Milk diuretic: diuretic properties

In milk composition — the mass of nutrients that are beneficial to the body, trigger certain processes. Many wonder: is milk diuretic? Scientists have proven that this natural beverage has a mild diuretic properties, effectively cleanses the body, acting as a detox drug. This product is advised to drink in case of poisoning. Due to the high content of calcium increases the kidneys, and the proteins absorb harmful substances and quickly remove them from the body. Properties of the white of the drink is such that it eliminates swelling and helps the body to cope with the stagnation of urine in the bladder.

Cow milk as a diuretic

Cow’s milk with a low content of fat, without lumps, homogeneous, has a strong diuretic effect, but it does not harm the tissues of the kidneys. To strengthen the urinary process, it is advised to dilute the dairy product with water. Additionally, the beverage helps people who suffer from hypertension. Again, its diuretic effect will play into the hands: in the body, which gets rid of fluid and swelling, automatically decreases the pressure and stress on the organs of the cardiovascular system.

The diuretic properties of goat milk

Goat milk is considered more useful than the cow. It is less fatty, more full of protein, so better for blood vessels and heart. With regard to diuretic properties, it has them fully. The effect of its use can be felt 10-15 minutes after ingestion: urination, reduce swelling, normalization of the cardiovascular system. And the composition of the drink does not overload the kidneys, and will not irritate the tissues of the body. The only caution is not to drink more than 2 glasses a day, or goat product is able to derange the digestive process.

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Can diluted milk to be diuretic?

Many doubt: the milk diuretic or not? Understand the issue, we can safely say — indeed, it has the ability diuretic. But only if made from natural raw materials. The dry product made from fresh, first thickening it, and then evaporating. And dry it will not lose its useful qualities. On the basis of this product is made of the mixture for feeding infants. Dry concentrate, diluted with water, is a gentle diuretic that helps to remove excess fluid from the body.