Nerves and frequent urination: causes, treatment

People who have symptoms of neurosis of the bladder, is often quite shy and sensitive person. They fear condemnation in your address and criticism of strangers. Causes of disorders may be different, but the result of disharmony present in everyday life. Significantly reduced efficiency, increased nervousness, there are stresses.

Causes frequent urination nervous

As the problems in the mechanism of urinary bladder manifested in violation of the urethral process in the first place, a doctor using diagnostic tests checks to see if there are any physiological disorders. Because frequent urination is caused due to various physiological diseases, for example, on the background of prostatitis. When the results of the surveys showed no pathologies in the work of the urinary system, the term «neurosis». Therefore, the pathology did not arise for violation of the bladder or organic lesions of the nervous cells, and based on the «fail» in the nerves. Allocate a lot of reasons for frequent urination in the nervous system. Here are some of them:

  • Excessive muscle tension. In stressful situations the muscles are in stressed condition, and thus puts pressure on the bladder. It causes frequent desire to go to the toilet.
  • Obsessive thoughts. People with neurological disorders are scared of their physical senses. «On the nerves» picture the terrible pictures and as a result all thoughts are focused on the desire to urinate.

What’s going on?

Neuroses of the bladder, accompanied by frequent urge to urinate, or, conversely, a long delay. For control of correct functioning of the bladder are responsible of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The first Department holding back urine through the contraction of the sphincter. The second is responsible for the reduction of the walls of majevica and relaxation of the sphincter to release urine. Negative emotions and nerves lead to an increase in the excitability of the first or second zones and the tightening of the sphincter. Thus there is abnormal delay of urine, or, on the contrary, frequent urination.

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The symptoms of neurosis

  • Psychogenic factor in the delay of urination. The first symptom, which occurs most frequently, is paruresis. Manifests itself in the inability or difficulty to urinate in front of strangers. The first symptoms usually manifest themselves at an early age, in school.
  • Patients do not feel their bladder is the second symptom. As a result of visits to the toilet happen when you have the desire and bounds. At such moments, there are pain in the lower back or perineum. The frequency of manifestations of pain are different in time, and the process is accompanied by other unpleasant sensations.

Treatment of neurosis of the bladder

Disorder of neurotic type, easily treatable. A doctor prescribes short-term use of tranquilizers or anti-stress drugs. But using medications and antidepressants briefly relieve symptoms of neurosis, but to achieve the most effective results you should apply the following techniques.

  • Every day to deal with the technique of muscle relaxation, more just paying attention to the muscles of the thighs, abdomen and buttocks.
  • Create a customized program for psychotherapy.
  • Reducing the amount of fluid intake and a slight increase in salt intake.
  • The reduction of stress on the body a relaxation method.

With consistent and regular fulfilling of all the therapies can be quite fast to achieve positive outcomes. An important factor to recovery is «voluntary» execution of all techniques. No need to do all «through force», as to the effectiveness of such treatment is equal to zero.