Folk remedies for illnesses of the bladder: the treatment of women and men

The causes of inflammation in the pelvic organs a lot. Bladder medication folk remedies are becoming more popular with doctors and patients. This is due to safety and ease of use. In addition, traditional recipes based on common ingredients and prepare them on your own is not difficult. Effective natural remedies and prevention of diseases of the bladder and other organs.

Herbal medicine for the treatment of bladder

Cure cystitis folk remedies

Bay leaf

For the treatment of bladder folk remedies widely used Bay leaves. A visible result is observed when brewing 30 grams of leaves in 10 litres of fluid. The resulting composition is put on a slow fire and boil for 15-20 minutes. After cooling to an acceptable temperature liquid poured into the basin. Next, you need to sit in it so that the external organs of the pelvis were in the water. To stay in this position for no more than 15 minutes. For greater effect at the end of the procedure, doctors advise a woman to commit an act of urination, not lifting out of the water. This action leads to additional disinfection of bodies.

Euphorbia for bladder

With the help of folk remedies from the herb Euphorbia can relieve the symptoms and to treat inflammatory processes in the bladder. The recipe for the brew is to connect 3 tbsp dried and chopped herbs with two cups of boiling water. Insist the mixture for an hour in a dark place. Over time, the drink is filtered and drink throughout the day as a tea. The duration of administration is counting doctor.

Chamomile as medicine

Effectively treat cystitis chamomile and charges with its contents. Treatments using chamomile infusions prepared from the calculation of 2 tbsp of dried flowers in a pint of hot liquid. The resulting mixture put in a water bath and boil for 10 minutes or just leave under a lid for 15 minutes. The whole drink to drink a day half a Cup for the reception.


Urinary incontinence is a serious disease. Treatment involves the use of medications. In addition to synthetic drugs, you can use folk remedies from herbs, the use of which can reinforce or replace the medication. For the first collection of the necessary 70 grams of yarrow, 100 grams of nettle and marshmallow root. All the components you need to chop and mix. Next you need to combine 2 tbsp of raw material with 500 ml of the hot liquid and leave for the night. In the morning strain and drink to consume during the day. The duration of intake prescribed by your doctor. Another herb consists of 80 grams of yarrow, 100 grams of violets and root of Wheatgrass. All the ingredients to grind and mix thoroughly. 3 tablespoons of the resulting collection pour into a thermos and pour a liter of water. Leave the mixture for 8 hours, after which strain and take a glass up to 5 times a day.

Folk remedy to urinary retention

Among the diseases of the bladder frequent urinary retention. To eliminate the disease are used as food and medicinal plants. Popular packs of onions. They are applied to the lower part of the stomach 1 time per day 2 hours. As treatment or prevention of a disease use an infusion of horsetail and elderberry. Ready to drink take a glass a day. To prepare the lilies will need 15 grams of flowers, pour a glass of boiling water. When the diagnosis of «urinary retention», take 2 tsp three times a day. A positive effect is observed in the use of tea from the fruit of the currant. For its preparation you need 1 tbsp. l. dried berries to combine with a Cup of hot water. Ingest half a Cup three times a day.

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From sand and stones

Herbal collection № 1

The composition of this collection includes horsetail, wormwood and fennel seeds 10 grams of each herb. Also, 15 g of carrot seeds and leaves of bearberry. All the ingredients are ground and thoroughly mixed. 2 tbsp. l. mixture pour a liter of hot liquid. The resulting structure is sent in a warm place for the night. In the morning the mixture should boil for 5-7 minutes and drain. Taken three times a day half a Cup. It is advisable to make use of after a meal. This drink helps to eliminate sand and small stones from the bladder and other organs of the urogenital system.

Collection number 2 of medicinal herbs

For therapeutic herbal 2 used rhubarb root, immortelle and yarrow. The proportions of components 2:3:5 respectively. All components of the collection should chop and mix. 5 tablespoons of the mixture pour a liter of boiling water. Leave the drink overnight in a warm place in thermos. To use should be twice a day before meals half a Cup. The components of the collection are used for the treatment and prevention of kidney stones.

Bladder cancer

Grass Hemlock for the treatment of

Hemlock is a plant with a strong toxic effect. Before using folk remedies based on it for the treatment of bladder cancer you should consult with your doctor. The most common is the use of plant tinctures. It should be done from fresh herbs. Taking the recommended twice a day before meals from 1 St to 30 drops, gradually increasing the dosage. This regimen is designed for 3-4 months after which the dose gradually.

