Green tea is a diuretic: drink of milk, properties

Does green tea diuretic effect? This tasty drink is rich in many medicinal properties that allows its use in various ailments, including edema. Renal dysfunction requires active treatment by specialists, but not superfluous to the help of folk remedies, which include green tea with the ability to increase the excretion of urine.

The diuretic ingredients in the green tea

In traditional medicine green tea beverage widely used as a tonic, but it is not all the ability that he possesses. Researchers revealed in the tea leaves of caffeine, which improves filtration in the kidneys due to the ability to dilate the blood vessels. Is green tea a diuretic? Healers give a positive answer to this question and explain his presence in the composition of catechins, which act as natural antioxidants with the ability to increase the secretion of urine. With regular use of tea, which is manufactured by the minimum of fermentation, improves the function of all organs and systems in the body, particularly the kidneys.

Important! Brewing tea leaves, be aware of the limitations to them. Thus, it is not recommended to drink the drink is described in excessive quantities in the following cases:

  • for high blood pressure;
  • in diseases of the joints and tissues;
  • in the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • elevated anxiety, because the constituents of the leaves of the tea Bush have a stimulating effect and have the ability to provoke gout various kinds of kidney disease.

Properties for losing weight

Often nutritionists recommend people who want to throw off those extra pounds, drinking green tea, because for a long time it is popularly used in the fight against obesity. Green tea as a diuretic, helps normalize the body’s balance of water. A drink made from the leaves of the tea Bush, undergone minimal fermentation, burn body fat, and during the meal to eat a portion less than usual, drink a Cup before meals.

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To get rid of excess weight, it is recommended to add in green tea broth skim milk, which will strengthen diuretic effect and displays a larger volume of liquid. Do not abuse this tool and eat during the day exclusively to them, as there is a risk of serious gastric problems. Weight loss using green tea involves the replacement of all drinks available in diet losing weight, this tonic. Gulls using this scheme, a month lose an average of 6 kg.

Green tea drink with milk

Representatives of alternative medicine is recommended to dilute the tea with milk low-fat, since the combination effectively cleans the kidneys. Allowed to drink tea beverage with milk even for people with high blood pressure, because milk can inhibit the stimulating effect of caffeine. As a diuretic widely used among people actively involved in sports, found diluted milk tea, which was used at least cleaning. It was revealed that he actively removes the urine substances that accumulate in the process of increased physical activity and harmful effects on the body.