Has chimes as a diuretic: manual

Dipyridamole as the main ingredient «Chimes», endowed with anti-inflammatory effect. But it has «Chimes» diuretic property, based on the ability of the active formula to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow circulation of fluid in the body. With these features, the medication is indicated for women in the position of the swelling. The drug is indicated for treatment and prevention of thrombosis. Medication is prescribed only by a physician.

Description chimes used as a diuretic

«Chimes» is a group of cardiovascular medical providing angioprotective effect. The main properties of drugs — expansion of blood vessels (heart arteries), which is used for the treatment and prevention of ischemia, thrombosis, circulatory disorders of the brain, placental insufficiency. Due to the fact that after taking the medicine, there is an increased urination, it is recommended to wash down the drug with plenty of water and drink the liquid (up to 2 liters) during the day. How can a diuretic effect, although the drug does not belong to the group of diuretics.

— Prescription drugs is prohibited.

The composition and form of issue

There are several forms of «Chimes» with dipyridamole in varying concentrations. Depending on the form, changing the composition of auxiliary components, but the basic is:

  • titanium dioxide;
  • corn starch;
  • gelatin;
  • a yellow dye.

Forms of release are:

  • «Chimes 25» contains 25 mg active ingredient in 1 tablets (100 pieces in glass vial No. 1);
  • «Chimes N25» with the contents of 25 mg of dipyridamole in the 1st tablet with the shell (120 pieces in a glass container);
  • «Chimes N75» with a concentration of 75 mg of the main component in the 1st tablet with sheath (40 PCs. in cardboard box).

Pharmacological action

Active formula of drugs works against angina, high blood clots and how to protect and extend the small vessels remedy. If you exceed the required dose and prolonged treatment a significant decrease in blood pressure. Due to the positive effects on blood vessels and increased blood flow, improves oxygen supply to the cells that prevents the development of hypoxia, ischemia. During pregnancy, the drug slows down the degeneration of the placenta with the restoration of blood circulation, eliminates oxygen starvation of the fetus, has a General diuretic effect (although the drug is a diuretic is not).

Indications for use

The basis for the appointment madridsta are:

  • pathological brain lesions of different Genesis;
  • problems with blood circulation in ischemic type;
  • disturbance of microcirculation in organs;
  • thromboembolism;
  • DIC in children;
  • the period following heart surgery;
  • SARS, influenza («Chimes 25»).

In pregnancy, the drug is shown, if observed:

  • placental dysfunction;
  • fetal malnutrition;
  • edema with the development of gestosis.
  • the varicose veins.


The medication is not administered to children up to 12 years, in the case of:

  • instability of angina;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • narrowing of the blood vessels;
  • decompensated heart dysfunction;
  • chronic blood pressure reduction;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • increased risk of bleeding;
  • hypersensitivity to the composition.

Side effects

When using «Chimes» on prescription in the recommended doses, the adverse response of the organism occurs. Possible mild side effects in the form of:

  • rapid heartbeat;
  • sweating of the skin;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • felt sick;
  • dizziness weakness.

Increased adverse effect can overdose.


Dose, course of treatment «Karandila» determined by the doctor based on the type and form of the disease requiring treatment and individual sensitivity of the patient to the medication. The maximum duration of treatment — 10 weeks. Self-medication is prohibited. The drug is released for prescription. You need to take medicine before meals or after 1.5 hours after a meal, not crunching a pill or pills and drinking plain water (200 ml). The maximum dose per day — no more than 600 mg (indicated for severe violations).


«Chimes» is allowed for pregnant women, but in the last stages you need to take medicine with caution. Classical scheme of treatment is the use of 25 mg of drug (1 dragee or tablet) 3 times a day. Swallow whole with 150 ml of water. It is recommended during the day drink plenty of fluids in conjunction with a diuretic effect of medications.


If you have exceeded the single or daily dose, develop side effects in the form of:

  • angina, tachycardia;
  • fall AD;
  • vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen.


Together with «Karandila» not recommended caffeinated drinks, «Diuretin» that neutralize the action of the drug. With anticoagulants and acetylsalicylic medication dosage «Chimes» is reduced by half. The drug enhances the effect medical blood pressure. Increase the effect of drugs cephalosporin antibiotics.

Conditions of supply, storage and shelf life

Each pharmaceutical form of «Chimes» is sold only by prescription from a physician. Stored the drug, depending on the method of issuance: pills — at 25 °C for up to 5 years, and the pill — at 30 °C for 3 years. Upon expiration or failure to comply with the storage conditions dosage form prohibited for consumption, shall be disposed of.

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