High blood pressure and frequent urination: causes

High blood pressure has several main symptoms: headaches, dizziness, and nausea. In some cases high blood pressure accompanied by constant bouts of thirst and frequent urination. After conducting a thorough examination often point to the development of kidney disease. In men, impaired emptying is considered a symptom of prostatitis. Often the pressure is increased briefly, and then with new force arise the hypertensive crises.

Causal factors

If you have kidney disease, but more often from diabetes and pyelonephritis, the body going excess liquid, and not enough hormone. Such violations adversely affect the function of internal organs and small peripheral vessels. If you leave the disease without proper treatment may develop complications, such as coronary heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

Other symptoms of problems with high blood pressure and frequent urination

To determine the exact diagnosis must undergo a series of examinations. The main thing to pass a General analysis of blood and urine. Based on these data, the expert judges the presence of renal blood flow. The reason for this disease can be atherosclerosis. With the development of the disease are formed atherosclerotic plaques that reduce the patency of vessels of almost all internal organs. You should pay attention to other symptoms of the disorders in the kidneys:

  • pain in region of heart;
  • dizziness;
  • impaired memory;
  • numbness of the limbs.

For high blood pressure occur with changes in the substance of the kidney. The main symptom of urological diseases — a significant increase in body temperature and frequent urination. Diagnosed more often in people at a young age pyelonephritis. Without proper treatment, the disease becomes chronic and can cause a lot of trouble, namely high blood pressure. Women are more likely to suffer from this disease. Special trouble the disease brings during pregnancy.

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Actions and measures of prevention

Sometimes the main symptoms of kidney problems are vague, so is attentive to health and periodically provide a urine sample. Cheerleaders must figure the diastolic pressure and frequent urination. When contacting the specialist conducts the initial examination and assigns a number of obligatory tests. May need an ultrasound of the kidneys and heart.

Based on these data, a specialist can properly and promptly diagnose and prescribe treatment. But first and foremost about their health should care everyone and don’t ignore the signals that the body takes. High blood pressure should not be ignored. This will help to avoid hypertension and the development of irreversible processes in the body. Sometimes to quickly lower blood pressure just enough to lie down, to rest and relax. And the rest the doctor advises, based on the root cause.