How is uroflowmetry: the rate, indications, preparation

In case of pathology of the urinary tract should be evaluated. It is important to know in advance what is uroflowmetry, because only the most comfortable conditions for the patient during diagnosis guarantee for accurate results. This type of survey allows to identify a number of urologic disorders, but it is necessary to be ready not only physically but also mentally.

Features of the method

For the patient this method looks like a normal urination in a certain capacity.

Uroflowmetry is a method of diagnosis of the genitourinary system, determining the indicator of which is the velocity of the jet of urine during urination. Is performed by special equipment or ordinary stopwatch. In the second case, it is particularly important not to be ashamed, as any state changes during urination is able to significantly change the result. In the end, will be misdiagnosed.

The procedure is performed quickly without disturbing the natural covering of the body. Before the examination it is necessary to consult a doctor to clarify all the details of the procedure, the presence of side effects. In case of use by a patient any medications, you need to notify the doctor. In the process of diagnosing the patient, it is important to relax and not move. To create favorable conditions the measurement sensor is installed in a separate room, and the doctor receives the data on the computer monitor remotely. This method determines the volume of urine, the jet velocity and the time which is allocated a certain amount.

Indications for

The most important this kind of research for the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In addition, the procedure is performed in the following cases:

  • enuresis;
  • the presence of symptoms of bladder cancer;
  • uncontrolled urine;
  • functional changes of the bladder;
  • the obstruction of the urethra (the violation of road);
  • chronic inflammation of the bladder (cystitis);
  • infectious lesions of the urinary tract.

In preparation for the examination

Preparation of uroflowmetry applies not only to the physical condition of the patient, but also psychological. To mocevic was full enough for the procedure, for 1 hour before you need to drink 1 liter of liquid. Consequently, the following urination is possible only in the context of diagnosis, not before. Any questions you need to ask the doctor in advance to at the time of diagnosis there was no misunderstanding. Depending on pathologies, the patient may need to independently measure the time of urination and the volume of the house, and the results should be recorded and provided to the doctor prior to the examination.

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To get an accurate result uroflowmetry is performed as a matter of priority.

If the patient was previously prescribed drugs that stimulate the bladder and urethra, before uroflowmetry need to give up their use, as well as from taking any medicines and even fortified supplements. Pregnant women should inform the doctor about their situation. Urination at the time of diagnosis is carried out in the usual human position: men standing, women sitting. Despite the fact that the necessary equipment is installed in a separate room, it is important to mentally tune in. Any change in the human condition, even stress and anxiety affect the results obtained.

As uroflowmetry is performed in children and adults?

There are several types of this study. The easiest way — measure the volume of urine and time spent on this. The patient needs to urinate in a certain capacity. Doctor pinpoint the time from the occurrence of the urine stream, until the process is complete. According to the formula calculated the velocity of the jet (the allocated amount divided by the spent time).

More information provides diagnostics through special uroflowmetry device with a printer connected to the PC etc. Before the examination the doctor tells the patient the rules of procedure, and then leaves him alone in a special room. When a person is ready to urinate, he presses on the meter button, signaling the beginning of the procedure. Then you have to wait 5 seconds as usual to urinate into a special container. At this time, uroflowmeter displays on the computer monitor in the doctor’s office the result of the study in the form of a graph. When you are finished urinating, the patient waits for another 5 seconds, and notes on the device end of the procedure.

Uroflowmetry child older than 2 years is being held as an adult. Babies up to 6 months during the procedure are, and at the age from six months to 2 years of sitting, regardless of gender. With this method the diagnosis is solved the problem of child bedwetting. It is important that the bladder of the baby was quite full, but not overcrowded. To make the analysis properly and that the child was not afraid, beside it can be a mother.

During uroflowmetry prohibited to strain the abdominal muscles and the perineum, as well as to put pressure on the urethra.

The rate of urine excretion in men and women

If pathology of the urinary tract are not available, during urination, a weak urine stream, increases the velocity, and then again reduces it. The normal flow rate dependent on patient gender and age. A graph obtained in the result of the diagnosis indicates the presence or absence of disease. In a healthy person during the procedure are determined by the following data:

  • The maximum speed of miccai (urination) in men in the norm should be 15 ml/sec, for women — 20 ml/sec.
  • The average speed of Mikli in the range of 10-15 ml/sec.
  • The maximum speed in the absence of abnormalities is achieved 4-9 sec.
  • Time micchi in General depend on the volume of allocated urine.
  • Timeout Mikli no more than 40 seconds. It is necessary to consider the psychological factor. Not every person, knowing that he in some way observed, may behave naturally.
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Decoding the received data

During uroflowmetry monitor displays numerous data. To understand all the intricacies, to make the full picture and to put on the basis of the results obtained, the diagnosis can only physician. However, the data portion of the patient recognize itself:

  • T — time of emission of urine. The period from the commencement until the termination of urination. Reflected a long curve on the x-axis. It should be noted that the period of urination does not belong here. If the jet is interrupted, the indicators will differ.
  • Q max — maximum velocity of the jet of urine. Speaks of the volume produced over a specific period of time. In case of deviations from the norm, the presence of pathology is not required. In this case an important role plays the age and gender of the patient.
  • Q mid — average jet speed. Characterizes urination in General and indicates the ratio of allocated amount to the time spent on the process.
  • Tq max — maximum acquisition speed since the emergence of the jet. In a healthy person proforma rises, and this option is 1/3 of the schedule. In the presence of pathologies graph rises slightly, and max TQ is increasing.
  • V is the total volume of allocated urine. For successful diagnostics, this ratio should not exceed 50 ml. ideally, 200-600 ml.
  • Tw is the waiting period of the appearance of the urine stream.

Examples of the results

In a healthy person, the left part of the graph above right. In General, the curve resembles a bell. Any manifestation of asymmetry is the evidence of a particular disease. Low coefficient Q max shows the weakness of the sphincter of majevica, and high — risk of incontinence. If the curve rises slowly, this indicates a pathology of the cervical majevica. If Q max patient more than 15ml/sec, obstruction of the urinary tract is negligible, or it is not. If the value is less than 10ml/sec, speak about serious violations of the patency of the urethra or weak bladder muscles. It is impossible to determine the condition of the patient, if the result is in the range of 1015мл/sec.

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Talking about uroflowmetry?

By uroflowmetry to diagnose a number of diseases:

  • Neurogenic bladder. Violation of urination as a result of pathology of the nervous system.
  • Overactive bladder is a complex of symptoms, including incontinence, frequent urination, urine is for the most part of the night.
  • Benign and malignant neoplasms of the prostate.
  • Prostatitis (inflammation of prostate gland tissue).
  • The reduction in the diameter of the individual parts of the urethra.
  • Enuresis in children. Mainly refers to the nerve incontinence, the organic nature of the disease (malfunction of majevica or urethra) in children is rare.
  • Urinary incontinence in adults. Basically it is organic disturbance.

To summarize

Uroflowmetry allows you to quickly, simply and painlessly identify urologic pathology. The procedure determines the speed of the urine stream when urinating. For the occurrence of normal urge it is impossible to allow maximum filling of majevica. Urination should be relaxed, in a quiet environment, without additional manipulation.

The data obtained uroflowmetry, talking about the state of organs of the urogenital system. In the presence of previously established disease in this area, this type of diagnosis is required. Because the method has no contraindications, and its holding does not affect the state of a person, it applies to newborns and pregnant women. However, before you start the procedure, you need to consult with your doctor. Diagnosis in a public hospital is free.