Honey for urinary incontinence: the healing properties, recipes

Folk medicine offers a med for incontinence. This unique product endowed with many medicinal properties, among which are a calming effect on the nervous system, antibacterial effect. Recipes with honey from incontinence of urine tested and appreciated by many moms. There are drinks with herbs that are suitable in the solution of delicate problems and adults.

The healing properties of honey incontinence

The uniqueness of the bee product is versatility. It saves you from many ailments of different nature, including from enuresis regardless of the pathogenesis. Honey recipes can eliminate the problem, whether it is caused by inflammation, stones in the urinary system, disorders of innervation of the gallbladder or disorders of the nervous system, affect the condition of the urinary organs.

The healing properties of honey are as follows:

  • A calming effect on the nervous system. It has a positive effect on children with severe hyperactivity and periodluminosity NS.
  • The antibacterial effect. Honey water is useful in cystitis, as against the use of large amounts of liquid to ensure a diuretic effect of the bee product reduces inflammation, because it contained substances.
  • The ability to enhance the effect of other medicinal herbs and plants, so honey is often added to other compositions.
  • Filling the body with essential vitamins and minerals that is achieved by the special composition.
  • Improving the functioning of the urogenital organs and the entire organism through proteins and amino acids.

Treatment of enuresis in child with sugar, honey and sweets

Important conditions: the absorbed sugar drink is not allowed, and the course lasts 1 full cycle without breaks.

Tested not a mom recipe from enuresis can get rid of delicate problems in the child. Following:

  • The first morning on an empty stomach, the child will have 1 small spoon of sugar.
  • On the second morning the baby gets 2 tsp of sugar.
  • Every morning for 1 more spoon until the 10th day.
  • On the 10th morning, the baby eats 10 small spoons sweets.
  • On the 11th morning 9 tsp.
  • Gradually, the number diminished until the original volume.
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Some mothers treat their children’s bedwetting, with ordinary caramels. For this little one before bedtime, give a candy, which he needs to dissolve, but do not chew. The baby must remain in a sitting position. The treatment course is 2-3 weeks. Other moms give their children before bed a spoonful of honey, which the baby absorbs, not drinking, sitting in bed. It is important that the baby after sweets immediately went to bed. The dosage is determined by age of the child:

  • up to 3 years put 1 tsp;
  • 3-5 years — 1, D. L.;
  • 5 years — 1 tbsp

Popular recipes using honey

For all its positive qualities, honey has the ability to hold moisture, which is efficiently used in folk medicine for the treatment of bedwetting. So the common recipe is one in which, before going to bed drink half a Cup diluted in warm water sweets (1 tsp). The treatment course — up to 3 days. Another version of the recipe is to drink 30 ml of this honey water up to 3 times a day.

Useful for enuresis based herbal spiced honey, based on St. John’s wort, birch leaves, mint, knotweed, chamomile, centaury. Dry plants are taken in equal proportions. 15 g powdered mixture zaparivat boiling water. Drink stand in a warm place for 10 hours. After uzivanie to drink the infusion, flavored with honey, half a Cup 4 p./day. The course is 90 days.

Do not dilute the honey with boiling water, add it to boiling hot and just cooked concoction, the product would lose most of its medicinal properties.

Cherry-honey infusion to effectively treat urinary incontinence caused by weakness in the smooth muscle. To do this, young cherry branches are steamed by boiling water in a thermos for 3 hours. Separated in the drink added 1 tbsp (per liter). Drink 100 ml up to 4 times a day. But flowers of St. John’s wort and honey will suit kids. The drug is prepared as follows: 4 b. L. dried flowers to infuse in a liter of boiling water for 60 min. In 1 Cup separated drink add 1 m l of honey and give the child before bedtime.

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