Hawthorn as a diuretic how to use

Useful natural diuretic — hawthorn as a diuretic has a wonderful property. A diuretic, removing toxins and harmful substances, simultaneously wash and useful. Hawthorn, on the contrary, saturates the body With vitamin C, prevents the excretion of calcium, reduces swelling and cleans the kidneys. Useful plant for people with problems of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure herbal diuretic can help to get rid of high blood pressure, normalize a tone in the vascular system.

The spectrum of action of hawthorn as a diuretic

Vitamins a, C, E, K, b group, a variety of minerals, tannins and choline, acids and essential oils composition of the hawthorn is so valuable and unique that healing is not only his fruit but also the leaves and flowers. And ursolic acid, part of plants, so rare in natural products, hawthorn can be considered one of the most valuable natural plant products. This substance is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug that may combat tumors and infections. That is why the hawthorn supports healthy kidney and urinary tract.

The plant can gently clean the kidneys from stones and sand, because its components are able to dissolve harmful compounds, gently erasing from the body. The drug helps to normalize the water balance in the body, to relieve edema. The latter property is valuable in cardiovascular diseases.

How to use a diuretic hawthorn?

In any drugstore now, you can easily find diuretics made on the basis of plants: tablets, tinctures, teas. As diuretics should be taken as prescribed by the physician. It is believed that the powerful diuretic effect of alcohol infusion, because it accelerates and increases the excretion of urine 2 times. Some diuretics are prepared at home. Components (berries, leaves and flowers) can be bought at the pharmacy.

The best and simplest option is the manufacturer of the diuretic infusion at home. To do this, a few tablespoons should be placed in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water. To insist 6 hours, to take during the day, you can add honey. Alcohol tincture at home prepared from 0.5 liter of vodka and 10 tablespoons of fruit. Insist 14 days in the warmth. Before taking 25 drops diluted in water. Drink 30 minutes before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Diuretic broth made as follows: 2-3 tablespoons of berries pour 1-m liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Drink 150 grams throughout the day.

Contraindications to the use of

The plant, though endowed with many beneficial properties, make it can not everyone. This product is contraindicated in children under 12 years of age, people with liver and kidney failure (not alcohol tincture), arrhythmia, autism, depression, fatigue. Extreme caution is recommended to use hawthorn for pregnant women and, if possible, better to exclude it. Before you consume diuretics hawthorn, consult a doctor.

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