Frequent urination diarrhea: causes, what to do

Very often men and women have unpleasant symptoms of diarrhoea and polyuria? What is it? When any illness occurs diarrhea and frequent urination? How dangerous is it? What are effective treatments? These and many other questions of interest to people who are directly faced with this problem. Try to understand.

The main causes of frequent urination diarrhea

In most cases, diarrhea, and frequent urination (in the absence of accompanying symptoms) are not signs of any disease. Most likely, it is a natural protective reaction of the organism, which is observed in some disorders of the processes of his life.

Pathological causes

The reasons may be different. When polyuria and diarrhea (frequent urination with diarrhea) are combined, there are painful sensations during urination and frequent stools, this may indicate the presence of pathologies:

  • heart disease (heart attack, heart failure);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diabetes insipidus (diabetes);
  • kidney stones and/or urinary canals;
  • cystitis;
  • disease of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, which are caused by pathogenic microorganisms (viral, bacterial infection);
  • destruction of kidney cells due to renal failure (acute or chronic).

Physiological causes

When loose stools and frequent urination are not signs of the disease? Often a combination of these symptoms occurs in women in such cases:

  • During pregnancy. This can be a sign of pregnancy early on, because the growing fetus starts to put pressure on the bladder and sphincter. Sometimes diarrhea and polyuria — signs of approaching childbirth.
  • Before the beginning of menstruation. Violation of a hormonal background, relaxation of the vaginal muscles causes increased urination, and stool (frequent and loose).
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Renal pain and diarrhea

In some cases, diarrhea may feel sick in the kidneys. This condition may indicate the presence of such problems:

  • Food, drug toxicity. In the use of low-quality, poorly processed, stale foods in the human body can penetrate pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, parasites) that cause the poisoning, the result of acute renal pain and diarrhea. Intoxication possible with overdoses or allergic reactions to certain drugs.
  • Disease and kidney damage. Inflammatory processes in the kidneys, renal failure may be accompanied by diarrhea and sharp pain in the kidneys. The same symptoms occur when the mechanical organ damage that occur due to applying different strokes, the fall.

What to do?

To begin with diarrhea and frequent urination it is important to find out what the pathological or physiological condition caused the onset of symptoms. The correct diagnosis able to supply only by an experienced practitioner. To this end, he examines the patient, listens to complaints, assigns a set of tests that are required for the diagnosis of a disease. When the disease is detected, it directs the person to a specialist narrow profile, who will prescribe the correct and effective treatment. It is not necessary to self-medicate or to run disease. It’s not always diarrhea and polyuria are harmless, sometimes their presence (especially together) is a symptom of a dangerous disease. No need to risk your health and life.