Kegel exercises for women with urinary incontinence: methods of execution

Enuresis delivers a lot of inconveniences in performing daily duties. Kegel exercises for women with urinary incontinence, help to increase elasticity of the pelvic diaphragm that controls the process of normal emptying of the bladder. Implementation of the proposed complex will not only cure the enuresis, but also to prevent the development of disease, and the versatility of the complex has found its application in men.

How to find the right muscles?

The entire complex consists of those exercises that strengthen and increase the elasticity of the muscles of the pelvic floor. They are responsible for normal urination and nowhere in addition do not participate. Because of this, over time, they relax, and the urine drop by drop is released from the bladder, it is therefore necessary to pay due attention to maintaining the muscle tone of the pelvic diaphragm, and performing gymnastics to strengthen them.

Before you begin execution, you need to find that train. The easiest way is to stop the process of urination during a visit to the toilet. Having defined muscles, you should not continue to abuse this way: if you interrupt the process there is the risk of urethritis. The correct reduction is small the feeling of elation in the crotch area. All other muscle groups are not involved. It is important to remember these sensations as exercises to treat urinary incontinence get trained in this area. The described method is suitable for finding the muscles of the pelvis and in men.


Enuresis disrupted the usual rhythm, there is a constraint in everyday situations. Kegel exercises for urinary incontinence in women help to overcome the inconvenience. But, as with any treatment-and-prophylactic complex (LFK), proper techniques and knowledge of methods of implementation allow to obtain a good result in the shortest possible time. Such gymnastics is a kind of exercise for the pelvic muscles.

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Urinary incontinence in women and Kegel exercises

Exercises Kegel incontinence include three stages: compression, contraction, ejection. Some sources provide a further fourth reception — lift. To do them regularly and over time to increase the weight. Gymnastics incontinence is the following the order and methods of execution:

  • Compression. This is similar to the method of determining the muscle. You need to compress very slowly for about 2-3 seconds then completely relax the muscle for the same period. Alternating tension and relaxation promotes increased blood flow, increase elasticity of the working muscles. Over time, the frequency reduction can be increased up to 5-15 seconds.
  • «Lift». This is one of the varieties of the previous exercise. To reduce muscle need to complete one step at a time (for the floors), moving from the bottom up. Between the «floors» should be a pause of 2-3 seconds. After reaching the maximum grip slowly and gradually relax the muscles. Total should have 4-7 of these stops.
  • Reduction. Is a more rapid execution of the compression/reduction. Runs for 10-20 seconds, then the muscles should relax and let them recover.
  • Popping. Technique is similar with a visit to the toilet at-large. Need a little tighter, then relax. Is performed with a frequency of 3 seconds between sets and rest.

Kegel exercises for urinary incontinence in women simple to perform, does not require much time or special place. This complex helps maintain muscle tone in the pelvis, and thus the organs are in normal condition. Kegel exercises for men reduced to the last-described receiving — popping.

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Rules for the implementation

The right attitude, the systematic execution is the minimum necessary for the treatment of enuresis. To achieve good results in the treatment of urinary incontinence, you should know about some important rules. They are few, but strictly adhere to their necessarily. Most important, perhaps, is the need to provide training muscles rest between sets for full recovery. The full list of rules follows:

  1. to only perform pre-emptying the bladder;
  2. take breaks between sets;
  3. you should start with small-time approaches, gradually bringing up to the maximum load;
  4. strictly keep the order of the exercises;
  5. in addition to the complex, muscles to compress when the situations that provoke urine (coughing, laughing);
  6. to allocate time for daily activities.

Compliance with the rules and methods of Kegel exercises, can help in the treatment of incontinence, not only young people but also among the elderly. For variety, you can include the implementation of approaches during morning exercises along with workout other muscles of the body. With time easy or drip incontinence caused by age or childbirth in women, is complete.

The combined complex

The best results in the treatment of enuresis by means of exercises Kegel are achieved when combining. Here methods of execution vary based on the position of the body. For example, you can perform the compression in a standing position with your feet shoulder width about 50 cm, hands supporting the gluteal muscles. Another option is run on all fours. You can lie on your back, with feet should be bent at the knees, one hand put under the lower back, the second to the area below the navel. If you have back problems — you can do the exercises lying on the stomach. Here you need to bend alternately right and left foot. The last option is to sit cross — legged and holding a flat back.

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