Frequent urination in men: causes, treatment, signs

Diseases of the genitourinary system can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. One of them considered frequent urination in men. This problem does not only interferes with the normal way of life, but also indicates the presence of serious pathologies affecting the urinary system. If a man notices a frequent profuse urination or, conversely, scant, should seek help from a specialist and soon to start treatment.

General information

Frequent urination is a constant urge and need to urinate. Such impulses occur many times a day and in the middle of the night. The amount allocated to the liquid will be negligible, amounting to several drops. In that case, if the problem is not caused by any pathology, they can provoke a large amount of alcohol consumed on the eve of the fluid. But then the quantity of urine must correspond to this volume.

When the amount of urine increases, exceeding 3 liters a day, it shows the development of the male polyuria. Diseases of the genitourinary system occurs frequent painful urination, and the urge to defecate does not disappear after emptying the bladder. If a man stands up in the bathroom at night more than 1 times, it is believed that he suffers from frequent night urination. In addition, this problem badly affects the physical and mental state of a person due to the constant interruption of sleep.

Causes of frequent urination in men

Causes of frequent urination in men varied. Sometimes this occurs not because of a pathological process in the body. There is a list of cases in which frequent emission of urine does not speak about the presence of disease:

  • abundant fluid intake;
  • hypothermia;
  • prolonged exposure to stress.

If the urge and frequent urination caused by these reasons, the man should not worry, because the problem will pass by itself. But in addition to harmless causes, to provoke a similar condition can diseases of the genitourinary system. An important factor is the presence of pain during the act of emission of urine. This additional feature defines the nature of the disease.

Painless urination

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Frequent urination in men without pain may indicate one of the diseases associated with dysfunction of organs of urine formation and urinary output. To cause the problem:

  1. Prostatitis — an inflammation that affects the prostate. The act of emission of urine is very poor, the fluid stands a few drops. Usually provokes frequent night urination in men.
  2. Of sexually transmitted infections.
  3. The change in the acidity of urine — changes in the composition of urine irritating the vascular wall, due to which there is a desire to defecate.
  4. Cystitis — inflammation of the bladder.
  5. Stricture urethra — narrowing of the urethra, acquired or congenital nature. During the act of emission of urine there is a feeling of difficulty.

In addition to pathological conditions, cause problems with urination can excessive consumption of certain beverages. These include tea, coffee and alcohol, which is diuretic. The patient may refuse their use for some time, and if unpleasant symptoms disappear, then everything is in order, and pathology of the urinary organs are absent. A person can only be used with caution, these drinks.

Frequent urination with pain

Frequent painful urination triggered the same list of diseases, and painless. The intensity of any symptoms depends on the type of disease, stage of development and individual characteristics of men. Most often pain radiating to the lower abdomen, felt in the formation of concretions in the cavity of the bladder. Stones damage the mucosa of the body, and the decay into small fragments, can be collected from the posterior wall of the urethra. It provokes a strong desire to urinate. When infection of the genitourinary system develops cystitis, which started form causes frequent urination in men day, and sometimes night. The act of emitting urine and samopoznanie runs with pain. Also, there is a specific color and smell.

Frequent urination for prostatitis accompanied by pain. Often there is pain in the testicles (or testicle), pain in the abdomen and burning sensation that accompanies the act of emission of urine. Another common cause of frequent urination with pain is considered an adenoma (benign tumor) of the prostate. But this pathology is diagnosed mainly in men after 40 and older.

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What is happening in the organs of the urinary tract?

The urge to urinate is formed due to irritation of receptors of the urethra and bladder. When the bladder is filled with urine, his muscles stretch. This information by receptors transmitted to the brain. After that the person feels that the need to urinate. But with the development of any abnormalities of one of the urinary organs, the receptors will not function correctly. The brain receives false information. A man feels that it is necessary to empty the bladder, although at this time it may be empty.

Signs of a pathological process

Supplement frequent urination can the symptoms:

  • pain;
  • itching in the perineum;
  • burning sensation when urinating;
  • temperature;
  • uncharacteristic odor;
  • changed color of urine;
  • blood and pus particles in urine.

In the presence of calculi, the patient has frequent desire to defecate due to the fact that you cannot completely empty your bladder. The disease accompanied with high temperature. Increased production of urine indicates the presence in men of diabetes. Accompany polyuria symptoms of diabetes: weakness of the body, irritability, thirst, increased appetite, sudden weight loss.

Diagnostic measures

Diagnosis before prescribing treatment begins with a medical history. The doctor needs to know what the symptoms experienced by the patient that he is sick, what diseases he suffered, and are still. Next, the patient is sent for diagnostic procedures. In order to detect prostatitis is a rectal finger examination and ultrasonography (ultrasound) in the prostate sample is taken the secret to produced by the body. Hyperplasia (adenoma) of the prostate to identify with the help of a rectal examination can not, therefore, require a more complex method is transrectal ultrasound. This study highlights the changes in the structure of the gland at the early stage of development of pathology. If you suspect cystitis the man appointed to take bacterial urine culture microflora. In addition, it is necessary to check the patient for the presence of genital infections.

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After carrying out a complex research and diagnosis, the doctor prescribes the patient treatment taking into account individual peculiarities of his body. Pills frequent urination are selected depending on the cause of the problem. The drug should resolve the root cause. In that case, if about frequent urination caused by urinary tract infection need to take antibiotics. Man get rid of the problem with frequent emission of urine after cure the infection.

Frequent urination in the morning, afternoon or night, triggered by BPH, it is necessary to adopt special means. Their action is aimed at slowing disease progression and reducing the size of education. If the detected cancer of the prostate, to treat it otherwise would have. Standard medications would not cure the disease. The patient will need to do chemotherapy or conduct surgery for removal of the tumor.

Folk remedies

To quickly cure the frequent emission of urine and persistent urge to urinate in men, it is possible to combine medication with treatment folk remedies. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms in the home will help corn silk, St. John’s wort, bearberry, and they are particularly effective for ailments of the kidneys. To prepare the medicine, you will need a pinch of herbs pour boiled water and leave to infuse. To drink such herbal teas instead of tea. Folk remedy on the basis of rose hips often used if the emission of urine in men increased. Because the berries contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, a decoction of them helps to fight infection by strengthening the immune system, and restores the health of men.

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