Exercise for the urinary system: light, medium, strong level

Physical exercise is an effective tool in the treatment of various diseases of the urinary system, also used as a quality rehabilitation. Exercises provide a restorative and therapeutic effect on the organs. Correctly selected activity improves blood circulation and normalizes the functioning of the body. The result of regular workouts is to increase immunity and improve overall health.

The importance of exercises for women

The normal functioning of the female pelvic organs depends on their correct anatomical location in the genitourinary system. It affects the lower abdomen women. Experts believe that if the daily find time to do exercises, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of diseases of the uterus and bladder.

Kegel exercises for urinary system

Arnold Kegel, the physician who developed the system of exercises aimed at strengthening and training the muscles of the urogenital system. As shown, this complex is effective not only in prophylaxis, but also rehabilitation after treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. Initially, exercises were prepared for women, but they are suitable for male. Most people don’t care about the muscles of the perineum, not train them. In this regard, are the diseases of the internal organs. To get rid of congestion, normalize the operation process of the urinary organs to help correct and regular exercise of the muscles.

What it is and how to perform?

Kegel exercises are divided into groups according to the level of complexity of implementation. Each of them helps to strengthen the pelvic floor. You need to engage regularly, gradually increasing the duration and difficulty of your exercises. The most popular are the exercise of «Slow compression», «lift» and «Reduction», which, by the way, suit equally women and men.

  • Slow compression. Is to muscle tension, which are used to stop the process of urination. Clamping for 3 seconds, then relax, too, at 3 seconds. Gradually, the tension can be increased to 15-20 seconds.
  • Elevator. This exercise for the urinary system, like the previous one. Only this time the muscles need to exert gradually increasing force. 1st «floor» — the muscles are clamped with a small force, further, not relaxing, 2nd «floor» — is stronger. Next floor — pinching increases. On each «floor» to be delayed by about 3-5 seconds. Upon reaching the end point voltage begins a gradual «descent» to complete relaxation of the muscles.
  • Reduction. As quickly as possible, alternately straining and relaxing intimate muscles.
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Therapeutic classes with urolithiasis and cystitis

Kidney stone disease and cystitis are treated with medical drugs in combination with special exercises. These exercises strengthen the health of the urinary tract and also improves blood circulation in the abdominal cavity. These workouts tone the body, and, therefore, contribute to its rapid recovery. The exercises were grouped by level of difficulty. When you select the level you need to take into account the state of the genitourinary system and expert advice.

Easy level

  • Ex. position — lying. Breathing, mentally counting to 10, conducting process control hands placed on his chest. Then, gathering a deep breath, raise the arms up, definitely a little rotting body, and then exhale. Repeat 5-6 times. Keeping your feet flat, raise their 5-9 times. Moving into a sitting position, tilt the body and reach hands to toes. Make 4-7 times. Bend your legs and tilt them left and right, of 5-7 repetitions.
  • Ex. standing. Both hands to dissolve in hand. Rotate the trunk first to one side, keeping a slow pace, then another, perform 4-6 repetitions. Clean hands behind his back, fingers crossed in the «lock». Inspiratory rise on your toes and raise hands to the ceiling, on the exhale, the body to tilt slightly forward, and hands down to the floor. 5-7 times. Then, 1-2 min walk in place, keeping a moderate pace and resulting in normal breathing.

The average level

  • Ex. standing. 7-9 times to dissolve hands in the parties. Breathing to keep calm. His fingers in the «lock», raise them 6-7 times, twisting your palms to the ceiling. Followed by trunk bending to the right and to the left 5-6 times. Now you can do forward bends, knees should be straight, and your fingers need to try to get to the floor. 7-9 to perform such bending. After performing these exercises for the genitourinary system should be within 2-3 minutes walk in place to normalize the heartbeat and calm breathing.
  • Ex. position — lying. Hands lower limb 7-10 times to bend them slightly and push the chest. Then straighten your legs and breathe deeply, controlling the process with his hands, lying on the chest and abdomen, repeat 5-7 times. Then repeat the same exercise but now my legs are permanently bent, and the body makes them tilt, to do that 7-10 times. After, quietly lie down, relax, take a deep breath to normalize heartbeat.
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Strong level

  • Ex. position — lying. On the inhale you to perform upgrades of the hands, a little rotting torso, exhale — lower hands, to make 5-7 times. Then the same steps done with the feet. When you are finished, perform 6-8 trunk bending to the left and right leg, in the process reaching hands to toes.
  • Ex. standing. 5-7 times to raise and lower the straight arms. Then repeating the same, previously clasped fingers in the «lock», trying to bend over backwards a bit to catch up. Then move hands to the sides and bend in front of chest elbows about 5-6 times. Then you need to try to repeat the movements that mimic the blows of boxers. About 15-20 strokes, keeping a slow pace. The breathing should be deep. When finished, the left and right leg to perform 4-5 lunges, bending your knees. Then you need to go to the slopes. Hands put on hips. Pretty slow to do 5-7 tilts forward, and then 3-5 slopes of the left and right.

Exercise for chronic diseases and rehabilitation

In order to improve the regeneration of tissues, eliminate stagnation associated with diseases, inflammation in the pelvic and abdominal region, accelerate lymph and blood circulation, strengthen metabolism and strengthen the overall condition of the genitourinary system, gynecology applied therapeutic exercise classes. It is generally recommended walking with a stroke of the straight leg, raise on toes, in half squat, with double screen step attacks. As rehabilitation is very useful is swimming.

Bleeding, acute pain and/or high body temperature physical activity is strictly contraindicated.

  • Ex. standing. 6-7 times to raise his hands, lightly pulling, then slowly lower. When you are finished, go to the slopes by adding the turns left and right, respectively. To do 6-7 times. Now 4-6 bends to each side. To finish the complex of squats, 6-10 times, exhale at the bottom.
  • Ex. position — lying. Need, lying on his back, to simulate Cycling. Breathing evenly, 7-10 repetitions each leg. Turned over on your stomach, inhale, exhale — with your legs, 7-10 repetitions.
  • Ex. position — sitting. Hands into fists and put in front of chest. On the exhale, plant hands in hand, on the inhale — return to the ex. position. To do 4-6 reps. Then perform backbends. Inhale — bending, exhale — ex. position. 5-7 times.
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Improved circulation of internal genital organs

To improve the blood circulation of the urinary system, we recommend the following exercises:

  • Ex. position — lying. 4-6 times to raise and lower the straight arms. Then move on to flexing the feet and hands. 10-15 repetitions. After the exercise, hands on hips and start bending your legs so that the heel is touching the opposite hip. Do 5-7 repetitions.
  • Staying in the same starting position, pull left and then right leg to the stomach, 5-7 times each. A further attempt to complicate the task. Hands raise straight legs alternately to raise, trying to reach toes to the fingers. 5-6 repetitions. Then to simulate legs from Cycling, so 10-12 times. To finish the complex diaphragmatic breathing. Hands down on your stomach. Repeat 4-5 times.

Given the physical exercises improve the structure of the organs of the urogenital system, enhance capacity, promote clean and restore work function. If exercises to strengthen the muscles of the perineum women devote their time on a daily basis, most diseases gynaecological focus would have been avoided and genitourinary system would function more harmoniously.