Massage of the urethra and prostate in men: benefits, variety

Urological massage involves massage of the urethra, of the prostate. Manipulation involves mechanical impact and Superboy the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles and the massage of the urethra. Produced mechanical stimulation to increase blood circulation and lymph flow in the problem area. This helps the tissues to be cleansed from stagnation and cells to obtain essential nutrition.

The use of massage of the urethra and prostate in men

Prostate massage always has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of men. Mechanical effects on inflammatory zone helps get rid of stagnation in the tissues, to improve blood flow to enrich cells with oxygen, to consolidate the results of complex treatment, to increase the potency. Additionally increases the duration of intercourse, and improve sensations during orgasm.


The process itself is not painful; however, it is better to trust an experienced expert to avoid complications. Stimulation of the urinary system with the help of special techniques performed to diagnose diseases and their treatment namely removed:

  • trauma to the testicles;
  • disease of the seminal vesicles;
  • spontaneous ejaculation;
  • the loss of muscle tone of the prostate;
  • periods of exacerbation of prostatitis;
  • inflammation Superboy gland;
  • chronic urethritis.

Variety of massage treatments

Transrectal massage

The procedure is performed by the fingers introduced into the anus for 4-5 see the prerequisites are sterilized medical gloves in the doctor’s hands, a blurred anus in a patient with vaseline, slow and careful manipulation. The patient is on all fours or lie on the side, pursing legs to his chest. The procedure time of 2 minutes, and the duration of the course 2 weeks.

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Hardware techniques

Modern medicine offers and hardware techniques for conducting the prostate stimulation. Various devices are used not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. Popular massager «Carboprost» affects air flow. Device «Androgyne» — massaging the gland microcurrents. YAROVIT — the device operates with laser radiation. For comfort before the procedure, the patient is recommended to clean the bowel and to fill the bladder, so you need to drink plenty of fluids. After the massage need to urinate and to rinse the urethra with a special solution. Contraindications have this procedure:

  • cyst;
  • frequent urination;
  • the inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • thrombosis;
  • inflammation of the epididymis;
  • pathology of the rectum;
  • tumor;
  • an acute infection.

Hydro massage prostate

Hot procedure is the prevention of prostatitis, and the treatment will be a good addition to transrectal massage. The process is that in the rectum are a special solution. Such stimulation of the rectum increases its tone and eliminates congestion in the prostate. This contributes to movement of fluid up and down, which irritates the nerve endings massaging Department.

Massage at home

Most men are not ready to spend such an intimate procedure outside the house. Doing the massage is acceptable, but you need to carefully study the user manual conduct. It is important to know the diagnosis and to consult a doctor. Prostate massage is performed with a full bladder to facilitate stimulation. For your own comfort requires colon cleansing, medical sterile gloves, vaseline for lubrication of the working finger.

The procedure is convenient to perform side-lying. The finger is introduced gently, without sudden movements. The anus should be relaxed. On the front wall of the anus you need to find a small education — the prostate gland. It is located just below the bladder. To start stimulation better with gentle strokes, then added a lighter pressure. Self-massage should not cause discomfort. Procedure lasting up to 2 minutes. The separation of small quantities of secret evidence the proper conduct of massage. Massage the prostate through the day for 2 weeks.

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There are basic types of movements:

  • movement of the finger, resembles eight;
  • circular motion;
  • up and down the groove.

Erotic prostate massage as an alternative technique

This way the impact will not only be a good prevention of diseases in men, but also to diversify the sexual life of the partners. If this massage is like both partners in the implementation of technology follow the advice of massage in the home. Use your imagination and prepare for the procedure beforehand. Take care about the atmosphere, turn on soft music, light candles. Before massaging the prostate are appropriate touch to the whole body. For the bold and creative suitable sex toy or a special vibrating prostate. Women who want to give a man such pleasure, it is important to cut the nails to avoid damage to the anus and the rectal wall. As one can easily get infected.

Urethral massage

Massage bougie

Massage of the urethra on a bougie is a metal bougie. The bougie and the urethra is treated with a special solution, then the tool is introduced into the urethra and prostate stimulation. Duration — not more than 2 minutes. After removal of the bougie, the urethra is again treated. Usually the procedure is performed through the day for 2 weeks. As with any procedure, there are described contraindications:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • high temperature;
  • adenoma;
  • acute prostatitis;
  • stones in the bladder.

Additional recommendations

To procedure was the most effective, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

  • observe the rules of personal hygiene, taking a shower before the massage, which further relax the muscles and ease the process of massaging;
  • to use for prostate massage lubrication in the form of petroleum jelly to lubricate your finger or a massager or refined vegetable oil;
  • to prevent urogenital diseases a massage and a healthy lifestyle.
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Special instructions

The female urethra is shorter than men’s 15-20 cm, that makes her more vulnerable to infections. So if the man found any disease, you need to abstain from sex until complete recovery. Infection infection of the female urethra entails the infection to other nearby organs, so the disease in women becomes much more prolonged and painful.