Medications for the genitourinary system: treatment, prevention

The main drugs for the treatment of urinary system antibiotics. Prior to appointment, must pass a urine culture for sterility, and to determine the reaction of microorganisms to antibacterial drugs. Without sowing it is better to use medicines of wide spectrum of action. But some are nephrotoxicity (toxic effects on the kidneys), for example, «Gentamicin», «Polymyxin», «Streptomycin».

Treatment of infections with antibiotics

When inflammation of the urinary tract antibiotics tsefalosporinovoy group — «Cephalexin», «Cefaclor», «Cefepime», «Ceftriaxone». When inflammation of the kidney also use a semi-synthetic penicillin — «Oxacillin» and «Amoxicillin». But it is better in urogenital infections treatment of fluoroquinolone — «Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, and Gatifloxacin». Duration of use of antibiotics for kidney disease up to 7 days. In the complex treatment using drugs with sulfanilamidam — «Biseptol» or «Ursulan».

Vegetable uroantiseptiki

«Kanefron» disease

In urology uroantiseptiki vegetable used as the main treating substance, and as an auxiliary. «Kanefron» — an excellent tool for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, it causes a diuretic effect. Is used orally in the form of drops or pills. In the «Kanefron» consists of rose hips, rosemary leaves, centaury, and rosemary. When inflammation of kidney 3 times a day 50 drops of the medication or 2 pills. The men considered the best tool in the treatment of urinary infections.


«Vitalizing» — remedy for urinary infections, contributes to the lightweight output and displays stones from the urinary tract pathological agents. In the drug adds oil of peppermint, pine, orange, sage and vanilla. Take anti-inflammatory after meals 3 times a day, 1-tsp per glass of warm water. Kidney disease goes throughout the month. Is made in paste form to get the solution. The «Vitalizing» — extracts:

  • horsetail;
  • parsley;
  • birch leaves;
  • the rhizomes of couch-grass;
  • fenugreek;
  • gryzhnika;
  • the bulbs of onions;
  • goldenrod;
  • grass knotweed.
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Medications for relief of symptoms of inflammation of the urogenital system

Inflammation of the urinary tract begin to treat medications that prevent inflammatory symptoms and restore the functionality of the urinary tract. Basic medicines for the genitourinary system — «Papaverine» and «no-Spa». Doctors recommend after a course of antispasmodics to use antibacterial agents. In parallel treated with pills that have no properties of nephrotoxicity.

Diseases of the genitourinary system use paracetamol. Daily dose — 4 times in 650 mg. When taking paracetamol, drinking plenty of water to maintain normal hemodynamics. Paracetamol is shown instead of «Ibuprofen». Daily dose — 4 times in 1200 mg. Other drugs for relief of symptoms: «Ketanov», «Nimesulide», «Set» and «Baralgin». The solution in the therapy of nephrotoxic drugs is justified, and the therapy is prescribed only after consulting a doctor.


Antispasmodic medication improve urine flow and relieve the pain. Popular tablets — the same «Papaverine» with «But-shpa» and «Benzaclin» with «Drotaverin». «No-Spa» is available in the form of tablets and solution. Dosage — no more than 240 mg per day. «Nospanum» strictly forbidden to take in heart and liver failure. Also you can make «Kanefron» — he has as an antispasmodic and antiseptic.


Diuretics — diuretics. Treatment diuretics should be treated with care. They can cause kidney failure and can complicate the disease. Therapy is used only after doctor appointments. Basic drugs in urinary tract infection: «Diver», «Hydrochlorothiazide», «Forumsid» and «Aldactone». Dose — 1 tablet per week. To preserve the body’s water balance in a complex with diuretics taking calcium, potassium, salt solutions, and spend hemosorption and hemodialysis.

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Immunostimulation in diseases of women and men

When the disease in men and in women the urinary tract need to drink teas that contain vitamins: rose hips, leaves of a birch tree, mountain ash, currant leaf, knotweed. Doctors prescribe and multivitamin preparations containing a complex of trace elements with vitamins. Medication to improve immune system in kidney diseases «Alviti», «Aerovit», «Askorutin», «Tetravalent», «Milgamma». In parallel with the vitamins minerals such as selenium and zinc.

Folk remedies

  • To remove inflammation of the urinary system will help cranberry juice. It acts as a diuretic and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • For the destruction of urinary tract infections use unrefined coconut oil. Oil use 2 tablespoons a day. Coconut milk has good medicinal substances, it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and before bed a glass.
  • Inflammation of the urinary tract relieves asparagus. When you eat asparagus your urine color is dark, that should not scare.
  • When kidney disease is very good garlic. 2 cloves garlic, peel, crush and pour 1 Cup of water, leave for 5 minutes and drink. The procedure is repeated 3 times a day until symptoms disappear.
  • Onion — antibacterial and diuretic, promotes faster recovery of the kidneys and urinary tract. Dilution the onion into 4 equal parts, add 0.5 liters of water and boil 20 minutes on low heat, insist 8 hours, strain and drink.
  • Inflammation of the urinary tract are treated with celery. Mix the stems, add the pineapple and 200 ml of chamomile infusion. Mix drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Also used celery seed. The seed and steam it in 1 Cup of hot water, insist 10 minutes and drink 2 times a day.
  • Good infusion with Basil. To 1 Cup of water add 2 tbsp of plants, insist 10 minutes. 2 days drink 2 times a day.
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In addition to the main folk remedies for the treatment of urinary tract, there are delicious recipes of alternative medicine. It is recommended to drink a week a juice with 1 banana and Apple (2 times a day). To eat in day at least 3 pieces of watermelon. In addition to its healing qualities, it also acts as a prophylactic. Reconduits berry cocktail cherries, cherry, blueberries and slices that you want to drink on an empty stomach.

Means for the prevention of

Often prescribe drugs generation fluoroquinolone group, «Levofloxacin», «Ciprofloxacin» or «Gatifloxacin». Inflammation of the urinary tract can be prevented by herbal medicine. Herbal infusions can take a long time, they are virtually no side effects. Optimal herbs — mint, goldenrod, Angelica, horsetail, bearberry. Finished products — «Kanefron» or «Erikler», which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Candles with infections of the genitourinary system in women are very popular («Betaferon», «Indometacin», «Cystitis» and «Voltaren»).