Melon for the kidneys: treatment, features, recipes

Melon applies to melons and is considered one of the best fruits for taste and nutritional qualities. Besides its fragrant and sweet taste, very useful melon for the treatment of kidney and urinary system. Contained in the pulp a large number of vitamins, dietary fiber and microelements, conducive to a speedy cure for kidney disease. Melon seeds can cure inflammation and cleanse the kidneys from the harmful substances.


Composition and useful properties

Juicy yellow melon pulp contains many useful substances: vitamins, proteins, fiber, vegetable sugar, and various minerals. Especially fruits are rich in iron and potassium, which are necessary for the treatment of blood vessels, liver and urinary system. The contents in the berries of such elements as silicon, provides a good view of the skin (removes age spots, freckles) and hair Shine.

Due to the content of folic acid, the fruits of melons are used to improve digestion, normalize the condition of the nervous system and as a tonic for all organs (brain, gastrointestinal tract, cardiac muscle). Fruits are considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac and help increase male power, used for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and normalizing prostate function.

What is useful for the urinary system?

The contents of a huge number of vitamins and minerals in the melon has a good diuretic effect. Kidney stones and the ureters can be treated with the pulp of the melon and its seeds, since the presence of different minerals in them contributes to the disintegration of stones, pain and oppression of developing kidney disease. Also melon seeds is able to treat the inflammation and cleanse the kidneys from the harmful substances.

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Melon seeds from the kidney stones (recipes)

Mix with milk

The mixture is prepared is very simple: take 1 tablespoon of papaya seeds and add them to 250 ml of hot milk. Infuse the liquid for about half an hour and drink warm 100 ml 2 times a day before meals. This medicine will ease the suffering and have a positive impact on men (with prostate disease), and patients with a bad urine and kidney disease.

Treatment of the mixture with water

Treatment of kidney stones and jade carried out with a mixture of water and melon seeds: take 1 tablespoon of seeds, grind them to a fine powder. Pour contents into a 250 ml beaker and gradually, stirring, pour in the hot water. Strain the liquid and drink 100 ml 3 times daily before main meal. And here’s another recipe for kidney stones that you can drink without restrictions (as water): take 1 Cup of melon seed, grind it in a mortar or with a grinder. Take 3 liters of warm (not hot) water and add there the powdered seeds. Stir and set aside to infuse for 8-10 hours.

A decoction of the seeds

A decoction of melon seeds is well established, as a diuretic in renal diseases. To prepare a decoction, you need to take melon seeds and grind them in a blender. Take 1 tbsp. of the mixture and pour it in 250 ml capacity. To put the container on the fire and bring to the boil. Then cool, squeeze and take half a Cup 2 times a day before meals.


Melon is contraindicated in the food lactating women, as can cause an upset chair or flatulence in the baby. In gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, is forbidden to eat unripe berries. It is contraindicated for patients with diabetes. Melon can result in diarrhea when eaten on an empty stomach or drinking dairy products. If a person knows contraindications of melon and eats right, in addition to use, berry can only bring the pleasure of eating.

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