Tincture cocklebur

Due to the high content of nutrients, the grass cocklebur is often used when cancer. Cure your bladder can be a tincture or decoction. One of the options to prepare the tincture involves the use of the plant itself, which is finely chopped and combined with vodka or diluted alcohol (beverage strength is not more than 40 degrees). After the mixture rises, it is used the method of daily increasing the dose. So on the first day enough of the 1st drop, the second — 2 drops and thus to reach up to 40 drops. After this it is necessary to reduce the dosage the same. After a course of treatment it is necessary to make a break in 2 weeks. During the holidays it is recommended to take similar action means.

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For making effective the people’s broth must take 1 tbsp powdered fruit of cocklebur and connect with a Cup of hot liquid. Half an hour with a steam bath to keep the mixture hot but not boil. To drink as tea three times a day. Duration of treatment determined by the doctor depending on the results of laboratory studies and General well-being of the patient.

Root milestone as a folk remedy for cancer

A plant called milestones refer to the list of toxic. Before use be sure to consult with the doctor. To prepare the remedy from fresh root or dried. For tinctures need 20 grams of the crushed plant to connect with a liter of vodka. Put the mixture on for two weeks in a dark place, then strain and take on the night. The dosage should be 1 drop first day, 2 drops the second, and thus to reach up to 20 drops at a time. After that you should similarly reduce the use of the funds.

The treatment of women and men with burdock root

For the treatment of cancer of the bladder in men and women used drugs and folk remedies on the basis of the burdock root. To prepare an effective infusion of the plants is possible by the method: grind the root, mix with vodka or diluted alcohol. This mixture insist in a dark place for at least 10 days. Over time, the drink is filtered and take 15 ml before meals.

Folk remedies based on celandine

Effectively to cure bladder from cancer using Chelidonium, or rather, its juice. To start eating follows from a teaspoon of juice. The duration of this appointment is one week. Next, increase the dose to a tablespoon and hold it for a month. Over time you need to spend the rest of the month, followed by a repeat. Celandine has a pronounced unpleasant taste, so the juice is it allowed to drink a small amount of milk.

Other recipes folk remedies for diseases of the bladder for the reception inside

In the presence of an inflammatory process or irritation, treatment of the bladder in women folk remedies is supposed to drink a special tea. For its preparation should be mix with corn silk stems of the cherries. The resulting mixture pour boiling water and taken as tea. If you wish you can add honey. Effective cystitis is an infusion based on parsley and carrot tops. For cooking greens finely crumble and mix. Next, 1 tbsp of the resulting composition pour two cups of hot water and insist at least 2 hours. Take a tablespoon 4 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals.

Treatment douching and candles

The procedure douching is held in the home. Depending on the desired result and the disease is selected from the solution procedure. Cystitis is an effective method of douching with chamomile. If the bladder is diagnosed, the imbalance of microorganisms, the active substance acts soda. Carry out the procedure should be in the supine position, so that the solution has reached the extreme position of the bladder. The number of repetitions and frequency depend on the course of disease and determined by your doctor.

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Effective and most effective treatment is using ear candles. Depending on the destination and the disease itself they are divided into antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. What type of drugs to use is decided by the doctor based on the results of laboratory tests.

Compresses and heating

Compresses in diseases of the bladder are popular, as have a visible effect. One of the most effective is a compress on the basis of rock oil. Cooking it is to mix 3 grams of butter with a glass of warm water. The resulting solution should soak gauze and put tissue on the lower abdomen. On top of it and apply several layers of polyethylene (bag or plastic wrap). In this form you need to spend the night. The number of treatments determined by the treating physician. Instead of butter you can use the extract of hibiscus or grated potatoes with cabbage.

As for therapy for inflammation of the bladder, they are only effective for relieving symptoms such as burning and itching. The disease itself is just heat not to win. In the case of destruction of the body tissues by microorganisms, moxibustion is contraindicated. Excessive heat creates favorable conditions for bacteria, which leads to a worsening of the disease. Therefore, self-treatment is prohibited, the correct therapy are able to assign only qualified doctor.

Folk remedies for baths

Upon detection of cystitis the doctor, in addition to medical treatment, are advised to take medicinal baths. Herbs for kidney and bladder included in the fees for water treatment, should have antimicrobial and analgesic effect. During the bath you should fully relax the body and plunge into the water, leaving on the surface only the upper part of the chest. Under the head it is better to put a towel. Duration of treatment determined by the doctor.

Easy to prepare and effective — bath on the basis of fir or pine needles and cones. In addition to the raw materials, you will need a bowl with a capacity of 10 liters, which should be folded lightly crushed twigs and buds. The dishes need to fill halfway with water and boil for 30 minutes. Over time the capacity to remove from the heat and leave for 1 hour for infusion. The resulting mixture strain and add to bath water. Similarly, you can take a bath from a collection of plants and herbs.