How to enter into the urethra Miramistin: treatment of men, women

Injected synthetic origin antiseptic «Miramistin» into the urethra for elimination of the inflammatory process in the urethra. The drug has an antibacterial spectrum of action, due to which it is used in various fields of medicine. Use «Miramistin» and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the fact that the drug has virtually no contraindications, do not own to apply it for healing of urethritis in women and men.

General information about the drug

The pharmaceutical preparation intended for local use, «synthesis» is an excellent antiseptic, which aimed at the destruction of different pathogens. Apply the medication as adults and children without age restrictions. In large doses, «Miramistin» can cause burn and burning. Store the solution in reach of small children place at room temperature. With proper preservation, its shelf life is 3 years and after the expiration of this time to apply the solution is not recommended.

Antiseptic «Miramistin» conduct treatment of purulent wounds and prevent suppuration, eliminate inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive organs, prevent chlamydia, syphilis, trichomoniasis and other diseases that are transmitted sexually. Treats the solution burns the skin, stomatitis, tonsillitis, periodontitis, sinusitis and laryngitis. Applies » — » when urethritis and urethroprostatitis. Its advantage is the possibility of the use in lactation period and during pregnancy.

Some analogues

The following medicines, which are similar in composition and principle of operation with «Miramistina»:

  • «Deksan»;
  • «Chlorhexidine»;
  • «Hexapla»;
  • «Okomistin»;
  • «Hexetidine»;
  • «Actinidin»;
  • «Protargol».

The properties and release form

Pharmaceutical broad-spectrum drug «Miramistin» has the following properties:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • activates local protective functions;
  • advocates in the fight against germs;
  • prevents infection of wounds and burns;
  • has immunoadjuvant action;
  • accelerates the process of tissue repair;
  • relieves wound inflammation;
  • is antiseptic agent.
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Produced described the drug as a solution, intended for local use, as well as in the form of ointments. Liquid poured in plastic bottle of 50 ml volume, equipped with a nozzle, you can also find bottles of 200 ml aerosol type nozzle. The ointment is placed in tubes of 15 and 30 g and pharmacy networks offer potential customers an antiseptic in the form of ointments, packaged in jars with a capacity of 30, 100 and 1000.

As the urethra is implemented «perfectly»?

For the treatment of urethritis experts recommend the use of an integrated treatment pharmaceutical drug «Miramistin». It is worth considering that the healing of this disease depends on its form, therefore, to prescribe therapeutic course should be exclusively the attending physician, specialized in urethritis. In addition, the scheme of «application Miramistina» different and depending on the sex of the patient.

Before to start treatment of the disease need to undergo diagnostic tests and pass the necessary tests. Only then can be assigned to an individual course. Men and women, it ranges from 1 to 3 weeks. For the duration of therapy should be to refuse sex, and you can adjust your diet to it was not salty, spicy, fatty and fried foods. Contraindicated for urethritis and alcohol. It is important to monitor the hygiene, regularly change the underwear and not shared with washcloths and towels to prevent infecting other family members.

In the treatment of urethritis in men

To treat the representatives of the stronger sex urethritis, should conduct a reorganization of the urethra with an antiseptic solution according to the following scheme:

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  1. To prepare 20 cube syringe with rubber tip.
  2. To expose the head of his penis.
  3. Put the tip of the syringe and enter the urethra the solution.
  4. To inject the drug slowly in a volume of 2-3 ml.
  5. Remove the tip and wait for the self-leakage of fluid from the urethra.
  6. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

After washing the anterior urethra can be treated back, but doing this is solely a subject matter expert within the walls of the hospital. The medic will need a syringe 5-10 blocks with a rubber nozzle. The patient should lie on his back, back to lift up and to bend the limbs at the knees. Specialist pulls the crown of the reproductive organ and slowly starts to enter the urethra antiseptic.

When disease in women

For the treatment of urethritis in women use «Miramistin» in combination with other pharmaceuticals. The solution, inject 2-3 ml into the urethra once or 2 times a day for 1.5 weeks. Perform the procedure in a day. If the disease urinary tract infections caused by chlamydia, then use antiseptic solution for exhibitions. Procedure time is 10 minutes, repeat it twice a day during the week.

Contraindications and side effects

Doctors do not advise to use «Miramistin» for the treatment of urethritis, those with a heightened sensitivity to antiseptic solutions. Is not assigned a medicament for the irrigation of the oral cavity of children up to 3 years. Absolute contraindication is individual intolerance «Miramistina». In General the drug is well tolerated but sometimes it may be a slight burning sensation, which disappears by itself after half a minute. In this case, cancel «Miramistina» is not required.

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