incontinence when coughing and sneezing: what causes

With such a delicate problem like urinary incontinence with coughing and sneezing, most often experienced by women. This pathology is defined as a spontaneous leakage of urine in disorders of functioning of the valve device of the bladder. In connection with the intimate nature of the problem, most people are ashamed to go to the doctors and not give it a special significance, considering not serious. However, inaction will only exacerbate the situation and cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience.


Causes of

Appears involuntary urination when coughing, sneezing, and running, carrying heavy loads and other physical exercises as a result of increased pressure inside the peritoneum, which is transmitted to mocevic leads to increase pressure in the urethra. Disorders in the sphincter of the bladder does not allow you to hold urine, and involuntarily allocated a small amount of urine. The reasons that lead to this pathology, the following:

  • injuries to the perineum and the peritoneum;
  • tumors in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, which increase in size and put pressure on nearby organs, in particular, and mocevic;
  • hormonal changes;
  • inflammation of the chronic form in the urinary and reproductive system;
  • uterine prolapse and other diseases of the reproductive system;
  • surgical intervention with the frequent use of catheter to drain urine;
  • pregnancy in the later stages, when the mile on the pelvis creates the feeling of a full bladder, and provokes about the need for evacuation.

Many are wondering why not hold urine when you sneeze or cough is in women? Suffer this problem most ladies, the age of which leaped over 40 years, but also with urinary incontinence may face and girls after birth. According to specialists, the urine does not hold in women with a strong cough and sneeze, if in the structure of their urogenital system there are deviations, for example, dysfunction of the muscular wall of majevica. Another reason is the weakening of the contractile tissue of the urethra due to age-related changes or after a difficult pregnancy and childbirth.

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Before to begin treatment of the discharge beyond willpower and occurs when sneezing or coughing, must undergo diagnostic tests. To confirm the diagnosis the doctor it is important to obtain information about the relationship of uncontrolled urination with coughing, physical exertion, sneezing. It takes into account the volume of urine, emptying of the accompanying pain and discomfort in the genital area and stomach. The patient needs to conduct a questionnaire, which should be every 120 minutes record:

  • what and how much had been drunk the liquid;
  • how many times is repeated urination during the study 2 hours;
  • the volume of urine during urination;
  • activities and the existence of involuntary urine at the time of entry into the questionnaire;
  • the amount of diuresis and nature of occupations at the time of uncontrolled discharge.

To make an accurate diagnosis, one survey is not enough, the patient is also prescribed laboratory tests, which include:

  • clinical analysis of blood and urine;
  • a swab from the entrance part of the female genital organs and of cervical canal;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • bakposev urine.

Not do without instrumental examination. The patient will need to undergo ultrasound examination of the bladder and kidneys, cystourethroscopy, ultrasonography. To identify the root causes of incontinence of urine during coughing and sneezing, can be cystometry or cough test that allows you to arbitrarily determine the amount of urine when coughing.

What to do when incontinence of urine during coughing or sneezing?

Is based therapy the described pathology on the use of conservative methods and surgical intervention. Conservative treatment includes:

  • the use of Kegel exercises to train the vaginal muscles;
  • electrical stimulation of muscle tissue with short pulses;
  • various physiotherapy treatments.
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To cure urinary incontinence during sneezing in women, which arose as a result of hormonal abnormalities or spazmirovannah walls of majevica, doctors can be assigned to the following pharmaceuticals:

  • «Flavoxate»;
  • «Caldera»;
  • «Tolterodine»;
  • «Esterlin»;
  • «Trospium»;
  • «Andindustrial»;
  • «Spasmex»;
  • «Ovestin»;
  • «Dalgas».

In some cases, for the treatment of urinary incontinence that occurs when coughing or sneezing, surgical intervention is required. Offer several methods:

  • fixation of the urethra, majevica, cervical;
  • introduction to the space, which is located near Urartu, special gel-based products;
  • the creation of a pelvic support in the form of a loop.


To not need treatment of involuntary urination, which often bothers people when exercising, coughing, and even sneezing, you should try in every way to prevent this pathology. Primarily women who are over 40, you need to stop lifting weights and start to control the load during physical activities. Noticing the involuntary evacuation, should see the doctor and if they received treatment, we need you to follow him:

  • perform exercises aimed at strengthening muscle tissues;
  • to use all the prescribed medication in accordance with the designated dosages.

It has been proven that a large weight is associated with incontinence of urine, to prevent problems, you need to lose weight. Smokers often suffer from cough, which increases pressure within the abdominal walls, becoming the cause of incontinence. With involuntary allocation of urine should abandon the use of food and beverages that have a diuretic effect.