Homeopathic diuretics: advantages of using

In most cases, a diuretic homeopathic remedy used for swelling of different body parts and body systems. These medicines have a gentle impact on body of pregnant women, young children and the elderly. They are the alternative to many diuretic drugs causing a number of side effects.

When you need them?

Homeopathy is used in many branches of medicine — cardiology, neurology, Nephrology. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, is constantly forced to drink diuretics to relieve edema syndromes, and in this case a homeopathic therapy acts as a more lightweight option. The drug issued not only in the treatment of edema, but also to eliminate the accompanying symptoms if any of the patient. Medications can be prescribed as adjunct therapy in disease, and as primary treatment.

Homeopathic therapy is effective for such symptoms:

  • voiceless heart tones;
  • violation of cardiac rhythm;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the chest;
  • heavy breathing, similar to asphyxiation;
  • wheezing in the chest;
  • accumulation of viscous mucus in the respiratory tract.

The advantages of using the homeopathic diuretics

The main advantage of using a homeopathic diuretic is that it does not cause any side effects. Traditional diuretics cause severe thirst due to lost of fluid. Homeopathy is based on diluted drugs, so they do not have a strong effect on the body. The second positive feature of these drugs is the lack of habituation to them. It’s prescribed even for pregnant women. Additionally homeopathic diuretics can be combined with more strong diuretics and other medications.

Popular homeopathic diuretics

Homeopaths offer a number of different diuretics, which differ in the mechanism of action and the strength of the effect, depending on the drug. Means «Diuretic» medication is available for patients suffering from renal swelling. It is sold in the form of granules, which contain active components: «arsenic 6», «Apocynum 3», «APIs 3». Reduces the bags on the face, swelling in the neck area. At the same symptoms is given the «Populus compositum». Its diuretic influence is not very strong. Dehydration does not happen, because the composition is alcohol, diluted with water (10 drops per liter of prepared water per day). Made in Germany. The purpose and calculation of precise dosages can be done only by a doctor.

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When cure General edema recommended «in terms of potassium carbonicum» (Kalium carbonicum). Safe with increased nervous excitability, weakness, loss of tone of skin tissues. One medication homeopathy «chin» (China) helps with the chronic edema that are the result of cirrhosis of the liver. Contains tree bark.