Natural diuretics: types, foods

A lot of people with problems with the genitourinary system refer to national treatment, namely the use natural diuretics. Many people prefer natural products rather than pills. This is not surprising, because really, if you correctly prepare your diet, many products can not only achieve the diuretic effect, but also to get rid of kidney stones, inflammation in the lymph nodes and produce a good prevention for the liver. Natural diuretics should use caution and follow the rules. Otherwise, excessive use will lead to dehydration and potassium deficiency.

General information

Natural diuretics are called different food products, herbal decoctions and infusions prepared from medicinal herbs and plants. Such products contribute to the rapid removal of fluid, they relieve swelling and establish the work of the genitourinary system, liver and kidneys. Diuretics are able to beneficially influence heart disease, reduce blood pressure, women ease symptoms during the menstrual cycle. Popular herbal decoctions, teas, infusions.

Although many doctors argue that natural diuretics are ineffective, but still they are more safe when consumed in reasonable quantities. Natural diuretics have an effect only with minor pathologies or diseases in the initial stages. If the disease had moved into a serious stage, you should consult a doctor for more effective means. In this case, natural diuretics are used as auxiliary means.

The types of natural diuretics

In medicine klassificeret diuretics on synthetic and natural. It is believed that the first has a stronger action, but there is a greater likelihood of side effects. Synthetic diuretic used in severe edema of the extremity or area around the eyes. But in some cases they are contraindicated, then turn to natural.

Natural diuretics are safe and rarely cause adverse reactions. They are widely used in functional disorders of the genitourinary system, when water is not easily excreted from the body. They are capable of releasing toxic and harmful substances from the body. But natural remedies are considered to be poorly effective in severe disease. Apply synthetic and natural diuretic worth only with the consent of the attending physician, self-treatment by any means can harm your health.

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Why the body retained fluid?

Improper and incomplete removal of water from the body edema. The liquid in the body is delayed for various reasons, they can be both chronic and situational. In the second case a delay occurs because of specific circumstances that should change and everything is back to normal. In the case of chronic delays water accumulates in the body due to disease. Often the accumulation of fluid occurs when:

  • varicose veins of the legs;
  • the tendency to edema;
  • pregnancy;
  • hypertension (elevated pressure in the arteries);
  • diseases mocheotdelenia system;
  • pathologies of the liver;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • excess weight.

Often an Allergy can cause swelling that leads to serious toxicity. People are beginning to drink a lot of water because there is an active production of toxins that must withdraw from the body.

In all these cases there is a brake in the process of removing fluid and it is recommended to take diuretics synthetic or natural. Also the water retention promotes an unhealthy diet, which contains a lot of sugar, salt and spicy food. A significant amount of protein in the body leads to delay of water and swelling.

Popular natural diuretics

Natural diuretics is foods, plants and herbs that produce delayed fluid in the body. With their help, the urine rapidly excreted, thus, cleanses the kidneys and liver, reduces the pressure in the arteries. Using food as a diuretic, can not only remove water, but to replenish the body with nutrients and vitamins that come out with the fluid. The following are common and widely used natural diuretics.

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Herbal tea

Prosperous diuretic effect on the body produce the herbal teas. They often include just a few plants that act as a diuretic and eliminate the inflammation in the body. The most popular plant at a delay of urine is fireweed. To remove or reduce the swelling, use tea of ginger. To diuretic herbs include calendula, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, chamomile, motherwort, mint, nettle, birch leaves.

Eggplant as a diuretic

Eggplant has a lot of liquid, which improves blood circulation in the body. Also it includes a large number of flavonoids, which determine the best vegetable as a natural diuretic. It is necessary to boil the eggplant, and the liquid in which it is cooked, to drink. It is used as a tool for weight loss.


Using celery in the body is a large amount of urine and excreted as uric acid. This allows you to detoxify naturally. The taste of celery is quite specific and not everyone likes, so you can prepare smoothies with the addition of other vegetables. But do not forget that the composition of celery include great amounts of sodium, so this vegetable is not worth it.

Grapes as a diuretic

Part of the grapes is a significant amount of potassium and fluid. The fruit is one of the most popular means for removing water from the body. A big plus is the fact that the grapes a small amount of sodium, so along with the urine go out of body and toxic substances. It is used both in solid form and drink the juice out of this fruit.

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Cranberry juice

Cranberry has a rapid diuretic effect, as well as antibacterial help. The berry is able to improve the kidneys and the genitourinary system. The big advantage of cranberry juice is that it mochegonno effects of potassium remains in the body. Cranberry juice add cranberries, which enriches the body with vitamins.

Cucumber and tomato

These two vegetables can rid the body of water is not worse than drugs. In tomatoes contains about 90% liquid, as well as antioxidants and vitamin C. These components, in addition to a diuretic effect also have a strengthening effect on blood vessels. In cucumber also contains a lot of water, sulfur and silicon, which reduce the formation of uric acid.

Blueberry juice

In folk medicine, this berry is often used for infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, accelerates the excretion of urine. It serves as a natural antibiotic and maintains the health and integrity of the bladder. It can be used both in solid form, and to prepare juices and smoothies with the addition of other berries and fruits.

Other foods

It is recommended to use a carrot to remove any fluid and normalization of metabolism. Very popular diuretic in the summer is watermelon. Asparagus, artichoke, garlic, beets, cabbage and many other fruits and vegetables promote the excretion of water, thus the body acquires useful vitamins and substances. It is important to consume these foods in reasonable quantities, to avoid dehydration.