Fever and urination: causes

High temperatures and frequent urination can become a signal of the presence of serious diseases of the urinary system. At the first signs it is necessary to address to the urologist, because urological diseases certainly have complications on the functionality of reproduction and libido. In addition, illnesses of system of allocation of urine can cause adhesions in the pelvis and generalize the infectious diseases.

What are the possible causes of high temperature and frequent urination?

If a child under 12-14 years of age the secretion of urine more than 10 times a day, it is not considered a deviation. Because the norm depends on the age. But if the temperature is 37 and above, not the first day, you can be feeling pain when urinating, and frequent urination, it indicates the presence of a variety of urological diseases. For example, temperature and frequent urination can be symptoms of symptoms of such diseases and conditions:

  • Cystitis, or the presence of inflammatory process in the bladder. Cystitis can appear the following symptoms: urine with blood and pus, there may be cramps when urinating, characteristic nausea and vomiting.
  • The presence of inflammatory processes in the urethra. Men can suffer from prostatitis (prostate adenoma).
  • Pyelonephritis. Detected by frequent urination, a fever and a high temperature.
  • Tumors in the neck of the bladder.
  • Urolithic illness. In this disease, urination may be added pain, fever. The selection can be dark from the admixture of blood.
  • Diabetes. Found frequent urination with dark urine.
  • Hyperactivity of the bladder. While not observed fever or changes the color of urine, but the pain when urinating the frequent urge is present.
  • The narrowing of the urethra. The secretion of urine with pain and difficulty. Occurs by congenital or acquired reasons.
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What other possible symptoms?

There may be other symptoms that indicate the disease: shortness of breath, heart palpitations, high blood pressure. Additionally, there is an overall weakness. This means that the human body is weakened and became more susceptible to negative environmental influences. He needs special care to restore strength, sometimes with medical intervention.

How to diagnose?

The urologist makes a diagnosis through interviews, digital examination of the rectum. It can be undone if the pain is severe. Assigned to microscopic or biochemical study of urine, blood (total). For accuracy it is recommended to use ultrasound examination of the bladder, prostate and kidneys. Hypothermia and infectious diseases — causes of development of inflammatory processes in organs of genitourinary system, so you should not delay a visit to the doctor.

As provide therapy?

The method of treatment depends on the causes of a particular disease. Diseases of the genitourinary system in the first place, frequent nocturnal urge to allocation urine. So be careful and consult the doctor at the first warning signals that go from the body, because it will help to prevent the development of serious diseases.