because he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him and is frightened. The child the process of separation of urine the first time causes discomfort and crying. Eventually the baby gets used and this problem goes away.

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The adhesions in girls

The adhesions are characterized by merging of the labia in girls, which hinders the excretion of urine. Is from time to time conduct a survey of the reproductive system, especially if the girl often cries when urinating. This anatomical deviation needs medical care. Pediatric gynecologist examines a child and makes a referral to the surgeon. The latter produces surgical intervention, after which the problem disappears crying.


If the baby first begins to cry, and then urinating, then the cause could be any irritation on the genitals. Often such a problem is rare diaper change. In this case, urination is accompanied by unpleasant sensations and a burning sensation. Parents should frequently change the diaper more often and have the reception of air baths. Irritation recommended to treat cream for children with a moisturizing effect, and before putting on the diaper to use the powder.

Natural process

Pain occurs in infants in the process of lowering the testicles, so the child often straining when urinating and crying. Some safely tolerate the process, and the others recommended to see a pediatric urologist and to help the child. If the reason is the lowering of the testicles, treatment is not required, this period you need to wait. In the case when the crying does not stop for a long period, the child is undergoing surgery and will be omitted.

You should pay attention when a newborn starts crying before urination?

If the baby cries before peeing, that’s not a reason to be upset and run to the doctor. Parents should pay attention to the General condition and behavior of infants: how it eats, whether there is temperature enough sleeping if there are any diaper rash. When a child feels good, crying before urination and after cheerful and smiling, a reason for concern there. Rather, the lament is associated with the filling of the bladder, which scares the babies and he is using crying asking for help. Soon, this phenomenon will take place and the child will no longer to strain and cry when emptying the bladder.

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When should I contact the doctor?

In the event that infants, in addition to crying, there is a rash and severe irritation of the genitals that cannot be eliminated using creams, then you should contact your pediatrician. When fusion of the labia, or in the case of phimosis should show the baby the surgeon and the children’s gynecologist. If the parents found the baby clouding of urine or purulent discharge, you should immediately seek medical help. When a baby cries and high temperature, without delay, call a doctor, because these symptoms may indicate inflammation. Parents should carefully monitor the condition of the child and in case of pathologies in a timely manner to seek help.