Ivan-tea is a diuretic or not: properties, recipes

There are times when you need to use a diuretic. The mildest of the remedies brewed grass Ivan-tea, endowed with a pleasant taste. In folk medicine it is used for the normalization of kidney function (there is an important gentle diuretic effect), enhance immunity and purify the blood. Over time it became clear that the therapeutic properties of this drink wider. Today it is used in depression, helps to quit Smoking is indispensable for respiratory diseases and sinusitis. There are recipes brewing, ulucamii the taste and amplifies the action of useful properties.


Diuretic properties «Ivan-tea»

Diuretic properties of the herb are thanks to flavonoids, chlorophyll and some vitamins included. Weak diuretic effect helps to cope with edema, prevents. Medium drink for the prevention of dropsy, if the detected indications for the emergence of this disease. Due to this effect, diuretic drink suitable for pregnant women at elevated pressure, the appearance of edema in late pregnancy. However, the measure is necessary — do not abuse them.

Recipes hot drinks

Best diuretic drink tea from medicinal plants. Basis is fireweed, which is a natural diuretic. It enhances the effect of herbs, so in the complex compounds are used not only as a diuretic. For relaxation, Ivan-tea, brewed with mint, drink for 2 weeks daily. For weight loss in ready to drink add salt on the tip of a knife and drink before meals. Ivan-tea is brewed in a teapot with the expectation — teaspoon of raw materials per person. It is better to use spring water. Drink is important to drink fresh. It is brewed from the leaves or flowers, and you can mix these pieces in equal amounts. A suitable option is chosen after audition.

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Contraindications and side effects

Ivan-tea is contraindicated in people who are allergic hypersensitive. If you take into account people’s recommendations, tea reduces the potency, so the undesirable men in large quantities. There is an opposite opinion about this. Ivan-tea lowers the acidity of gastric juice, therefore it is not necessary to use it for stomach disorders that are accompanied by low acidity. The only side effects is a disorder that goes away on its own after discontinuation of the drink.