Frequent night urination without pain in women and men: treatment, causes

To characterize frequent night urination (sometimes present painful urination at night) how can the urge to go to the toilet more frequently 3 times per night provided that the person is healthy and not drink more than 2 liters of water a day. Frequent urge to urinate depends on a variety of reasons, external and those that are associated with specific physiology. Increased urination can be observed both night and day. Frequent urination at night is called nocturia, in the light of the day — pollakiuria. The main factor in this issue is the level of personal comfort, as every body has its own characteristics.

The rate of trips to the toilet in women and men

In men, the norm is to 7 trips to the toilet per day, women to 9, wherein the daily amount of urine varies between a liter and a half. These indicators are relevant at normal body temperature and the environment, the absence of diuretics among used drugs, including herbal decoctions. If you are urinating several times a night, it is important not to abuse black coffee and green tea, as these drinks affect the amount of urine produced.

Reasons and why it may be dangerous

To talk about the disease if you have pain or burning when going to the toilet, uchennyh the urge to urinate (more than 3 urges in the dark) with a slight amount of urine, that is not too much urine is released when going to the toilet. Copious urination at night often has a number of reasons:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hyperactivity bladder;
  • increasing the concentration of calcium in blood plasma;
  • depletion of the pelvic floor muscles.

Profuse urination — possible evidence of progression of kidney disease, edema, venous stasis, prostate adenoma, heart failure, obstructive sleep apnea. If nighttime urination in the toilet cause discomfort and adversely affect quality of life, you should use the services of doctors.

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Symptoms and types of nocturia

This disease may be temporary, i.e. occur as one of several symptoms that indicate the occurrence in the body problems, and constant, when it tells about the defeat of the internal organs. Nocturia can be true and untrue. The first kind is expressed in reducing the number of detachable urine in the daytime. The second type does not affect the number of urine produced a day and shows the possible emergence of a number of the above diseases.

Among the symptoms secrete excessive formation of urine in the night time, insomnia, which is triggered by a need several times a night to stand in a toilet, and a small capacity bladder, depression, too light sleep, irritability, urine volume night prevails over day, increased daytime fatigue, forgetfulness.


The increased number of trips to the bathroom at night requires consultation with your doctor. The specialist will carry out an initial survey and gather information about medical history, symptoms, conditions, illness, and prescribe research to identify what is causing the urination at night. To identify the possible diseases carried out a bacteriological culture of urine, do ultrasound of abdominal organs, bladder, kidneys, as well as the General analysis of urine. Sometimes using a sample of the General to determine vodovidvedennya, concentration ability of kidneys and the functions of breeding. After receiving the results, the doctor will prescribe the best therapy.

People in the age additionally, examine the level of antidiuretic hormone. Under normal conditions this hormone is responsible for regulation of volume of urine produced per day. In old age the index of this substance in the body can decline, resulting in possible occurrence of nocturia.

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What can I do about frequent urination at night without pain?

The problem of urination at night with pain should be subjected to comprehensive treatment, not only medication. Frequent urination at night, a special role should be given to the diet. A similar recommendation applies to those who do not have unpleasant sensations during urination, frequent urination in the night inconvenience. Problems of this kind are engaged gynecologists, urologists, nephrologists, neurologists and endocrinologists.

The weakness of the wall of the bladder provokes an increased emission of urine (sometimes without pain), but the selection process occurs very frequently and the patient is not very much urine, often in the elderly the situation is aggravated. This way work bladder due to the fact that weak wall of this organ of the excretory system is unable to withstand the pressure exerted by its own content. As a result, the desire to empty the bladder comes fairly quickly, though leaves a small amount of urine. The situation of this kind to be solved with the help of specially selected exercises, medicines, folk prescriptions. In some cases, the traditional approach to therapy does not produce the desired results (most often elderly) and to restore normal operation of the body conducting operations.


Treatment uchennyh the urge to the toilet at night is aimed at eliminating the root cause, manifested itself in a similar disorder. Therefore, the diagnosis is to search for diseases, giving symptoms such as only after the cure of the root causes urination returns to normal. In the medical treatment can include blockers of alpha-adrenergic receptors («Tamsulosin», «Terazosin»), an inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase («Dutasteride»). Depending on the condition, became the cause of nocturia, the doctor selects other drugs suitable for the patient in each case. For example, cystitis is prescribed «Zeniks», «Monural», «Espa-Focin». In the treatment of advised to take vitamins and mineral complexes that improve overall health and tone the entire body.

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During the period of treatment is to minimize the amount of fluid intake before bedtime, limit the consumption of coffee (especially black), alcoholic and low alcohol beverages. Should stick to the diet, to minimize spicy food, fried, greasy, too salty, pastry. Physical activity should be light and not to overwork the body.

Folk remedies

At the moment, increased urination during the day is treated with the use of folk remedies, governing the functioning of the kidneys. One of the main points, which includes national treatment, — the nuts (most use walnuts or pine nuts). These fruits improve skin tone, reduce the volume of urine formed at night. The use of dried fruits or berries (in physical form) causes the body to expend a large amount of liquid to overwork and assimilation, resulting in a positive effect on daily urine volume at a similar issue. The best would be to use these products before going to sleep (100-200 grams), pre-clearing them from the mud with boiling water. Folk remedies include cheese, have positive effects on the adrenals, as these paired organs responsible for hormone production and partly affect the formation of urine. Is cheese worth a couple of hours before bedtime.